Labour’s Flagging Problem

Dear old Sir Kweer has made a rod for his own back. At a time when he is measuring the curtains for No 10, his BAME and wimminz members and MP are far from happy.

It seems they fear the Union flag will alienate their foreign voters:

AOL News

It couldn’t happen to a nicer wanker.

They don’t like the typeface either.

Also they don’t like too much red and blue – they want greens. I suggest a nice line in pansy pink. It would suit their favourite voters.

Instead of the flag how about a pair of AnalEase’s piss soaked knickers hanging on the flagpole instead, or a Lammy turd on a cocktail stick?. That would need a sheet of A3 at least, so that is probably out.

Knowing Kweer, he will kow-tow to the BAMEs soon enough, and pander to the poofters.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And then there’s this from Ron Knee

Labour’s ‘Union Jack’ Shock

‘Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s political correspondent Ron Knee reporting. IsAC supporters will be well aware over the row that has erupted after the refusal by many Labour supporters to distribute campaigning material, as it contains images of the hated Union Jack, an infamous “far right” symbol. I’m joined today by Mr Stan Whippet, Secretary of the Grimsby Labour Social Club, to sound out the wider view. Good afternoon Mr Whippet’.

‘Ow do lad. Call me Stan. We dawn’t stand on ceremony round ‘ere’.

‘Well thank you Stan. Now what do make of all this?’

‘Ah’ll tell thee lad. It’s a fookin’ disgrace is what it is. Ah fought in two world wars t’ defend that flag, that sacred symbol o’ liberty, only for some wankers down ‘ampstead way to come aht sayin’ it’s tainted. Ah bin a party member since ah were danglin’ on me muther’s tit, but ah ain’t ‘avin’ this’.

‘I see. Is this view widely held by your club membership?’

‘To the last man and boy, lad. Any cunt insults that flag insults uz. Course the lasses dawn’t get ah say, theh just come in t’ mek t’ tea an’ sandwiches feh t’ committeh, an’ do a bit tidyin’ an’ such’.

‘So would you like to send a message to Keir Starmer in London?’

‘Appen lad, an’ to that snotty cow what ‘ad a go at ah bloke for flyin’ t’ flag o’ St George, an’ all t’ rest o’ t’ soy latté woke Labour brigade. Yeh tek t’ white workin’ class fer granted, an’ despise us in t’ bargain. Now you demean t’ flag bah refusin’ tah associate wi’ it. Think we’re thick and uncouth oop ‘ere, that we’d vote fer ah fookin’ ferret if you put ah flat cap an’ ah rosette on’t. Well contempt guz two ways. Yer can all shove ah thumb up yer arse, we’re all votin’ Reform’.

‘Well thank you Stan. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you to the studio’.

Daily Mail

Aided and abetted with this from Geordie Twatt

Would Admin please attach this to Ron’s nomination? It’s a photo of someone deeply offended by the Union flag. Thanks.


108 thoughts on “Labour’s Flagging Problem

  1. Election pamphlets?
    I take its single sided with labour on the front..

    People spend 5 minutes trying to open it, before realising it doesn’t open..

  2. Keeper tries to be all things to all men ,women and tranny things but is forever tying himself in knots. He is a failed chameleon.

  3. Love the picture Admin; old ‘Two Homes’ smirking away in the background.

    Whatever disasters befall Labour, they couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of cunts.

    Afternoon all.

    • It used to be ‘Two Jags’ for the Labourites but they’ve gone upmarket to ‘Two Homes’ now.
      That’s Thatcherite working class aspiration for you. You’ve got to admire it.

      • I believe her.

        I see nothing odd about a husband and wife living seperately in broken Brexit Britain.

  4. An interesting quote from a Mr One MP;

    ‘we’re all really proud of our country but for some communities this can be a complex issue’.

    Huh? If ‘we’re all really proud’ of the country, what’s the fucking problem?

  5. Scrap the Union flag and make one out of Rayners knickers, she doesn’t need them, just gathering dust (or flies) in her boudoir drawers.

    Am sure that in some communities the P*ki flag would always trump the Union flag.

  6. Those hapless cowardly cunts won’t be happy until the Union Jack is replaced by the Iranian flag.

    Or possibly the made up Palestinian one.

    Anyone who doesn’t like our flag or indeed our way of life should be forcibly deported.

    Or just Oven,not arsed.

      • Have you seen the price of gas Moggie?

        Much cheaper to shovel them directly off the dinghy, into the pothole and then steamroller until usefully flat.

        Replace as required or until there are none left.

  7. It’ll put off black and Asian voters.

    Good I hope it Fucking does…!

    Nobody had a problem with the union jack in 1939.

    Apart from the Krauts/ Japs…

  8. Labour really hate our Country and our flag
    Just remember this when you even think of voting for the two faced backstabbing cunts
    Mr Flip Flop with do anything and say anything to be Prime Minister. 👎👎

  9. Sir Kweer writes:

    I am pwoud of myself, damned pwoud I tell you. I have agreed to have an old whore as my right hand person, and she is pwoud to wave an enormous dildo in it, to show how deterwind she is to get Bwitish men working again.

    As for David Lammy, my fwend and comrade, he has sworn that if he fucks up the Foreign Office he will resign and weturn to his first occupation – a sumo wrestler.

  10. Stan in the nom seems nice.
    Talks my language.

    I think Labour is in for a shock.
    I don’t think they’ll win by quite the landslide they seem to think.

    I only voted for Tory due to Brexit and just because I won’t be voting for the shower of shite again doesn’t mean I’ll vote Labour!

    Far from it.
    I despise both parties and haven’t found a political home yet.

    But you never know what’s around the corner.
    A true Far Right party would do Very well now with unfettered immigration.

    • I agree MNC – all this talk of a 400 majority is pure horse shit. I think the flabby oily little bastard will win, but only by 50 or so. Still the staff of the Guardian, Mirror and “Independent” (sic) are having wet dreams every night.

      • We’re clearly right WC.

        How could we not be?

        The greatest political minds of our generations!

        Politicians should wear public health warnings rather than rosettes.

      • Not a chance.

        That Dicky Tice seems a right oily little twat

        Type who previously was employed in telesales or a clairvoyant.


  11. I like the idea of dame keir wrapped in a union flag. Then weighted down, “lammy would be my choice” then chucked in the Thames.

  12. I loved old Silicunt’s EdStone. What a fucking cockhead. That said, Kweer is coming over all anodyne as he wants to be everything to everyone and failing miserably.

    You are an asylum seeker – Sir Kweer’s party is the one for you – Sir Kweer promises help for asylum seekers.
    You are a working man trying to make a living – Sir Kweer’s party promises lower taxes, controls on immigration and a fairer Britain.
    You are a businessman trying to build a business – Sir Kweer promises you won’t be taxed until the pips squeak.

    Sir Kweer is a giant, flustery fanny.

  13. These pinko pricks in the Labour Party are okay with unions, they are okay with flags and they are okay with the colour red (being fucking commies of course) so I think the solution for them would be to remove the very Tory colour blue from the flag and replace it with poofter pink (technically a soft red), communist red or Palestinian green/white/black/more red…. commies really seem to like the colour red…. I think there might be a pattern emerging.

  14. If Sir Kiers Labour take power at the next election, and Britain found itself compelled to take military action against an Islamic country, where the fuck would he stand?
    If MI5 had solid evidence of an impending atrocity involved Islamist’s, would Starmer call in the SAS, knowing that certain death awaited the terrorists?
    And would anyone in their armed forces want to risk the their lives for someone who finds the union flag racist?
    It’s not just tax, spending, welfare and the like people need to consider when voting.
    These people are fucking dangerous.

      • Big Tent, you mean as in a circus? As a performing (Hackney) Hippo I agree.

      • Not sure Ron.
        She could be an electoral liability, and that’s saying something given the shower of shit he’s currently got on the bench.
        She’ll definitely get high office after the election though.

      • An electoral liability, to say the least. Might as well bring back Cuntbyn while he’s at it. 😂

      • Cunts in her constituency keep voting for her, though she’s about as much use as a sack of shit.

        I wonder if they’ll do that if she’s not the official Labour candidate? Same goes for ‘Oooooooh Jeremy’ Corbyn I suppose.

  15. If we ever get a proper right-wing party, the the first thing the new prime minister should do:
    Invite Peter Tatchell to Downing Street and make him lick out Dianne Abbott’s fanny with gusto.
    Invite Stormzy and make him recite the 9 times table.
    Invite a leading chınky, make Tatchell rip his trousers off and laugh at his tiny winkle.
    Invite the chief muzzıe and makr him eat a bacon sandwich whilst being raped by a large, horny gay pig.
    All at the point of a bayonet.
    That might redress the balance a bit.
    Then machine gun the whole fucking lot of assorted darkıes and benders in front of the world’s press.

  16. It should be a cause for concern, not flying the national flag but the fact some citizens might be upset by it.

    I’d like to know what Starmer really thinks. I does he pause to think that having citizens that despise our own flag is acceptable, does he recognises it demonstrates that multiculturalism hasn’t only failed its torn apart national cohesion?

    Probably he is fully aware and embraces it being a woke globalist cunt.

    He is also probably aware that we have a large proportion of cunts who’d fight against us who also happen to be citizens and an equally large proportion of indigenous Brits who certainly won’t fight or allow their flesh and blood to be slaughtered just so the political puppets can carry on destroying what’s left of the nation.

    Democracy in the long run has failed because democracy is proving to be the gateway to destroying the nation state.

    Sunak and Starmer both wrap them selves in the flag when it suits them, then continue to fuck the very people whose blood was spilt and labour exploited to make it meaningful in the first place.

    I’m fucking done with the flag as well, it’s as soiled as skanky spice’s Union Jack panties.

  17. A real Right Wing party 🤎

    Veterans,?.front of queue.

    No more new builds.
    It’s not houses we need.
    It’s deportations.

    Come here in a dinghy taking the piss?
    Immediate arrest, a good kicking, deported and any valuables confiscated.

    Anyone seen to be encouraging illegal immigration?
    5year sentence.
    Property confiscated and given to the armed forces.

    Not born in.this country?
    Back of the queue.
    Not entitled to own property.

    Unemployed? 2 months then your filling potholes.
    Don’t turn up?
    Barred from benefits for life.

    Treason laws back on the books
    Same with hanging.

    Welcome to paradise.
    Don’t like it?

    You better hastily pack before that knock at the door…

    • I’d vote for you MNC. A return to English civilisation, last seen c. 1955. Not that I was about then. To travel forward through time is not necessarily to progress.
      Re. The Union or St George flag – don’t like it? Fuck off to somewhere else and kindly shut the door on the way out.

  18. I’m just hoping any of the cunts come knocking 👍…. hopefully the liebour one will be either a humza lookalike or be wearing a multi coloured flag and some lippy and the cuntservative a Schwab clone or a tim nice but dim 😩…either will suffice, i won’t answer the door to any of the limp dums or green eco pricks…. I’ve a feeling reform won’t stand here 🧐

    • The constituency I live in has a 20k+ conservative majority and I’d like to see what happens to that. I don’t believe Reform will stand here either.

  19. In that header pic , are Kier and Angie backstage at a pantomime?

    The one on the left is magician Ali Bongo I think ?
    And the one looks like Gaddafi is the cleaner wandering into shot.

    • I thought the one on the left was one of those ding-ding baddies from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

      • Think.hes India’s foremost highwayman Thomas.

        Dick Turban.

        Asking if they wanna play Hide and Sihk

      • Ha ha, excellent!
        Reminds me of a 30 year old joke.
        What Escort does an Indian drive?
        An RS Turban!

    • The next govt will be a fucking pantomime..

      Identical to the present one but with even more commie cunts,Gay cunts and a full assortment of fully mental tar baby cunts.

      Junta for me.

  20. The Union Jack will alienate their voters?
    Well, that’s almost all of them, then….

    Talking of which, that photo ID required to vote will hurt Labour and all.
    Because the hordes of illegals, Paggis and spear rattlers won’t have any.

    • I’m quite sure the election “officials” in any population centre filled with Dark Keys and Peacefuls will have already been instructed to ignore the requirements regarding I.D.


      The Cunts.

      Good evening Norman.I hope you are well.

      • Evening Tez.
        I’m at the hospital tomorrow, but I’m not too bad.
        Thanks for asking pal.

  21. If Labour get into real difficuties, they can always put Angie Rayner’s knickers on the flagpole.

    At least it will keep the sharks away….

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