Labour’s Flagging Problem

Dear old Sir Kweer has made a rod for his own back. At a time when he is measuring the curtains for No 10, his BAME and wimminz members and MP are far from happy.

It seems they fear the Union flag will alienate their foreign voters:

AOL News

It couldn’t happen to a nicer wanker.

They don’t like the typeface either.

Also they don’t like too much red and blue – they want greens. I suggest a nice line in pansy pink. It would suit their favourite voters.

Instead of the flag how about a pair of AnalEase’s piss soaked knickers hanging on the flagpole instead, or a Lammy turd on a cocktail stick?. That would need a sheet of A3 at least, so that is probably out.

Knowing Kweer, he will kow-tow to the BAMEs soon enough, and pander to the poofters.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And then there’s this from Ron Knee

Labour’s ‘Union Jack’ Shock

‘Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s political correspondent Ron Knee reporting. IsAC supporters will be well aware over the row that has erupted after the refusal by many Labour supporters to distribute campaigning material, as it contains images of the hated Union Jack, an infamous “far right” symbol. I’m joined today by Mr Stan Whippet, Secretary of the Grimsby Labour Social Club, to sound out the wider view. Good afternoon Mr Whippet’.

‘Ow do lad. Call me Stan. We dawn’t stand on ceremony round ‘ere’.

‘Well thank you Stan. Now what do make of all this?’

‘Ah’ll tell thee lad. It’s a fookin’ disgrace is what it is. Ah fought in two world wars t’ defend that flag, that sacred symbol o’ liberty, only for some wankers down ‘ampstead way to come aht sayin’ it’s tainted. Ah bin a party member since ah were danglin’ on me muther’s tit, but ah ain’t ‘avin’ this’.

‘I see. Is this view widely held by your club membership?’

‘To the last man and boy, lad. Any cunt insults that flag insults uz. Course the lasses dawn’t get ah say, theh just come in t’ mek t’ tea an’ sandwiches feh t’ committeh, an’ do a bit tidyin’ an’ such’.

‘So would you like to send a message to Keir Starmer in London?’

‘Appen lad, an’ to that snotty cow what ‘ad a go at ah bloke for flyin’ t’ flag o’ St George, an’ all t’ rest o’ t’ soy lattรฉ woke Labour brigade. Yeh tek t’ white workin’ class fer granted, an’ despise us in t’ bargain. Now you demean t’ flag bah refusin’ tah associate wi’ it. Think we’re thick and uncouth oop ‘ere, that we’d vote fer ah fookin’ ferret if you put ah flat cap an’ ah rosette on’t. Well contempt guz two ways. Yer can all shove ah thumb up yer arse, we’re all votin’ Reform’.

‘Well thank you Stan. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you to the studio’.

Daily Mail

Aided and abetted with this from Geordie Twatt

Would Admin please attach this to Ron’s nomination? It’s a photo of someone deeply offended by the Union flag. Thanks.


108 thoughts on “Labour’s Flagging Problem

  1. The dirty fucking cheeky fucking cocksuckers, how fucking dare they insult the Union Flag, many hundreds of thousands of our countrymen died defending the greatest most recognised flag on the planet. Can you imagine this righteous pandering to aliens in the USA regarding their flag it would cause absolute mayhem. The weaselly bastards want impaling on the end of a cavalry lance while watching their favourite flag that Rainbow snotrag burning in front of their faces along with that Islamic bible they are so keen to embrace, CUNTS to a man, traitors of the first water.

  2. Labour wanted to lockdown harder and longer.

    They all dress like something the cat dragged in.

    Party full of anti-semites and terror@st lovers.

    Cant even add up.


  3. Well, I won’t be voting for either red or blue.

    If Reform put a candidate up, they’ll have my vote.

    We’ve Council elections next month, I don’t want to vote for any of them, they all seem so shit.

    • I’ll be voting for RTC’s ‘Spoilt Ballot’ Party โœ–๏ธ

      You know it makes sense. ๐Ÿ™‚โ€

      • Good man!
        CUNTS = A spoilt ballot.
        I’m a bit more verbose, I write:
        You’re ALL CUNTS!

  4. Anyone feeling uneasy about the Union Flag simply doesn’t belong here.

    And anyone who doesn’t have a tear in their eye after being made to watch this, should be booted out also.

    By 1.24 your bottom lip should be quivering slightly…….

    And there, right at the end…..

    The Greatest Flag In The World.

    Good evening.

  5. Dame Kweer is already on record for saying he’d choose Davos over this country. He should stand down if he’s not prepared to serve us.

  6. I’m a-thinking they’re wanting to change our flag in a similar way that South Africa did. Something to represent everyone that now lives here. The Rainbow Nation flag coming to your town soon!! We’re all doomed

  7. 20yrs ago the standard accusation was that the BNP had ‘stolen the Union Jack’ and were “wrapping themselves in the flag” bwaaaah!!

    No, we didn’t ‘steal this flag, we merely picked it up from the gutter where you fucking left it!!! … cunts

    • It’s like the ScotNat cunts in Scotland. They’ve appropriated the Scottish flag, but they’re ‘civic’ nationalists, their nationalism is ‘inclusive’, ‘progressive’, etc.

      That’s alright then.

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