Humza Yousaf (6)


“Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s political correspondent Ron Knee speaking. Today I’m joined by Scottish First Minister Humza Youseless, to discuss his remarks concerning white people made, let’s say, in a disparaging and somewhat distasteful tone to the Scottish Parliament”.

“Och it isnae ‘Youseless’, yah Anglish twat, it’s Yousaf”.

“Oh my apologies. I must have misheard references to you. Anyway, you seem to be uncomfortable that, as you put it, ‘the most senior positions in Scotland are filled almost exclusively by those who are white’, and that ‘it’s just not good enough’. Wouldn’t you consider that in terms of your own ‘hate crime’ legislation, many people will perceive these comments to be racist, or at the very least hypocritical? I believe that you’ve been reported to Police Scotland more times than JK Rowling”.

“Absolutely nort. Ah’ve bin cleared bah th’ polis on this, in spite ah vex…vexa…er malicious complaints made agin’ me ken. Ah’m nort even gettin’ ah ‘norn crime hate incident’ loggin’ agin’ mah name, yeh can be sure o’ that”.

“That’s very convenient for you. Nevertheless, you must surely see that such comments don’t exactly present you in a favourable light”.

“Ah said it then, ah’ll say it noo. It’s nae guid enough. Ah insist orn mah reet tae gie mah view, jist like everyone in Scortlund. Less o’ course ah disagree with them, in which case we’ll a’ th’ polis feelin’ their collar faster than ah rat up ah drainpipe”.

“But you make it sound as though there’s something inherently bad about the situation. After all, it just happens that 96% of Scots are white. Put it this way. You’re ethnically Asian, from Pakistan. The overwhelming number of Pakistanis could be termed brown skinned. Suppose I went there and said that ‘it’s just not good enough’ that ‘the senior positions in Pakistan are filled almost exclusively by browns’. Would you find that ‘not good enough’? Surely in both cases it’s just a simple fact of demographics”.

“Erm, ah wull och aye *thinks; cannae play th’ race card prawpulley here* aw look here’s mah lackey wi’ mah scooter. Must peddle aff tae ah meetin’ wi’ th’ Greens tae discuss mair cycle lane provision. Cyclists ah victims yeh ken, especially if they’re norn whitey…”.

Well I’m glad we got that sorted oot I mean out. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you to the studio”.


Nominated by Ron Knee.

66 thoughts on “Humza Yousaf (6)

  1. Fuck me,fuckwit politician day..

    Though the inbred cousin fucker does take the biscuit for being at the top of the league..

    I’m at a stage now, when black and brown people start talking, I turn over or switch off.

  2. Abu Hamza Useless used to be my neighbour.

    I remember one day he came up to me and said “I am a better man than you.”

    I said, “oh yeah, how do you figure that?”

    He said, “well, I haven’t got a fucking pakki living next door to me for a start.”

  3. The good news: the SNP will be toast at.the next general election. 👍

    The bad news: all their seats will go to Labour. 👎

  4. As I said, Youseless and Harvie, to cheeks of the same arsehole.

    It’s not just what he says, it’s the way he says it. The unpleasant tone of his voice says a lot I think. ‘Bread in the canteen, white; milk for the tea, white; table cloth, white…’.

    And honestly, I believe he also means ‘non Muslim’, but that would be a step too far.

    It’s all the fault of the far right, naturally…

    If I was Youseless I’d lay low for a bit, in case JK turns the flamethrower on him again. Cunt.

    Afternoon all.

    • Oh, Foxtrot Papa Bravo not only hates whites, he (allegedly)really fucking hates (allegedly) Indians and Sikhs (allegedly)…though, to be fair, they’re not exactly members of the cunt’s fan club.

  5. And the thick cunts made him first minister, the thick cunts elected him into the house of jocks.

    The only P*ki with a scotchland accent.

    Rag head loving cunt.

  6. ‘WHITE’ spat out in the same condemnatory tone as one would say ‘GUILTY’, which is exactly what white people are to this unalloyed bigot.

    This is the most disgusting, blatantly racist hate rant I have ever heard from a British politician in my entire life. But surprise surprise, it doesn’t transgress his own Hate Law.

    Put the same diatribe into a different time and place and this is how it reads:
    Der Lordpraesident – JUDE
    Der Hauptanwalt – JUDE
    Jeder Richter – JUDEN
    Der Chefpolizist – JUDE
    and so on.

    And just like Scotplod today, no doubt the German police of 1938 would have found nothing wrong with it either.

    • Thanks Geordie.

      I hope cunters will excuse my exuberance on here lately. I’ve turned into a man with a mission; cunt as many cunts as possible before my toes turn up!

      • You should never apologise for cunting cunts Ron and this cunt is right up there in the Hall of Cunts Fame.

        Who recalls the time when somebody posted homemade signs on lampposts in Perth saying ‘It’s ok to be White’?

        Krankie and Co couldn’t contain there need to pin this on the ‘Far Right’ and said the perpetrators would be hunted down and eaten by Lions. Well I may have made that last bit up but here’s the thing…….. nobody was ever brought to justice and considering the resources these shit cunts have at hand I can’t help but think this was done by Muzzy’s wanting to stir up trouble.

        I say that based on how Count Dunkula was relentlessly pursued for posting on a private WhatsApp group.

        If they want to get you they will.

  7. A bud bud ding ding as Prime Minister.
    A pakı running London.
    A pakı running Scotland.
    A nıg nọg running Wales.
    Jesus fucking wept.

      • Baz, that video is absolutely fucking staggering! First the black guy openly intimidates the Jew. Then he tells him that the police are not going to help him. Right on cue a copper of some rank appears and tells the Jew in no uncertain terms that if he stays there he will be arrested!

        Without priming her I asked the wife to watch the clip. We are both completely fucking astounded. Where the fuck are we going? If I had not seen the video with my own eyes I quite literally would not have believed it. Are any other cunters equally horrified or am I over-reacting?

      • It is shocking arfur, I live 40 miles from London and its like a third world country now.

        I work there and I still socialise there.
        But boy do I hate going there..

        But the rats have taken hold and I don’t think we can displace them.

        The met police are a fucking joke..
        Even they apology was laughable, they had to apologise again.

    • Was it Thomas who floated the idea some time back of a bacon derived virus that killed off all the Peaceful Carpet Goat Riders?

      If those slitty eyed madmen in Wuhan can make a virus out of bats or penguins or whatever it was they could sort this in a fucking week.

      Too busy eating fried spiders and frogs eyes though aren’t they the mental Cunts?

      • That’s disgracefully racist, UT….most certainly doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d postulate.

  8. Personally speaking I’m sick to death of seeing fucking pakis on the tv.

    I’d vote for any cunt who’d deport the lot.

  9. He always looks a bit startled and distracted?

    Like Di Abbott doing a crossword puzzle.

    He’s not focused.

    And he’s no Scotsman.
    Can you see him on advertising shortbread or porridge oats?
    In a kilt?!

    You’d think it was Shirley Bassey.

  10. I’m puzzled as to why Youseless can broadcast a tirade of racist anti white crap and get away with it.
    But to answer his ridiculous questioning about white people having all the top jobs. He only has to look at himself, Sunak, Suckdick, and Kwarteng as an explanation why employing non-whites in responsible positions is not a good idea.

  11. Surely he`s also the embodiment/definition of cultural appropriation?
    Besides which if he ever strolled into A&E with a ruptured bagpipe I wouldn`t lend him so much as a latex patch out of a bicycle repair kit.
    Drone on Humza.


  12. Hamza Yousaf, one of my previously nominated Brown People. Born of Pakistani parents in Jocko, he has embraced that SNP Jocko version of squigly eyed ridiculous wokeism that is infecting and poisoning our Fair Nation. Wokeism in a kilt? A ghastly reality.

  13. We must stick with our own white people in charge of all top positions in the country and if they are shite at their job, we can feel at ease with our criticism without having to worried about this silly racism malarkey.

  14. I have noticed that deeply unpopular policies brought in by one party are never overturned by the other party once they get into power.

    Lots of criticism from the opposition but when they get the chance to put things back into order, they never do.

    The London congestion charge for instance, which was introduced by Ken Livingston was not scrapped by Boris Johnson.

    I am sure that the proposed ‘pay per mile’ idea will be criticised if it comes in, but if London is lucky enough to get rid of the Pákí Khan then I am sure that the unfair charge will be there to stay.

    The Hate Laws in Scotland are ridiculous, but nobody will overturn them.

    Politicians are all cunts.

    I am convinced that none of them actually want to be in power.
    You can get the same money, and still milk your expenses, with no responsibility by being in opposition and simply criticising everything.

    There is too much money to be earned in politics.

    Bring back the time when none of them got paid.
    The politicians in those days saw the job as a privilege.
    They actually wanted to improve things.

  15. Another empty headed parasite..
    We have 650 elected cunts in this country.
    That number has always puzzled me.

    Why the fuck do we need that amount for a population our size?
    If we sacked 400 would we notice.
    Nothing would still happen..

    But we would have a extra 400 road sweepers. “No offence to trigger”

  16. *****FOR SALE******

    Campervan, careful previous owners. Low mileage due to being parked on a driveway most of the time. Owners selling due to sudden event and no long required.

    Was £110,000 brand new. A ‘steal’ at £75,000

    Apply to Glasgow Police Force.

  17. “Leaders” of Wales, Scotland, England.

    Not an indigenous Anglo Saxon amongst them.

    What a dreadful state this country is now in …!

    No fucking wonder the place is heading down the toilet….💩

    • The UK has been heading down the toilet ever since the Blair years.

      The Tories (with Johnson in particular) have taken the country beyond the point of no return.

      • Think it started a long time before Tony cunt. Wilson was bent as a 9 bob note ,bummer boy Heath sold us out to Europe most likely lots of compromat on him. Jim was a thick Union cunt who couldn’t have run a lemonade stand. Then we get Maggie, sold all the Crown Jewels destroyed the midlands and north. Then the rest of the cunts.

  18. OT I hear more 80s TV is being ‘reimagined” and butchered.
    This time it’s The Fall Guy.

    Well, if doesn’t have Heather Thomas and Markie Post in bikinis, then they can sod off.

    • Dame keir, plays anal reciever a Westminster pansy who moonlights as working class warrior..

      After finally achieving power he is ousted by a cabal of cunts and ends up working at his father’s factory..

      Don’t tune in next week..

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