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A cunting for that Establishment/Murdoch foghorn, Times Radio, promising to bring us expert analysis but promoting stories at a similar register to its Murdoch stablemate, The Sun.

‘Dictator Trump’, ‘ Storm Isha causes damage not seen before’, How GCHQ keeps us safe’, Gen Z go to War, and the flip flopping on the War in the Ukraine Putin runs out of ammo, men, (at an unfathomable’ rate’, tanks a few months ago, now we’re supposedly going to war, Putin is once again bringing war to NATO.

There’s the chummy interview with Ian Hislop about “his 2023”, the bloke who has destroyed Private Eye’s reputation and turned it into a snarkier version of Punch.

Then there’s the odd interview where Kait Borsay keeps putting futile and daft questions about the Russia-Ukraine conflict to Peter Hitchens, to which he can only, and honestly, reply, ‘I don’t know/,I have no idea’. One such example is,
‘Is Putin Ill?’

Nobody knows!

It seems a lot of the ‘experts ‘ don’t live in the real world either, ‘we’ll need a better manufacturing base to build weapons and ammo, and recruit people, about half a million’.


The level of discussion is about the same as GB News… okay, not that remedial, but still lacking in anything beyond ‘We’ll do this and then this.. uh well i’m sure people will join in when push comes to shove, the public must, the public will…’.

Delirious shite.

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  1. Ah, ‘The Time’s, Used to be the paper of record. Read by Sherlock Holmes. Now it is just another leftie turd wrapper. Apparently, more people than ever are tuning in to Times Radio. How can this be? Is Tony Blackburn doing the breakfast show?

  2. The great news today ….

    The countryside is racist, no idea if it’s on times radio (never listened) but it’s doing the rounds so will probably on there as well.

    Desperate times we are living in.

    • Cunts should try going to southall , tooting or Brixton about they feel unwelcome in the countryside I feel like a a fucking foreigner in my own country cunts

      • You can add Peterboroughkistan to that list – drove through it the other day – Judas H Priest – thought I was driving through some third world shitehole although that’s probably being a tad harsh on the average third world shitehole!

  3. Ian Hislop is a smarmy, snarky little pissdrip. A guffawing, self-important arsehole second to only in batterability to that Pseudo-Intellectual, Pompous, Mincing, Corpulent, Mincing Cunt Luvvie-In-Chief, Stephen Fry.

    I believe I just tuned my inner Malcolm Tucker.

    Afternoon, one. Afternoon, all.

    Back to work now…

  4. This is what happens when the thick, uninformed journos seek to give us peasants the benefit of their rancid opinions.
    I wonder what Robin Day and his ilk would have made of the current crop; change is not always progress.

    • I always wanted Robin Day and Gladys Knight to do a show together!

      And do you know what I’d call the show?

      A pair of cunts.

      • I listen to radio on catch-up, whilst doing odd jobs about the house and cooking. I’ve these cordless headphones which are handy. Shall be avoiding this shit though, just incase l sling my expensive ‘phones against the wall.

    • I’m trained as a journalist, Guzzi. Seeing that most of ’em in the MSM are basically paid propagandists makes me sick to my core. I didn’t spend YEARS of graft for this.

      I can’t wait for the Tucker Carlson ft. Putin interview. I’m not a huge fan of either of the cunts. However, I cannot help but respect Carlson for carrying out the rare task of a journalist doing their job properly.

      • Your assumption that Carlson is going to carry out the rare task of a journalist doing their job properly is somewhat premature, don’t you think?

      • @MJB, no, not really. I have been drinking, too.

        However, my feelings towards Carlson in relation to going over to Russia stand.

        My views on Zelensky have softened. There’s a really good book out on him called ‘The Showman’ that’s worth a read.

        Basically, he out of his depth when elected and didn’t have a clue what he was doing when the war broke out. Used his acting skills to get people on-board.

      • MJB, let’s dissect it afterwards. I’m only here to be civil, My Brother in Christ.

        Did you see Megyn Kelly’s interview with Putin many, many years ago?

      • Megyn Kelly?
        Another cunt beguiled by Putin.
        Agree, let’s keep it civil, though can’t say I’m anyone’s brother in Christ.
        Strict agnostic, me.

      • Me too.

        I was a journalist?
        I’d jump at the chance .

        Despots and tyrant types make for good interviews!

        Who can forget Saddam

        ” Are you enjoying your cornflakes Stuart?”

        And my favourite
        Idi Amin.👍
        Comedy gold.

      • I’m ve always wanted to be a TV live interviewer, though I’m pretty sure my show would only get one airing and definitely no repeats, due to the fact I’d ask the questions that no one else would dare to. My choice of guests should be, Prince Harry ‘Walt’ Wales, Katie ‘The Void’ Price and last but not least Sir Cliff ‘K*ddie fiddler’ Richard.

  5. What with it not being 1946 I don’t listen to radio.

    And I wouldn’t line the budgies cage with the fuckin Times.

    So not much to add, I go with the nom ,
    I am after all the most reasonable of men.

      • I always wish that arch arselicker David Frost (“hello, good evening and welcome”) had lived long enough to interview the toolmakers son. He would have asked the hard questions, “Keir, in a word, in a sentence, basically, what is your favourite colour and is Angie Rayner as nice as everyone says she is?. Thank you very much, Keir for coming on, now may I lick your bots before we say goodnight?”

  6. From one of the sub articles in the link.

    “Biden confuses Merkel and Kohl”.

    Easily done old boy.

  7. I never watch the Daily Indoctrination on Telly. I never listen to the Radio (following the demise of “Caroline”.) I never read the Daily Rags, that stopped when chips became wrapped in recycled white blotting paper.
    If I want to know what is going on in the world. I come here!

  8. I’d rather be deaf than listen to Times Radio.

    Especially if that plummy twat Peter Hitchens is on it.

    He sometimes spoils GB news for me.
    The Bryan Sewell of current affairs.

    He should do a cooking show.
    Hitchens kitchen.

    • Others who spoil GB news for me are that posh cunt Tom Harwood,

      That fat leftie Rebecca Reid,
      That thin leftie Cressida whetton.
      That fat Scottish unfunny puff forgotten his name.

      But he’s a cunt.

      • She’d just lay there and complain.

        How the fuck she does stand up?!!!

        Funny as cot death.👎

      • MJB@

        Something going on with Neil’s neck.
        Not sure what?

        He’s grown a beard which I approve of, and started wearing those neckerchief things even in summer!

        He’s ether had a offensive tattoo on his throat

        ” Bollox to the vaxine”

        Or he’s mutating.
        Growing a vestigial twin on his neck.

        Just watch.

        You’ll never see his neck- FACT.

        Besides Neil’s a hippy’s name.

      • He’s always worn that neckerchief, hasn’t he?
        And that long greasy hair.
        Bet he stinks the studio out.

      • Devlin’s not crossed my path yet.
        Reckon Neil Oliver imagines himself as some kind of poofy cowboy.
        Brokeback mountain type.
        Needs burying in a shallow grave at Spahn Ranch.

      • soft spoken fat gay bloke

        Sort of like George off Rainbow.

        But not as funny.

        Sometimes found floundering on Headliners.

    • GB news like putting that Scarlett MccGwire on their shows, silly cow can’t finish a sentence before starting another in the middle, fucking babbling, stuttering cunt

      However, not as bad as Amy Nickell-Turnip, you could wring her out for a fucking month and still get more, she is wetter than an all girls school dormitory.

      • Absolutely loathe Amy Nickell, Rebecca Reid and Scarlett
        McGwire, three of the worst sanctimonious, high horse mounted cunts ever to appear on GB News. Neil Oliver is a miserable doom merchant with a voice like a funeral dirge.

      • I enjoyed Coast on the wonderful BBC.

        And he did some history programs about the Celts, vikings, prehistoric Britain.
        He was good on them to be fair.

        But he’s a bit too ‘ conspiracy ” for me.

        Type who sits on his own in a pub.

        Catch his eye

        ” That Roswell enquiry eh?
        Do they think we’re stupid?!!
        They shipped the aliens bodies to Alaska.”

        Just fuck off an take your meds.

      • GB news has some rather attractive ladies Sophie wenzler and Olivia utley is concealing a rather banging pair of norks if you Google her in a bikini.

      • Neil Oliver is bang on the money but utterly depressing. He gives arguments on his own yt channel that are based in evidence and have interesting parallels from history. Sadly his GB News monologues come off as biased rants.

  9. Times Radio?

    Bloody hell. It’s boring enough reading it, never mind listening to it as well.

  10. I seem to remember 2 years ago even the BBC was reporting that Putin was seriously, even gravely ill – I think they specifically mentioned cancer, but frankly, I thought then, as I do now, that was more wishful thinking than fact. I suppose for balance, the BBC would have to suggest that Joe Biden is senile.

    The truth is there is that there is far too little news and far too much time and too many stations to fill it. For example, a few days ago it was reported that some actor laddie who I had never heard of had died but one of his USPs was that he had appeared in a TV soap opera. As the story went on it turned out he had made half a dozen appearances more than twenty years ago. Of course, it was a light news day (prior to the KIng’s recent illness). By contrast a few weeks earlier the great composer of light music and TV themes, Laurie Johnson died and it barely got a mention. Laurie wrote sig tunes by the score (pardon the pun) – This Is Your Life, Animal Magic, The Professionals, and most famously, The Avengers (Mrs Peel, Mr Steed, the umbrella, rose and champagne and glass) – in the days when the world was young and so was Diana Rigg and I. He was a mean French horn player, too, a long and distinquished career, but that was a day when Sjunak and Starmer were having set-to’s. Let’s get back to the old Light programme idea of a one minute summary on the half hour…….and a look at the weather – the newsreaders were not stars – the next minute they might have been introducing The men From the Ministry. Douglas Smith and Peter Donaldson never thought of themselves as @news presenters@ and were all the better for it.

    • There was barely any coverage of the death of legendary actor, David Warner either.
      Nobody at the BBC knew who he was.

  11. I see the word ‘experts’ has cropped up in this nom. Now used as a kind of superlative by media types, they’re no longer ‘correspondents’, but fucking ‘experts’.
    Experts on the Middle East, American politics, Climate etc etc, they’re certainly expert at telling the one side of the story that suits their agenda.
    They simply assume we’re all as dumb as they are. And they most certainly are dumb, despite their expensive educations.
    If we had a truly free and honest media in this country, staffed by truly intelligent and enlightened people, we wouldn’t be the fucking joke we are today

  12. Used to get my local news from the once decent bury times …. which has now gone to the dogs with ‘local’ journos more often than not bits of kids reporting nonsense and pictures of local toerags in ‘burys most wanted ‘as if they’re mafioso dons’…… papers,radio and t.v. are in decline in the main….bring back Billy’s weekly liar,the league of gents and radio Caroline and we’ll see 🤔

  13. Any media is open to scrutiny as they will all follow their own, and owners interests.
    With the advent of phone video, what you see is what you get, minus the shock and awe narration. That’s where the reality lies, in, er, reality unless some gumbo assumes all those who post footage are expert video editors.
    I believe there are masses of folks who just can’t accept the evidence of their own eyes, it’s tiresome and cowardly.
    Anyway Gary Lineker, Dianne Abbot and the BBC are still cunts, just for balance.

  14. The only way id listen to radio is if it was like this

    9-10 Sir Henry at Rawlinson end
    10-10.30 news headlines
    10.30- 11-sex pistols
    11-12 wierside Jack show
    12-1 Led zeppelin
    1-2 Derek and Clive
    2-3 the who
    3-4 Bonzo dog doodah band
    4-5 children’s hour with Oliver postgate
    5 news headlines
    6-9pm. Lord haw haw
    9 -12 Viv stanshall show

      • Message to admin.

        Sorry old boy, but I seem to have made something of a schoolboy error, well, I have been guzzling ‘ Oliver Cromwell 1599 Sloe Gin ‘, keeps out the cold you know.

        Where was I ?

        Oh yes, schoolboy error.

        I’ve posted a missive, containing two links, yes, I know I’m a cunt.

        Anyway, Word Press has put me in the moderation queue, which is frightfully dreary.

        We have to queue for everything these days, I blame it on all these illegal immigrant Johnnies.

        But I digress.

        Be an awfully good sport and funnel it through.

        There’s a good chap.

        Chin, chin. :o)

    • I like Capital Chill in the car from time to time.

      All other radio and tv sucketh imho. Follow a few you tubers, watch a few films here and there. I’ve turned into Crocodile Dundee.

      • Ssme here. the media is generslly shite these days.
        A bit of radio in the car (barelyever though) and youtube. Sometimes i catch a bit of the breakfast news on TV but usually can’t stand it so leave early to go to work.
        It’s fucking infantile.

  15. I like GB news cos it’s the only place that appeals to my anti immigrant xenophobic little Englander closed mindset 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Off topic
      The manhunt continues for criminal mastermind and acid attacker Abdul abedhi.

      Week 2 now.

      Last seen strolling past Scotland yard HQ towards vauxhall with half his face missing.

      The Cunning bastard.

      Probably hiding in the Metropolitan polices locker room?
      Under a pile of coats.

      • In time he’ll become like Lord Lucan, spotted as an aging hippie in Goa or a Buddhist commune.

        Hopefully he is in a lot of pain or better still dead.

      • Is he related to the cunt who blew up the Arianne Grande concert ( himself included, the deluded twat)?

        72 virgins, indeed, not since Asif got there.

  16. All I hear is

    Radio Gaga
    Radio GooGo
    Radio Gaga.

    Other than Smooth, for the jazz, I don’t listen to radio.

    Except on Bonfire Night, when Radio 4 ( I think) does this marvellous Soothing Music for Pets. Fuck me, Mr. Screamy slept like a baby!

    • You Tube does soothing music for pets and chillaxing videos of nature for them. I like putting on the chillax ones if I have to go out. Search for ‘dog tv’ or ‘cat tv’ or ‘relaxing music for…’, you get the gist.

      • Thanks, C.

        My doggo gets v. anxious if I go out. He’s an absolute twat, really, but he saved my life in 2020.

        I’d have been an utter nutter without him, he’s the only reason I’m halfway sane.

      • Amazing companions aren’t they, despite the work that goes into it.

        Glad you have a furry buddy to get you through.

  17. The wireless will be a boon during the power cuts that are bound to increase as the wizards of Whitehall chase net zero by continually refusing to allow any home produced energy. We can all sleep easy knowing that Derek Guyler and Richard Murdoch have everything under control.

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