The King’s Cancer

The grief jacking has already started yes Charles is still in his clogs.

So a mid 70 year old has some signs of cancer. And the world has to stop. Did Charlie give a fuck when my mum died of if?

Not at all. Does he give a fuck my good wife is fighting her arse off with breast cancer? Does he what. Cancer is a cunt for anyone who has it and for all those that do and for those it affects as collateral damage I would always remain all ears.

Granted Charles is King, but I cant help but level the amount of fucks i have for his cause, to be any more than the ones he gave to all else’s with the same.

Cancer with Charles is a cunt. Not Charles with Cancer.

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Nominated by King Cunt.

72 thoughts on “The King’s Cancer

  1. My wife starts 6 weeks of radiotherapy on Thursday, I’m betting it’s not being covered by the MSM.

  2. Oh dear a life time of privilege and you still get cancer..

    Still he won’t have to wait in-line behind every scrounger that rocks up on our shore every day..

    That itv link was a who’s who of cunts..
    Looking at that made me ill.

  3. Only the best of care for jug ears paid for by us of course. Don’t give a flying fuck about this old cunt or the rest of his ilk.

  4. Presumably, William will take over the gaff should Charlie decide to abdicate?

    Will that mean Harry Fuckwit will be within sniffing distance of becoming King?

    Imagine that scenario – King Fuckwit and his consort, Sparkletits.

    Tell me it ain’t gonna happen!

    • Nah, When Willie and Kate get the job, young Prince George will begin his training to become George VI.

      Henery Hawk of Hewitt and his Praying (Preying?) Mantis won’t get near it. They’ll be dead before that happens.

    • No expert but aren’t William’s kids next in line?

      Even if it was Harry, there’s no way the mass of the public would tolerate that halfwit and his snake of a missus. It would provoke a crisis that would make the abdication look like a picnic.

      • Quite right Ron. Hewitt is fifth in line.

        Mind you, if Willy and his brood were to die together in a plane crash or terrorist attack for example……..

      • @Geordie

        If William and the clan are invited by Harry to visit Paris via a subway, then they’d better take great heed!

      • Yes, Ron.
        William, his kids.
        Boys first.
        Then the Lass.
        Then Harry.
        But hopefully by then, Williams kids will have sprogged, and he’ll be back of the queue again, with his yellow stickered stuff.

      • Would love to think you are right Ron but can’t help thinking of all the bollocks that the public currently tolerate.
        I’m struggling to remain optimistic

  5. Don’t worry everyone, Charlie’s the world’s greatest believer in homeopathy. So he’ll be right as rain in no time.

  6. How about the thousands who died of undiagnosed and untreated cancer during the pointless lockdowns? Lessons will be learnt etc etc etc….,

    • Wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody, it’s truely a destroyer and no mistake.


      1. Charles will get absolutely THE best treatment and care that unlimited wealth and privilege can provide, and asap. Not for him the stress of wondering about your mortgage, your job, your kids’ care… 99% of us can be left to our ‘wonderful’ NHS. Come back in 18 mths if you haven’t died meantime, and an immo hasn’t jumped the queue.
      2. We’ll never hear the end of it.

      No wonder people get pissed off.

  7. My mum had colon cancer, the cunts at her local general practice said it was trapped wind. Then, when she was finally diagnosed, the cunts at Crumpsall Hospital (a shithole) sent her home in a taxi, in a wheelchair with a catheter attached. The cunts also sent her home without a morphine driver or any scheduled nurse care. If it wasn’t for me and my cousin Tracey giving the bastards an almighty bollocking, they’d have done fuck all for her. Fortunately MacMillan stepped in too and she got her driver and she died without pain four months later. My mum never put a foot wrong and worked her arse off all her life.

    Yet, this philandering, friend of kiddie fiddlers diversity loving never worked ever cunt will jump queues and get the very best treatment. As Jerry Booth used to say in Coronation Street ‘I must say, I’m disgusted’.

    • What a dreadful state of affairs,thank you for sharing a real experience Norman.

      They should hang their heads in shame,but of course they never do.

  8. Hopefully his cancer is special royal-only cancer and spreads to all the other regal parasites (apart from Princess Anne and her lot, I suppose).
    Fingers crossed that the next victim is Prince Sweats-a-not.

  9. My most sincere good wishes to any ISACer or any member of their family who is enduring cancer.

    • My dad had prostate cancer, it’s come as a huge shock. I must say it’s been fucking horrendous. Unfortunately they can only prolong life so long in his case. He wants to be treated normally so that’s what we are doing, for as long as we can. I suggest no one take anything for granted. Fuck knows when you will wake up to the biggest cunt new of your life. I’m very close to my dad, more like a friend. It’s going to be a huge blow when he’s gone.

    • It’s a slim lifeline, but feel I should pipe up. I was diagnosed with an advanced / metastasised cancer in 2021, incurable but “treatable”. Due to excellent (NHS) surgery and provision of meds (and regular supervision), the tumour is now tiny, and I feel very well (as long as they continue my meds).

      Point being i) treatment for cancer really has advanced over the years; ii) if you are lucky enough to live somewhere they are on top of things, you’ll have extended life expectancy, even with a cancer that one has to “live with” for the rest of one’s years.

      Final point being, I hope any ISAC-er and their loved ones benefits from advances / postcode lottery, and lives a longer / relatively healthier life than one might have expected years ago. Chin chin!

      • Grew up in Norfolk, it’s a fine county. In my dad’s case they gave him 18 months to two years. I had no idea, I only found out recently. So far he’s made it 7 years. It will eventually win, hopefully we have as long as possible. He’s been seeing a very good oncologist in Birmingham. If he’d just given up he’d be gone already. I hate how we have money for scrounging cunts, weapons for Ukraine. Cancer? It’s pot luck and also the perseverance to keep fighting! Sad times it really is.

  10. My beloved partner died of breast cancer over three years ago. She recovered from it, but in lots of cases it comes back with a vengeance, which sadly it did. Still talk to her every day.

  11. A bunch of fucking leeches who have been living off me and mine for centuries. Now I get to pay for him to jump the queue I’m standing in.
    Not even the real royals. They died out and we imported some fucking imposters from Germany. Not that it matters anyway, no fucker is better or more important than me or mine by virtue of what cunt they fell out of.

  12. No shiny shites awarded for Old FA cup ears.Keep talking to your plants dear.As for the Rottweiler she can jump in front of a bus.

  13. Apparently, at church today, King Charles was so appreciative of the well-wishers who had braved the cold to wait and get a glimpse of him and his delightful wife that he waved at them…… Twice.

    A heartwarming gesture which just goes to show his critics that he is not just a lazy, scrounging simpleton.

    Gawd bless him.

  14. Am surprised the Guardian haven’t insisted on more diversity within the Royal Cunthood!

    Not enough blacks
    Not enough Transwhatevers
    Not enough Muslims
    Not enough imported terrorists pretending to be 13 year old converted Christians.
    Not enough gender-neutral, non-binary, peg-legged, one-eyed, single-brain-celled necrophiles!

  15. The chauffer must remember to put the expensive hospital car park ticket in the window. Euro car parks are watching.
    King sausage fingers AKA Duke of Richmond can feck off…

  16. No waiting for treatment for Charlie and his Westminster lackeys.

    The rest of us can suffer with the foreign cunts and wait our turn..

    Thanks for that.

  17. Should of called time on the Royal family after the Queen died..

    I have no time for the plant bother and his so called kids..
    One clone and a who done it..

    Princess Anne is the only decent one left.

    • I agree Barry, the monarchy should have been wound up when the queen carked it. She cost us a fortune but as far as I know she never ordered anyone’s torture or decapitation in her 70 years as head honcho. Go out on a high surely is the idea, stuff your vast wealth in your pockets, fuck off to Monaco and you don’t even have to wave politely to the plebians any more.

      I don’t quite see this grudging regard for Anne however. Is it the fact that she takes pattern from her late mother and keeps her head down and her gob shut? If so good luck to her as she draws the benefits and we never hear a thing about it in the MSM or even the fact she’s seen more pricks than a second- hand dartboard.

      • That’s the point. she gets on with it and doesn’t court attention. Hardest working royal, aged 73, and an excellent sense of humour. Ought to be a role model for today’s dross victim status seeking unintelligent pallid youth, but they prefer the kardashians and similar.

  18. Has anyone asked David Icke if Interdimensional lizards can get cancer?

    They won’t tell us what kind of cancer was discovered though.

    Let’s hope it isn’t ‘space cancer’, whatever that is.

    In all seriousness, I hope those here who are facing tests, results and treatment for themselves or loved ones the very best. When i had testicular cancer I found the worst part was psychological, by quite a long way, The chemo I did okay with.

    Once the treatment starts it gets less worrisome as you know you’re now getting treated and someone is looking after things, and the physical effects are only for a few months, plus there are a lot of other treatments that make the side effects a lot easier to deal with, such as ondansetron, which reduces feelings of nausea to almost nil. I was quite lucky in that I never felt sick or had trouble keeping food down.

  19. He gets out patient treatment at home. No doubt half the hospital gear will be shipped in. At our expense.
    Couldnt give a fuck about the half-witted fucking parasite.

    • To be fair, you don’t require a lot of expensive hospital gear to administer homeopathic treatments. Just a cheap syringe containing 99.9% water and a gullible upper-class twit of a patient.

  20. So, a Lifetime of privilege/ best food / never having to worry about / jobs / bills / rent / MOT for the Aston / DIY and the jug eared halfwit gets cancer

    Not much hope for us mere mortals…

    Oh dear, not to worry the next two malingering leeches are lined up to take up the horrendous workload of waving at people and cutting ribbons..

    Fuck em….!

  21. At least in going public Charley has encouraged people to get themselves checked out quickly if they suspect anything.

    But the media circus around this is an utter cunt. Just give the King some space without devoting three quarters of a newspaper to it every day.

    • Good luck getting an appointment for a face to face with your GP.

      Even better luck getting a referral from your GP to a consultant.

      You’d probably die of boredom, before you die waiting to see a specialist.

      • Sadly true JP. The King is going to get access to the best medical treatment pronto. Not like us NHS plebs.

  22. Lost my first wife to breast cancer in 2010. If old wingnut thinks it’s a big deal he wants to get those cunts in the government to stop spaffing money over foreigners and sort out the fucking NHS.

  23. Waits 70 years before getting a job and almost immediately, pulls a sickie.
    Fuck him, the Arse of Windsor is a parasitic cancer.

  24. Cancer Charities are a scam, if the cure were published, they’d all be out of a gig, Bye bye 6 figure salary for the directors.

    Look into that little lot, have a dig, if you’re interested.

    This outfit was chased and indicted by the Yank authorities for years, each indictment getting cancelled in the courts until finally, the shitstem ‘won’ and immediately patented the cure.

  25. I doubt many people suffering with cancer would expect the royal family to send them get well cards and stuff.
    Besides, the real cunt here is God.
    He could cure everybody’s cancer in the wink of an eye, if he wanted to.
    But he doesn’t give a shit.
    Sadistic old cunt.
    As Clive said:
    “Fucking good of God not to torment us with being eternally young and being able to fuck everyone. No! He gave us this great gift of fucking cancer, that’s very kind. I wouldn’t have thought of that if I’d been creating the universe, would you? Bung in cancer? No, I’d have left that out.”

    • as Richard Dawkins may have said, ‘Nature selects for the more beneficial mutations that allow a species to be more successful. All of the other mutations are fucking cancer’.

  26. I feel sorry for anyone diagnosed with cancer, the King included. It is a cunt.

  27. Whilst undergoing treatment for his prostate cancer, he was found to have an ‘ unspecified cancer’ of something else.
    Because they won’t say what it is, this just leads to all sorts of unsavoury speculation.
    Was it in his mouth (whilst being anaesthetised) or was it of the knob or his bum hole ?
    PS: I’ve just turned 70 and have submitted an on-line appointment request to the GP because I’ve been getting “textbook” symptoms of an enlarged prostate and have noticed some blood from my pee-hole.
    Probably my fault for having unsavoury speculation about other people’s problems.

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