Mary Harper – Former BBC Africa Correspondent

who’s that you ask?
Surprisingly another employee of the marvellous BBC.

The African editor for the world service, was paid to give expert witness evidence for a Somalian gang rapist to halt his deportation..

Turns out this metropolitan do-gooder has also has given evidence on 14 other case’s..

I have know idea what expert evidence this bitch could offer, apart from she loves a bit of Somalian cock.

After the daily fail got involved, said cunt has left the BBC.
Though no-one is saying if she was sacked or quit, but knowing the beeb she probably left with a huge payout..

My I suggest that as this cunt loves Somalia so much, we strap a body-cam to her, give her 200 quid and drop her in Mogadishu..

I give her a week before she is gang raped and beheaded..
But I imagine this un flushable turd will appear again in the near future.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Barry zuckercunt.

And Pooter is of the same opinion with this 

This shameless harridan, doubtless mud shark nog gobbler has resigned from her post after defending up to 15 bucktoothed skinny’s from deportation.

Rapist ?
“Yes MohamidSahib, you am de victim, please stay at somebody else’s expense and safety, fancy a quicky while we’re here?”

Educated at Bedales private school, this virtue signalling shitter trots out the old ‘misunderstood stabby rapist’ trope while being bought up in a plum laden spoon in mouth environment.

I tell you what you lame, honky slag, you put them all up in your house, at your expense and assume all responsibility for their behaviour once here, do you want to do that ? Thought not.

White privilege hey ?

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Pooter

61 thoughts on “Mary Harper – Former BBC Africa Correspondent

  1. Easy.Turn the boats back while in the English channel.Ain’t rocket science.Dumb twats.

  2. Probably another one of those posh tarts who grew up in a lavish, gated community so is incapable of normal, human threat-assessment. Kind of like these two silly tarts:

    Doctors Morven Telling and Bryony Corbyn (I wonder if she’s any relation).

    Or maybe as has been suggested, they just really love unvetted, untamed, unwashed black cock and just want to share their fetish with the rest of the female population of Britain. Sharing is caring after all.

  3. Had 4 of the animals arressed here last week.Shot an older lady and took her car and were seen laughing about on video. Fuck the dirty filthy scamming rapists from somalia,hope they all die slowly and surely.

  4. Suggest dropping her into Mogadishu , in a helicopter, maybe get Ridley Scott to direct it , live action remake of Black Hawk Down .

    it’s no joke any more , these are genuine 5th columnists and should be expelled or worse .

    We have plenty of islands to dump them on .

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