Mary Harper – Former BBC Africa Correspondent

who’s that you ask?
Surprisingly another employee of the marvellous BBC.

The African editor for the world service, was paid to give expert witness evidence for a Somalian gang rapist to halt his deportation..

Turns out this metropolitan do-gooder has also has given evidence on 14 other case’s..

I have know idea what expert evidence this bitch could offer, apart from she loves a bit of Somalian cock.

After the daily fail got involved, said cunt has left the BBC.
Though no-one is saying if she was sacked or quit, but knowing the beeb she probably left with a huge payout..

My I suggest that as this cunt loves Somalia so much, we strap a body-cam to her, give her 200 quid and drop her in Mogadishu..

I give her a week before she is gang raped and beheaded..
But I imagine this un flushable turd will appear again in the near future.

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Nominated by Barry zuckercunt.

And Pooter is of the same opinion with this 

This shameless harridan, doubtless mud shark nog gobbler has resigned from her post after defending up to 15 bucktoothed skinny’s from deportation.

Rapist ?
“Yes MohamidSahib, you am de victim, please stay at somebody else’s expense and safety, fancy a quicky while we’re here?”

Educated at Bedales private school, this virtue signalling shitter trots out the old ‘misunderstood stabby rapist’ trope while being bought up in a plum laden spoon in mouth environment.

I tell you what you lame, honky slag, you put them all up in your house, at your expense and assume all responsibility for their behaviour once here, do you want to do that ? Thought not.

White privilege hey ?

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Pooter

61 thoughts on “Mary Harper – Former BBC Africa Correspondent

  1. I bet she’s experienced more spit roastings than a Bondi Beach barbecue.

    All these fucking immo aiding wimminz love the old tar brush.

    Good morning 🌄👍

  2. If you believe that there are forces out there who are pushing for A Great Reset, then at first glance this seems to fit right in with 2 of their goals.

    (1) The destruction of Western Civilization by means of (2) the Great Replacement.

    But after reading the article I must confess, this dumb cunt does not have the intellectual chops to be a true believer.

    I can only conclude that she is a useful idiot believing in some warped Wokeist notion of Justice for Third World victims of Colonial Oppression.

    If a few women have to suffer…so be it. At least Mohammed Bin Rapin won’t be oppressed by Medieval Somali Justice or a Systemic Racist British Justice system.

    And she can bask in the Signaling of Virtue she so desperately needs if she and her comrades are to turn Britain into a Shitolian Wokeistan.

  3. If the fucking Tories get back in they will set up a special benefits scheme for misunderstood ffnic grapesea cunts. It will include vouchers for free trackies and essential mobile communications. There are so many of them over here that they will have their own fucking box to tick under the ‘Occupation’ heading on the next census forms. That four-eyed, weasel cunt Gove will be on the wireless justifying immie arse licking – like he was yesterday (defending the diversity requirements that are fucking up the armed forces). Fuck off.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • Hey Twenty,

      This is the second time in 2 days I’ve read disparaging remarks beginning with; “…if the Tories get back in…”

      Believe me, as someone who rails against the Establishment Republicans, the RINOs and the Uniparty I understand disparaging the Tories.

      But what is the alternative? Labour?

      To be clear, as much as the Republican Party pisses me off, I will not vote for any Democrat candidate…not even for Town Dog Catcher…under any circumstances.

      What is your point of view?

      • I have a feeling Reform UK are going to do very well.
        Along with RTC’s Spoilt Ballot party.
        Anyone who votes Tory after the last 14 years is clearly an idiot.
        Good morning.

      • Good morning, General.

        I am a believer that if you ‘always do what you always did, you get what you always got’. In short the Liebour cunts and the Tory cunts only have the system tied up on the basis that you vote for one or the other to stop the others getting in – because they are supposed to be worse. That used to be the case (maybe) in the UK. The Tories have, however now become Liebour with a blue rosette. They have been in for fourteen years and done fuck all but let more and more scum invade the UK; failed to support industry; signed up to the Net Zero fantasy; indulged the gender/diversity twats; raised taxes on working people to record levels people to record highs. Some of this shit is no doubt poorly disguised pay-back for us having had the temerity to vote for Brexit in 2016.

        You guys in the US are lucky to have The Donald. A genuine alternative despite his party. Over here we once had Maggie. It seems to me that they prevail/ed despite their parties not because of them. We have a group of cunts led by someone who was not even wanted by his own party members. So I say, fuck them and the flea bitten policy nags that they rode in on.

        The options here will be fairly crap come the election later this year. However, I shall vote Reform as it is the only alternative show in town. I just hope enough others will do the same and at least send a message to the other cunts that we have had it with their dressed-up marxist bullshit

        Hope this helps. Looking forward to South Carolina and, hopefully the burial of Haley’s wretched campaign, We need the ‘Land of the Free’ to show how to get our country back…

        Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea.

      • Good Morning Twenty,

        Your “…always do what you always do…” remark has merit.

        To me the Democrats, (or your Labour) are the greater of 2 evils.

        So while we have a few alternative parties here in the States, none of them are truly viable. My fear is that if I vote for one, that gives the Democrats a chance of winning.

        Trump still has a few hurdles…but Tricky Nikki isn’t one of them. Even though the Libs, the MSM and the Establishment/RINO/Uniparty all want her, she’s a Dead Girl Walking.

        Cuntster, Major General (Brevet) (Deceased)

      • Oh…I forgot…

        With Old Joe declining right before our very eyes, keep your eyes on Michele “Moochie” Obama and “Gaslight” Gavin Newsome.

        I’m not convinced Moochie will run, but a Moochie/Gaslight Presidential ticket is the stuff of Democrat Wet Dreams and actually, could give the Donald a run for his money.*

        *All puns intended

  4. I wonder if she’d have bothered if these cunts were white ?

    No, thought not.

    I hope she contracts Super Aids.

    A perfect example of the enemy within.

    • A fleet of crop-sprayers doing their thing with a highly concentrated super-aids payload. One can but dream.

      Tally Ho. Onwards and Upwards.

  5. Part and parcel of the continuing effort of the abhorrent woke white-haters to destroy the West. They will not be satisfied until the UK has become a rubbish strewn desert inhabited by Sand Pikeys, rapists and child abusers. We are already well on the way – just look at Luton! But anything is better to them than “gammon”.

  6. BBC news website this morning:
    ‘Rochdale: 4 boys aged 12-14 arrested on suspicion of rape’

    Hey Mary, they’re wondering if you can give expert witness evidence in their support.

  7. Look at her the supercilious dried up old minge, does the BBC contain not one employee even vaguely to the right and inhabiting the real world with the rest of us.
    What drives them to be so obsessed with foreigners and their bullshit stories and lies that they swallow hook line and sinker, sad deluded idiots.

    • I would guess that the BBC does have some employees that are right if centre but the only way they get to keep their jobs us to be as revoltingly left wing as the rest of the cunts. Not to matter, the peacefuls will sort them out and in the very near future too. Even at a relatively low percentage of the population they already effectively run the country.

  8. Does she live in a 2-up, 2-down terrace in Tower Hamlets I wonder? If not then she really isn’t sampling the real-world life of what us mere plebs have to put up with and stay silent about day in day out!

    She’s probably also the kind of apologist who will defend migrants for raping and stabbing innocent white British nationals on tee excuse that the latter are just bigoted racists and deserve what they got!

    Let’s see how long her virtue signalling bullshit goes on for once the media spotlight has moved on to something far more interesting!

  9. BBC news website this morning:
    ‘Rochdale: 4 boys aged 12-14 arrested on suspicion of r*pe’

    Hey Mary, they’re wondering if you can give expert witness evidence in their support.

    • I wonder…

      If all 4 were hung, drawn and quartered would Mary then favor sending them back to Shitholia?

    • Well in Rochdale there’s a decent chance that the perpetrators are of a curry skinned complexion, at least a good each way bet 🏇…..Mary I’m sure will be waiting to see the identities of said juveniles before making her move to support 🫡 or denounce 🫷… meanwhile Madagascar have passed a law to castrate paedophiles after a surge in child rape…’lessons will be acted upon’ rather than ‘learned’ it seems

    • Since they’re under 18 the Judge will be pressured not to publicise their name because they’re only “children”. So that’s going to really reassure the public if they are found guilty.

      Then of course their ethnicity probably won’t be published by a cautious MSM.

      And if it their ethnicity is mentioned and they’re migrants from far off climes, and we see British people protesting in the streets, wet cunts like this windbag will call them “Far Right Bigots, who are just plain evil!” (just as we saw in Dublin 2 or 3 months back).

      Apologists always very quick to play the blame game, but rarely admit their own mistakes or judgements.

  10. “Expert” analysis concludes that this shitbag might be treated as a spy (!) and would have trouble getting a job in the construction business over there!!
    Yosser would have breezed into any job there.
    What a deluded woman.

    • Perhaps this private school contemptible cunt could start a charity for buck-toothed Somalians: Help The Rapists

      She could do a sponsored Bukkake from these gibbons.

  11. Bitch should be forced – on camera – to interview each and every one of these 15 assorted savage’s victims(past AND future)with said victims knowing exactly what this woman did to (a) dismiss/downplay the harm done by ones that have been committed previously and (b) facilitate/enable the ones yet to BE committed by any and all of them.

    If I were married/related to a woman engaging in this kind of stupidity against her own kind, I would divorce/excommunicate her.

    • If this is true we may be about to find out just how fucked the country is.

      If this doesn’t cause widespread violent protest then we might as well shut up shop.

      Let’s see..

      • Forget it. You can bet the police will suppress anything remotely anti peaceful. And the MSM just won’t say anything. It’s basically what I meant above when I said they are already effectively running the country.

  12. Pity she is still not there to report this little beauty-

    Madagascar to surgically castrate paedophiles.
    Island nation’s justice minister said the new law was necessary because of an increase in rape of children

  13. What the fuck is it with these privately ‘educated’ twats? Bedales school – currently 43,000 quid a year in fees.

    The BBC is institutionally posh.

    My inner Pol Pot is straining at the leash.

  14. Aargh! Not that word again!
    Who the fuck declared her an expert? Herself?
    Who the fuck allowed a BBC journalist, not exactly renowned for their even handedness, to represent immigrants in court?
    Well, if you can’t beat em, join em.
    As of today I declare myself southern Spain expert for whichever media outlet will take me.
    I’ve been there a couple of times, I know a decent pint of San Miguel when I see one and Alicante market ain’t bad on a Friday.
    There you go. That’s how easy it is to appoint yourself an expert.
    Bullshit clearly baffles brains.

  15. That first header pic of her hugging that poor old soul. Nice photo op of course, and well set up.

    Wonder if she’d do the same hugging a few of the bruvs in downtown Aston, Sparkhill or Handsworth in Birmingham at 2am on a Friday night!

    • I’d say there’s a longing look in her eyes though Techno.
      Like she’s itching for the cameraman to fuck off so she can let Mtebe and his mates have a fucking good go on her.

  16. Fuck a duck after reading about those 4 Egyptian and Moroccan rapist scum I’m agast. They and their fathers need to be executed. They make your Pikeys and our Boongs appear urbane and law civilised by comparison. Jesus wept.

  17. After the next GE the words Deport and Deportation will be banned and anyone using them will be charged with hate speech

    I watched some the home office officials and Cleverly being questioned by the home affairs committee and the only conclusion I could take away was ‘we are TRUELY fucked’

  18. If this whore was being paid at the public expense, she should be made accountable to the public for every criminal she stopped being deported.
    Which as I understand it is still the law.
    She can pay for her defense out of her own pocket when she is tried for treason.
    We’ll see exactly how much of an expert she is then.

  19. It will come to the point that the MSM will be so touchy-feely about crime news that they’ll be censoring themselves so as not to cause offence/conflict:-

    Can’t mention country of origin – racist
    Can’t mention ethnicity – ditto
    Can’t mention religious upbringing – By and large Islamophobia
    Can’t mention age – ageism
    Can’t mention gender – genderism
    Can’t mention distinguishing features – ableism
    Can’t mention previous convictions – umm, can’t think of an ism for that just yet.
    Can’t mention sexual persuasion – sexism

    Basically we’ll end up with a BBC news reader saying “Someone, from someplace did something bad – probably- to someone in someplace at 3am Friday Night. Did you see that person? Then contact the police and they’ll kick the shit out of you if you say the wrong thing!”

    And of course Mary Harper still won’t be happy!

    • And if you mention in your description of the criminal that he was blek, you will be arrested and charged with racism.

  20. I’ve never understood why this is a thing.

    Commit crime in my house, I throw you out (to involve a size 11 firmly planted up your arse.)

    Got nowhere to go?

    Tough shit, should have thought of that before misbehaving.

    FAFO, as the kids say.

    No need for weaselly scum like whossername then. Cunt.

  21. Biased towards Blick Cunts.
    Always have been and always feckin’ will be. Another reason not to pay out for a TV licence.

  22. I pity future generations in this country. They might bitch and moan about Gen Xs and Boomers, but JHC are they in for a big wake up call once we’re worm food and they’re left to their own devices.

    They are building the foundations of their own destruction, and they’re too indoctrinated with woke culture to notice it.

    I suspect there will be a civil war in this country before this century is over; it will either be a war over multiculturalism and.or religion. I suspect the Muslims are just biding their time for the inevitable “take over”, and then it really is Game Over.

    But why should I care? Another 20 years and I’ll be toast, if not before. So it will be someone else’s problem. Therefore, fuck them!

    • Any civil war will be between the various faction of peacefuls looking to take over this country. The woke whites will be too busy watching Strictly and Love Island to even notice, until their 6 year old daughters are being raped with impunity. And even then it’ll probably be the fault of the far right. It’s unbelievable just how quickly this country has become totally fucked.

      • Perhaps a fine example of social engineering and brainwashing Moggie.

        A lot of it stems from the destruction of society and community spirit in my opinion.

        I’m alright Jack and all that, so what’s a few dinghies, terrorists and child rapists as long as I’m safe in my overpriced house with a giant screen telly to watch.

    • and I’m just gonna sit smoking a cigar with some whisky whilst this shit goes down laughing

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