The Green Alliance


Oh dear, the wheels are coming off the electric car. Only the deluded wokeists are buying them now. I wonder why.

Well here’s Green Alliance with the answer. No, I’ve never heard of them either, but apparently it’s a ‘think tank’ demonstrating a remarkable inability to think. Falling EV sales are all the fault of Mr Bean for some article he wrote for the Grauniad, according to the great minds at Green Alliance.

So nothing to do with the price, rate of depreciation, cost of insurance, limited driving range, lack of charging infrastructure, charging time, domestic charging being impossible in nearly half of UK homes, battery fires that can’t be extinguished and the environmental catastrophe resulting from cobalt mining by child slaves in Congo.

Never mind. Green Alliance chose the right forum to air their views – the House of Lords, where one assumes those present were all either comatose or dead.

Daily Express

Nominated by Geordie Twatt.

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