Establishment Republicans, RINOs, the Uniparty and CPAC. (Part 2)


Recently I nominated the Establishment Republicans, the RINOs and the Uniparty for cunthood. But I want to cunt them again and this time add CPAC.

For those of you unfamiliar with the American system, (very broadly) political candidates and their fundraising activities are regulated by the FEC (Federal Election Committee). PACs are groups of like minded individuals who bundle their financial resources together for the purpose of donating to political candidates. They are tax exempt and as such are able to raise and donate significant amounts of money to the candidate most aligned to their political philosophy.

CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Committee and is the leading, indeed even premier PAC associated with the Republican Party. Candidates covet a CPAC endorsement because not only does it mean significant monetary donations but it also carries substantial clout with the Party and its political operatives.

At the CPAC conventions “conservatives” get together, discuss policy and also put forth positions. They also make endorsements. So many candidates speak there and make their pitch in hopes of winning that much coveted endorsement.

CPAC also has noted “conservative” guest speakers. Some are (so-called) intellectuals. Some are authors, business leaders or other people associated with the conservative movement.

This year CPAC has invited a foreign Speaker. Someone from the UK. None other than your own former PM Liz Truss.

Yes, they have decided that it’s a good idea to have a total, utter and abject failure put forth her “conservative” ideas on the eve of the American election.


I really don’t have anything else to say except at this rate, embracing a disgraced foreign leader and openly opposing Donald Trump means the Democrats won’t have to steal this election.

The Establishment Republicans, the RINOs and the Uniparty…in conjunction with CPAC will hand to them.

Nominated by General Cuntster.

32 thoughts on “Establishment Republicans, RINOs, the Uniparty and CPAC. (Part 2)

    • I reckon they’re fake.
      A bit like her.
      They were a lot smaller when she was a LibDem.
      Bigger by the time she was campaigning to remain in the EU.
      Considerably bigger when she was Prime Minister.
      Gets another silicon beef-up every time she jumps on a fresh bandwagon.

  1. Liz Truss is a real free market low taxation small government conservative. She didn’t fail alone, she challenged WEF\Davos financial dictates.

  2. When the election is stolen, when there’s hundreds of thousands of “right wing” people protesting, that’s when the tanks will roll in, manned by a joint coalition of US and chınky soldiers.

  3. It seems to me that if you’re going to highlight conservative world wide success stories you’d be well advised to stay away from the British Conservative Party.

    By all accounts have made a mess of Britain and if the polls are correct have left the Neo-Marxist Labour scum poised to take power.

    Furthermore, Liz is anything but a populist. Chosen by the Party elite to replace a duly elected Leader of Government…or should I say duly elected clown…there was hardly a popular revolt when she was deposed by those same elites a scant 9 weeks later.

    Her policies and her thoughts seem irrelevant to me. When you aren’t elected, you can’t govern and you have no popular support you should not be advising others on how to succeed.

    The British Uniparty threw her out and the American Uniparty is embracing her.

  4. Jesus, these CPACs are wasting their time if they think Liz Truss has answers to anything.

    She’s in a long line of useless cunts who’ve won a Wonka golden ticket to be first at the trough.

    They should get Chicago Ray!
    I was impressed with him.

    Bet he’d be cheaper too.

  5. Mis,

    That’s odd. The link works for me.

    In short; Chicago Ray has completely backed off his original position. He says he is not calling for a boycott and is not the leader of any movement.

    The current administration through the Justice Department and the FBI may very well have threatened him

    Maybe not overtly but with a simple inquiry about being a “threat to democracy.”

    MAGA supporters are being jailed all over the country for imaginary offenses. BLM and Antifa can burn, loot, destroy property and assault police officers and Kamala Harris starts a bail fund for them.

    But a couple of Christians pray outside an abortion clinic and they get 10 years for interfering with a woman’s rights.

    So yeah…I think he was threatened.

    • Not seen anything else about him,
      Maybe covered more on US news,
      But DOES sound like he’s been threatened.

      When you’re talking about millions of dollars worth of produce and stock it’s easy to see how he would get threatened.

      Think the link is something to do with it being a US site?

      Said something about ‘ European visitors ‘ so I backed off.

      • That’s interesting too.

        Newsnation is an outgrowth of what was WGN TV, a Chicago based cable superstation here in the States.

        They went to a straight news format delivered without commentary after the fashion of the old (long before our time) BBC News readers.

        They are decidedly anti-MSM and therefore anti-establishment. Therefore, they may be deemed too subversive for European audiences.

        As a point of interest they are failing dismally here in the states and have begun to embrace some media figures to shore up their ratings. Both Chris Cuomo and Megyn Kelly have been featured.

      • Can’t say I blame Ray,
        Ordinary working man, no doubt with dependants.

        They probably hinted he’d be keeping Jimmy Hoffa company if he keeps causing problems in NY.

    • Rhinos are an endangered species. The Unabomber was in jail (where he allegedly offed himself.) And some Proto-BLM type wasted Tupac.

      You know, I think I prefer them too.

  6. I want Donald to fucking gold trainers.

    Fuck the slush funds that pervert the wishes of the electorate and fuck the “system”.

    It’s all rotten to the core,full of shit and wrecks the democratic process..

    Drain the swamp..and if that fails fetch a military coup.

    The whole system needs dynamiting.

    • I think the swamp’s good and drained at this point but some of the creatures remain deeply embedded in the swamp mud with some escapees proving tricky to fully extinguish.

    • The rank and file do indeed support Trump. But they are not the Establishment, RINO or Uniparty hacks that invited Liz to speak.

      • Is the statue not meant to be a joke?
        Perhaps we could commission the artist to do one of Liz Truss.
        Would be the perfect replacement for whatever rubbish currently insults our intelligence on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square.

  7. As I have said before, General, great political leaders succeed in spite of their parties rather than because of them!

    The shit eater’s rag of choice The Guardian, is busy creaming itself about all the fake lawsuits that are being shovelled Trump’s way in a desperate attempt to hold back the tide of popular support for his candidacy and policies.. However, if, as expected, The Donald smashes it again in South Carolina the deluded Haley will surely be fucked right, left and centre. Giving decent Americans a real choice must be then name of the game.

    Good evening, everyone.

  8. I dont know about America’s political ins and outs. But I do think that American voters have to choose between a senile half-wit and an unhinged megalamaniac.

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