The Billionaires and their Bunkers


This could be one of those Project Fear/Conspiracy Theory-type noms, but I’ve been reading a broad spectrum of news sites of all political leanings with regards the recent revelation that the super rich (billionaires and not millionaires), are building vast underground bunkers on the premise of a “Just In Case…” scenario.

Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos .. are just a few names banded about, declaring their love for their new underground homes should the world decide to blow itself apart.

I suppose being prepared for any possible global disaster is a good thing, just so long as you don’t mind living like a hermit for years on end. But exactly why are they doing this, especially most recently? Is there something us mere plebs don’t know? Is this their most extreme idea of The Great Reset and Build Back Better, at the behest of the Globalists?

It also begs the question that if a global conflict is not too far off the horizon, what do national governments intend to do about looking after its citizens?

As I said at the start, conspiracy theories make for interesting stories and debate, even if they turn out to be utter bollocks! But perhaps wearing a tin foil hat and buying/living in an Anderson Shelter for 30 years might just be our best hope should the bomb finally drop!

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66 thoughts on “The Billionaires and their Bunkers

  1. SAGE’s answer to nuclear apocalypse and 4 billion dead:-

    Stay Indoors
    Wash your hands
    Wear a mask if going out
    Keep your distance
    Get jabbed

    Oh and clap your radioactive hands every Thursday night (not that there will be a daytime because the nuclear fallout will fill the skies with darkness for years!)

    • I’m rather hoping I’ll be stone dead, Techno, if it gets to this stage.

      I strongly suspect it will.

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