The Billionaires and their Bunkers


This could be one of those Project Fear/Conspiracy Theory-type noms, but I’ve been reading a broad spectrum of news sites of all political leanings with regards the recent revelation that the super rich (billionaires and not millionaires), are building vast underground bunkers on the premise of a “Just In Case…” scenario.

Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos .. are just a few names banded about, declaring their love for their new underground homes should the world decide to blow itself apart.

I suppose being prepared for any possible global disaster is a good thing, just so long as you don’t mind living like a hermit for years on end. But exactly why are they doing this, especially most recently? Is there something us mere plebs don’t know? Is this their most extreme idea of The Great Reset and Build Back Better, at the behest of the Globalists?

It also begs the question that if a global conflict is not too far off the horizon, what do national governments intend to do about looking after its citizens?

As I said at the start, conspiracy theories make for interesting stories and debate, even if they turn out to be utter bollocks! But perhaps wearing a tin foil hat and buying/living in an Anderson Shelter for 30 years might just be our best hope should the bomb finally drop!

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66 thoughts on “The Billionaires and their Bunkers

  1. Aaargh. What the actual fuck, Admin? Second nom of the day and more posh twats with too much time and money.

    Off work sick with a bastard chest infection and antibiotics that are making my piss stink.

    Fuck’s sake. Going back to bed.

  2. Hilarious.

    Luxury bunkers are for bedwetting “I’m too rich to die” deluded Cunts.

    If boredom doesn’t kill them then the dungeon Malaysian sex slaves will murder them in their beds.

    Bunch of entombed wankstains.

  3. If Armageddon arrives they’ll ultimately emerge however many years later in a hazmat suit to survey a smouldering pile of ash. In for the win then, how much?

    • Exactly. I can’t see the point of prolonging your life for this. No pubs, theatres, restaurants, places to visit. What’s the point?
      Is it Just rich sheep mentality?

      • Tax avoidance probably, when you get to be a multi-billionaire, what else is there to buy ?
        Hopefully there’ll be a false alarm and some enterprising souls will concrete over the trapdoors.

      • Aye they don’t know anymore than any other cunt about resets,pandemics or any other claptrap…

        They’re just bored with far too much money to spend.

  4. Social misfit Mark Zuckerberg alone and locked in his room, sat in front of a computer playing video games and talking to his Facebook ‘friends’, existing off bottled water and instant noodles.

    Sounds like his college days.

  5. All I can say is that when these pampered wealthy fuckers like Anthony Blair come crawling out of their soy-boy lairs, they will have to build their own houses because I don’t think their limp-wristed lackies like Mandelson will be up to the job. Probably David Cameron would do better hiding in the chemical bog in his shepherds caravan.

  6. You don’t need to be a billionaire, my little hideaway garden shed is well insulated for any possible Armageddon 💣💥 … tips, you must ensure cling film is covering the windows to withstand the nuclear blast and a draught excluder behind the door to stop radioactive dust or chemical attack 🫡 simple measures from the government to save you money and your family whilst the mega rich for all their wealth are being fleeced by cowboy builders 😁

  7. After the holocaust, Bezos, Musk and Gates will crawl out of their holes and create a new hell – I mean “utopia”. But who will be there to buy any of their rubbish? It will be just the three of them, tormenting and fighting each other in the ruins until the end of their days.

    It would make a great movie though.

  8. I bet St Greta won’t be very happy with a scorched Earth, when she finally crawls out of her freebie-sponsored bunker with her brood of 12 brats whinging about their fucking futures

  9. Conspiracy theories are shit.
    I am sick of hearing about Titless Swift, Senile Biden and the Superbowl for a start.

    • I saw some daft bint from a university in Kansas City being interviewed.

      Lecturer in Swiftonomics, I ask you Norman.

      At least we know Biden’s voter base.

  10. OT: Great game yesterday, Ron.
    Villa could have done us , had they taken their chances.
    But it was a great result for us.

    • Sincerely hope my mob can renew rivalries with the red devils again after our demise last season, but I fear the saints will hold us off for second spot and it’s the play offs 😩
      Miss the good ol’ days of billy,big jack,norman etc v bobby,kiddo,Nobby etc….great matches and even better players imo 👍

      • And Bobby Collins was a hard bastard too, Gelderd.
        I think that Leeds side was the hardest team ever.

        One of football’s greatest rivaries. Denis Law and Jack Charlton nearly killing each other springs to mind.

  11. Then they’ll miss out on all the fun.
    By which I mean cannibalism and rape. Or at least that’s what’d happen in my dream scenario.

  12. Funny. Ive recently visited one of these cold war bunkers that are intended to save and preserve the cavernous arseholes who would have started a nuclear war. Politicians, Generals, Important people and execise bikes. I noted the possible inclusion of “hookers” ( and possibly young boy’s ) to help ease the tensions of a long overdue fuck. Amazing. These bunkers are around the country, hidden from site, but some open to visits.
    The visit is indeed very worthwhile. It lets you see where we ( the expendables ) are indeed unworthy of survival. Cunts the lot of them,

  13. The fucking Lib Dems will love this. I can see that fat cunt Ed Davy lining up a new policy to roll out later in the year. The line will be that, as we cannot afford our armed services anymore, the better/cheaper option would be to provide everyone with their own Government funded bunker.

    It will be available from Temu and delivered within two weeks of application. Fully inflatable and inflation proof, Roll out will begin as soon as the Lib Dems are victorious at the election and will be available first to the vulnerable with at least three co-morbidities, natch. There will even be a charging point for mobility scooters and a super efficient sani-lav to cope with veggie runny shit (because everyone will be living on nuts and berries).

    Vote Lib Dem and take one up the arse for the good of the nation.

  14. Only Scorpions and Tony Blair would come out unscathed from a Nuclear War. Fucking Lizard Devil cunt.

  15. I wouldn’t mind betting Putin has the biggest underground bunker of the lot.

    Small Cock Syndrome.

  16. The hallway walls in Klaus Schwab’s bunker will be adorned with framed pictures of naked children no doubt.

    That and various Third Reich regalia.

    • And goblets of peasants blood Herman.

      Prince Andrew will be knocking on the front door of Klaus’ at five minutes to Doomsday after being mysteriously locked out of the Royal families bunker.

      • Apparently the world is just 90 seconds away from ending, according the big boffin clock.

      • Indeed, CP.

        I had considered a nom, but with only 90 seconds on the clock, well…

        Yet another thing designed to terrify, and keep you in your place.

        Fuck ’em. When I hear the 4 minute warning, I’ll be stood in the road, shouting

        ” Give it your best shot, you cunt!”

  17. No doubt SuckDick Khan will survive and will still insist on extending ULEZ to cover the whole of England. He’ll be short of a bit of cash after Armageddon.

  18. It only takes one of these super rich cunts to do something headline grabbing and all the others follow on, like sheep.

    I want to be right underneath a shitload of kilotons, when the frenzied, epileptic bout of big red button pressing breaks out.

    OT. I’ve just seen the UK Hamas spokesperson ( David Cameron ) on the telly. Pushing for more appeasement, on behalf of mudslime terrorists.

    Why doesn’t he just Fuck Off ?

    The useless, treacherous cunt.

    Good afternoon.

    • Cameron! The moon-faced cunt deserves to be trampled to death by lepers.

    • Yes Jack.

      I’ll never forget that slimy little piece of shit’s speech, which was brimful of peaceful appeasement when he was Prime Minister the very day after the broad daylight butchering of young Lee Rugby.

      “The Mudslime community, who have given this country so much..” blah blah fucking blah.

      Yeah David, sorry, Dave… such as what exactly? Terrorism? Cousin marriage? Grooming gangs?

      It was obvious then where the so called Conservatives were taking the country.

      The Cunt

  19. Sirs:

    Nobody has made foil with tin in 80 years. It’s aluminum foil, which is harder to say. Makes a fine hat thought.

    • We are aware, Yankee.

      But tin-foiler hatters is an ancient British traditional description of the raving loony, going back to well before the miracle of aluminium. Hence, the British tendancy to refer to aforesaid nutters as ” tinfoil hatters/tin-foilers”

      I hope this explains our references to tinfoil for you. Should you need any further explanation of British saying, words or phrases, please feel free to ask.

  20. It’s not the environment that is going to kill the planet, but humanity itself!

    Planet Earth has been hit with other planets, asteroids and fuck knows well else over the last 4.6 billion years, but it always seems to correct itself sooner or later.

    Ice ages are just a natural phenomenon, that the planet deals with; just a it does with volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tectonic plate movements and other natural disasters (I mean the clue is in the fucking name!)

    But humanity comes along and decides to not only exploit the planet but also create subdivisions based on race, gender and religion. And in essence if you don’t agree with any of them we will blow you off the face of the earth.

    So here we are, humanity is on the brink of another global conflict. This time over religion rather than empire building. Let’s kill a few thousand people, or perhaps a few million. Who really cares about numbers? Just so long as those in power and those with influence are well taken care of, nothing really matters. They can sabre rattle all they want, but they know they won’t be the ones facing the consequences.

    Humanity, not the planet, really is doomed!

    • Good.

      There are futurists that spout shit about mankind colonising the ‘local’ planets, thereafter the galaxy, and the entire (reachable) universe, even .. ‘professional’ futurists, no less … but for such experts hugely knowledgeable about future tech and the likes lose all credibility with their optimistic surety that this WILL happen.

      Big flaw in these assertions, you see, .. it needs many, MANY people all working together for the greater common good of every individual.

      And any cunt who believes THAT will ever happen, is no fucking genius after all…..

      “Aw, mister, .. let us in your bunker?” sums it up quite nicely.

    • Indeed. It really takes a certain kind of human hubris to think it might end the planet. As Chris Packham unwittingly illuminated in episode 1 of his series bent on blaming mankind for the planets computer-modelled ‘end’ cf. BBC iplayer. He demonstrated (albeit unintentionally) that Earth is able to withstand many storms and always remains constant and survives, even if it takes a few mil years / epochs / species rise and fall in between. Mankind will perish, the planet will flourish (until the Sun dies) and any eco-tax-loon bollocks is a very transient attempt by the currently well connected to finance their fleeting luxuries at the expense of you & me. Fuck their bunkers, build them with that Raac. …

  21. Ive always found it interesting that while the media and snarky geniuses on Twitter mock what are known as preppers, the preppers themselves tend to be ex-engineers, firefighters, police, armed forces. The very people who would be privy to various protocols for national emergencies.

    Most of the cunts who mock those who can see society collapsing live in a fucking metrosexual bubble of gayblack and fairtrade coffee and have used a shovel or grown a vegetable in their lives.

    It seemed that another European warr was unthinkable to the very peoppe whose job it is to plan for such contingencies. Now Germany finds itself with a token army and reliant on Russian gas.

    There was also no stockpile of PPE for NHS staff when the pandemic hit. We had to fly it in from Turkey (I saw the Globemaster fly over as it was one of a very few aircraft i’d seen for months).

    Rather than anything conspiratorial, perhaps those who can afford it have seen the inadequate response of Western governments to the pandemic and decided, fuck that bullshit, we can’t rely on those shortsighted mental midgets, just as the former civil engineers and national grid workers have done so for decades.

    The masses, especially those reliant on electricity and publuc transport in major cities will be fucked.

    You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to work that out.

  22. ‘…what do national governments intend to do about looking after its citizens?’

    Fuck all, just like they do with anything else.

    • and that was the situation in response to a respiratory virus that killed less than 1% of those who caught it.

  23. Who the fuck would want to continue living after a nuclear war in a country? Would be a fucking wasteland populated by a few radioactive cunts who like you somehow ‘survived’ and a load of chinless billionaires who spent it in their bunkers.

    Who the fuck would want to continue living?

    • A lot of city centres look like the aftermath of a nuclear war. So do the people inhabiting them.

  24. I’d laugh my balls off if this rich cunts finally left their bunkers and went back onto the empty streets, only to be eaten by marauding walking dead!

    Which also begs the question: can you have vegan zombies, or wheat intolerant zombies?

    To take a quote from that great 1978 horror film, Dawn of the Dead. “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth (or Luton)”

    • As a Coeliac, I can say only this… if I become a zombie, I’ll only feast off of corn-fed humans; defo not grain-fed.

  25. Alex Jones has been talking about the rich and powerful building self-sustaining, underground redoubts for years…. maybe he’s onto something.

    Maybe this is why the WEF want us to “live in ze pods unt eat ze bugs”….. because if any of us manage to survive the mushroom clouds, the only food left will be cockroaches. Coincidence? I think not.

      • Thankfully none of the survivors will be vegans…… well, the ones with some conviction at least. Not enough meat on their bones to sustain a family of cockroaches.

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