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We’ve seen a good few cunts come and go on IsAC over the years, but I’d argue that we’ll never catch sight of a bigger bunch of deluded tossers than those that make up the membership of the Socialist Workers Party.

I saw a little huddle of these sad losers manning (can I say that?) a rickety stall the other day, desperately trying to persuade passers-by to purchase a copy of some obscure, dry as dust revolutionary tract, or the latest issue of their arsewipe comic ‘The Socialist Worker’.

I remember them well from my uni days, practising the politics of the student union. When they weren’t putting up posters or sitting in some dingy bar hatching ludicrous plots to infiltrate this or that group, they’d be arguing the toss about who was the True Keeper of the Flame. Then like as not they’d splinter into raucous factions denouncing each other, then the factions would splinter into factions.

These days of course, you’ll see them fastened like limpets to any protest or demo about any fashionable lefty cause, trying to gain a wider audience for their own loony agenda. They’ll be carrying their distinctive placards (they must get a good deal from some printer somewhere), bearing vacuous slogans such as ‘organise and resist’ or ‘smash the fascists’ in an attempt to propagate their own brutal hard left orthodoxy.

In my view these useful idiots constitute an existential threat to our way of life. Why at any given time, there must be at least several dozen of cunts at large on our streets, beavering tirelessly away to destroy ‘the system’ and usher in the New Dawn.

Be afraid cunters, be very afraid, for the raging tsunami is about to break over us and sweep us away. Lord save us from the Socialist Wankers Party, a really bad dose of the Trots if ever there was one.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

(Do these “workers” actually work? – Day Admin)

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  1. I remember these twats outside the place I worked for a while try to sell their rag.

    I said to one of them, ” starting a twelve hour Nightshift laddie”- you want to try it sometimes..

    Fuck off..!

    • I expect that he sneered at you for being a pathetic lickspittle of the capitalist exploiters. Before sloping off down the pub with his comrades to plan the overthrow of the system, after phoning mummy and daddy to cadge an advance on his allowance.

    • Trying to sell their comic must be truly be a struggle. I have a theory about this. I reckon that some sellers each secretly use their own cash to buy a half dozen copies of it (which then get binned) just so that each can boast of his ‘success’ to other comrades.

      • Good afternoon Ron,

        I tried to do a 2 for 1 but it probably would have been better in da Dickie da Turd nomination.

      • No it’s good general.

        As the party avidly supports all LGBTQAB&*?+ types, all SWP members are required to demand free tampons in every toilet, and that indeed, all facilities should actually be gender neutral.

        It’s appropriate alright.

  2. These bellends used to try and flog their shite at my Uni 30 odd years ago.

    “Socialist Worker” they used to bellow at you.

    “Fuck off” I used to reply.


  3. Lefty pro immigration cunts have no idea.
    Send your wife, mum, sister or daughter through the inner city alone in the early hours then lets see if you still feel we should be all inclusive!

  4. Socialist Workers Party – now there’s a triple oxymoron if there ever was one! Should rename themselves The Mummy And Daddy Are Obscenely Rich So I Will Never Have To Work Bunch Of Will Never Ever Get Laid Tossers.

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