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We’ve seen a good few cunts come and go on IsAC over the years, but I’d argue that we’ll never catch sight of a bigger bunch of deluded tossers than those that make up the membership of the Socialist Workers Party.

I saw a little huddle of these sad losers manning (can I say that?) a rickety stall the other day, desperately trying to persuade passers-by to purchase a copy of some obscure, dry as dust revolutionary tract, or the latest issue of their arsewipe comic ‘The Socialist Worker’.

I remember them well from my uni days, practising the politics of the student union. When they weren’t putting up posters or sitting in some dingy bar hatching ludicrous plots to infiltrate this or that group, they’d be arguing the toss about who was the True Keeper of the Flame. Then like as not they’d splinter into raucous factions denouncing each other, then the factions would splinter into factions.

These days of course, you’ll see them fastened like limpets to any protest or demo about any fashionable lefty cause, trying to gain a wider audience for their own loony agenda. They’ll be carrying their distinctive placards (they must get a good deal from some printer somewhere), bearing vacuous slogans such as ‘organise and resist’ or ‘smash the fascists’ in an attempt to propagate their own brutal hard left orthodoxy.

In my view these useful idiots constitute an existential threat to our way of life. Why at any given time, there must be at least several dozen of cunts at large on our streets, beavering tirelessly away to destroy ‘the system’ and usher in the New Dawn.

Be afraid cunters, be very afraid, for the raging tsunami is about to break over us and sweep us away. Lord save us from the Socialist Wankers Party, a really bad dose of the Trots if ever there was one.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

(Do these “workers” actually work? – Day Admin)

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  1. A splendid post, RK.
    Socialist “workers” being the quintessential example of an oxymoron.

    • Thanks Thomas.

      I’ve occasionally ‘engaged’ with one of these cunts in the street for a laugh, acting the part of an entitled member of the bourgoise. It’s huge fun baiting them until they look as though a vein in their head will pop.

  2. I could feel myself becoming more retarded as I scrolled through the link.

    Is Jezza Corbyn like their Dalai Lama?

    • I’ll hand it to Magic Grandpa, he’s stuck to his views through thick and thin and not faltered.

      Of course this means he’s as big a cunt today as he was fifty years ago.

  3. In answer to admin’s question – no, they don’t work! They’re mostly university drop-outs, bored middle class middle aged wankers with nothing better to do, and the usual Wolfie Smith activists who think its trendy to protest on the streets!

    I bet quite a lot of these cunts are plastic socialists. They know socialism will never happen in this country, but want to pretend it might. But after they’ve finished with their shouty protests its back to their nice little homes on Islington or the Cotswolds, driving around in their 4x4s or Range Rangers, and updating their social media pages on their Samsung or Apple phones and tablets.

    They probably have a few investment portfolios tucked away in some off-shore bank accounts courtesy of their clever and highly paid accountants!

    Give them a taste of real socialism such as spending 12 months in Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam or good old China, and they’d shit themselves after a week!

  4. Like Mr Knee, I remember these twats from my university days. Posh wankers with an (unread) copy of Das Kapital where a personality should be.

    • I also remember those cunts when I was at poly in the early 80’s.
      They were about as revolutionary as Rick from the Young Ones.

  5. I seem to recall that the extraordinarily beautiful Vanessa Redgrave was a member of the now defunct Worker’s Revolutionary Party (WRP). I suspect she was led astray by Corin.

    Mr Knee, sir, despite being a totally right thinking person, you are worrying too much about the SWP . It is a pitiful successor to the much more attractive WRP. I wonder that the SWP has any members at all given that no fucker seems to work any more. Maybe it should be re-badged as the Socialist Workers from Home Party.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • I recall the WRP being given a party political broadcast in the run up to an election in the 1970s. The two Redgraves took turns to spout the most laughable bollocks ever heard.
      I don’t think that they got many,if any votes; people were more sensible back then.

      • I remember that. Fucking hilarious shite if ever I saw it.

        I’ve tried to find a recording of it but I don’t think one exists.

    • I don’t know much about Redgrave outside of her acting world, but it might be true to say that joining the WRP was probably just tokenism.

      I doubt she would have forgone her usual acting lifestyle of glamourous awards parties and being pampered by her wardrobe team and being chauffeured around by her driver.

      She might have spent 30 minutes waving a banner in the streets, but that was probably as far as it went. So typical of a lot of these rich socialites pretending to be “One of the People”, but only if their busy diary permits it.

      • Far from tokenism, Redgrave was/is a serious lifelong hard left socialist.

        This from Wikipedia:

        In 1961, Vanessa Redgrave was an active member of the Committee of 100 and its working group. Redgrave and her brother Corin joined the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) in the 1970s.[38] She ran for parliament several times as a party member but never received more than a few hundred votes.[39] The party disbanded in 1985 amid allegations that chairman Gerry Healy was implicated in sexual abuse of female supporters.

        On 17 March 1968, Redgrave participated in the anti-Vietnam War protest outside United States Embassy in Grosvenor Square. She was allowed to enter the embassy to deliver a protest.[40]

        Redgrave used her wage from Mary, Queen of Scots to build a nursery school, near her home in west London. She donated the school to the state.[10]

        After the 1973 Old Bailey bombing, Redgrave volunteered to post bond for the defendants and offered up her own house in West Hampstead, should any of them need a place to stay. None of the defendants were released from custody to take her up on her offer.[41][page needed]

        In 1977, Redgrave produced and starred in a controversial[13] documentary film, The Palestinian, about the activities of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).[42] She funded the documentary by selling her house.[10] The Anti-Defamation League’s honorary chairman criticised the film, highlighting that some of the responses of the people she interviews were not translated from Arabic, that the film showed children training with guns and that the phrase, “Kill the enemy!” kept being repeated.[13] The president of Actors Equity in the United States criticised the film’s interview with the chairman of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, in which he said that the only solution to the Middle East problem is the liquidation of the State of Israel, and Redgrave responded with, “Certainly”.[43] In June 1978, at one theatre showing the film, a bomb exploded, causing damage to property, but screening of the film resumed the following day.[43] Two months later, a Jewish Defence League member was convicted of the bombing and sentenced to a three-month “thorough psychological examination” with the California Youth Authority.[44] In a 2018 interview, Redgrave stood by her acceptance speech (which included the “Zionist hoodlums” remark) during the 1978 Academy Awards ceremony.[45]

        In 1977, Redgrave offered a resolution asking the British actors union to boycott Israel, allegedly including the selling of any taped material. The resolution was reportedly not brought to a vote.[43]

        In 1980, Redgrave made her American TV debut as concentration camp survivor Fania Fénelon in the Arthur Miller-scripted TV movie Playing for Time, a part for which she won an Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress in 1981. The decision to cast Redgrave as Fénelon was, however, a source of controversy. In light of Redgrave’s support for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO),[46] Fénelon herself and the Jewish groups the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League, and the American Jewish Congress objected to Redgrave’s casting. Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote in a telegram that, “Your selection shows utter callous disregard of the tens of thousands of survivors for whom Miss Redgrave’s portrayal would desecrate the memory of the martyred millions. Your decision could only be compared to selecting J. Edgar Hoover to portray Martin Luther King Jr.” Producer David L. Wolper in a telephone interview compared it to letting the head of the Ku Klux Klan play a sympathetic white man in Roots, a miniseries about the slave trade.[47] Arthur Miller said “She’s a Marxist; this is a political matter. Turning her down because of her ideas was unacceptable to me; after all I suffered the blacklist myself”.[15]

        In 1984, Redgrave sued the Boston Symphony Orchestra, claiming that the orchestra had fired her from a performance because of her support of the PLO.[48] Lillian Hellman testified in court on Redgrave’s behalf.[49] Redgrave won on a count of breach of contract, but did not win on the claim that the Boston orchestra had violated her civil rights by firing her.[49]

        In 1995, Redgrave was elected to serve as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In December 2002, Redgrave paid £50,000 bail for Chechen separatist Deputy Premier and special envoy Akhmed Zakayev, who had sought political asylum in the United Kingdom and was accused by the Russian government of aiding and abetting hostage-takings in the Moscow Hostage Crisis of 2002 and guerrilla warfare against Russia.[citation needed]

        Redgrave c. 1981.
        At a press conference, Redgrave said she feared for Zakayev’s safety if he were extradited to Russia on terrorism charges. He would “die of a heart attack” or some other mysterious explanation offered by Russia, she said.[50] On 13 November 2003, a London court rejected the Russian government’s request for Zakayev’s extradition. Instead, the court accepted a plea by lawyers for Zakayev that he would not get a fair trial, and could even face torture, in Russia. “It would be unjust and oppressive to return Mr Zakayev to Russia,” Judge Timothy Workman ruled.[51]

        In 2004, Vanessa Redgrave and her brother Corin Redgrave launched the Peace and Progress Party, which campaigned against the Iraq War and for human rights.[52] Redgrave left the party in 2005.[citation needed]

        Redgrave has been an outspoken critic of the “war on terrorism”.[53][54] During a June 2005 interview on Larry King Live, Redgrave was challenged on this criticism and on her political views. In response she questioned whether there can be true democracy if the political leadership of the United States and Britain does not “uphold the values for which my father’s generation fought the Nazis, [and] millions of people gave their lives against the Soviet Union’s regime. [Such sacrifice was made] because of democracy and what democracy meant: no torture, no camps, no detention forever or without trial…. [Such] techniques are not just alleged [against the governments of the U.S. and Britain], they have actually been written about by the FBI. I don’t think it’s being ‘far left’…to uphold the rule of law.”[55]

        In March 2006, Redgrave remarked in an interview with US broadcast journalist Amy Goodman: “I don’t know of a single government that actually abides by international human rights law, not one, including my own. In fact, [they] violate these laws in the most despicable and obscene way, I would say.” Goodman’s interview with Redgrave took place in the actress’s West London home on the evening of 7 March, and covered a range of subjects, particularly the cancellation by the New York Theatre Workshop of the Alan Rickman production My Name is Rachel Corrie. Such a development, said Redgrave, was an “act of catastrophic cowardice” as “the essence of life and the essence of theatre is to communicate about lives, either lives that have ended or lives that are still alive, [and about] beliefs, and what is in those beliefs.”[56]

        In June 2006, she was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Transilvania International Film Festival, one of whose sponsors is a mining company named Gabriel Resources. She dedicated the award to a community organisation from Roşia Montană, Romania, which is campaigning against a gold mine that Gabriel Resources was seeking to build near the village. Gabriel Resources placed an “open letter” in The Guardian on 23 June 2006, attacking Redgrave, arguing the case for the mine. The open letter was signed by 77 villagers.[57]

        In December 2007, Redgrave was named as one of the possible suretors who paid the £50,000 bail for Jamil al-Banna, one of three British residents arrested after landing back in the UK following four years’ captivity at Guantanamo Bay. Redgrave has declined to be specific about her financial involvement but said she was “very happy” to be of “some small assistance for Jamil and his wife”, adding, “It is a profound honour and I am glad to be alive to be able to do this. Guantanamo Bay is a concentration camp.”[58]

        In 2009, Redgrave together with artist Julian Schnabel and playwright Martin Sherman opposed the cultural boycott of Israel in the Toronto Film Festival.[59][60]

        In March 2014, Redgrave took part in a protest outside Pentonville Prison in North London after new prison regulations were introduced which forbade sending books to prisoners.[61] She and fellow actor Samuel West, playwright David Hare and Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy took turns reading poetry and making speeches. Redgrave stated that the ban was “vicious and deplorable…Literature is something that stirs us beyond our immediate problems, it can help us to learn better our own problems, our own faults or to have a goal to live for, an aspiration.”[62] The ban was overturned by the Ministry of Justice the following December.[63]

        In 2017, Redgrave made her directorial debut with the movie Sea Sorrow, a documentary about the European migrant crisis and the plight of migrants encamped outside Calais, France, trying to reach Britain.[18] She has heavily criticised the exclusionary policy of the British government towards refugees, stating that the British Government “… has violated these principles (of the Declaration of Human Rights), and it continues to do so, which I find deeply shameful. The UN signed the Declaration of Human Rights, and now we have to employ lawyers to take the government to court to force them to obey the law. Just thinking about that makes my mind go berserk.”[18]

    • Oh I remember those days well TTCUS. Bernard Levin used to call Vanessa’s coterie “Vanessa’s Loonies” in his column in the Times. He also referred to Tariq Ali as a “Fun Revolutionary” I recall. Strange to think now that the Times was a quality newspaper in those days under the stewardship of Lord Thomson. Thomson died, his offspring flogged the Times to Murdoch and it fell off a cliff edge. First day under Murdoch main front page item was a game supposedly tied to the stock exchange but in reality equivalent to Bingo, described accurately by I can’t remember whom as the most mindless form of gambling. Next day main story was who had won the Bingo complete with photographs of the grinning morons.

      This might be of interest;,_1st_Baron_Thomson_of_Fleet

    • I recall Redgrave dancing in Lebanon with the PLO, waving an AK47 over her head, whilst wearing a keffiyeh. Cunt.

  6. I remember this shower from Uni days as well. Every one of them I knew was studying Sociology.
    I think they were called the ‘International Socialists’ in my day. They hated each other more than they hated ‘the fascist Tories’. Still, ‘Socialist Worker’ was always good for a belly laugh.

      • Sadly Geordie, that seemed to be the case with most women of a left wing persuasion that I met.

      • Absolutely. They seemed to make a point of going about in a boiler suit or some other such utterly sexless garment, and never washing or brushing their hair (or probably anything else for that matter). They were also permanently ranting angry, probably from a lack of cock.

        I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near one for a pension. There was too much other delectable fanny on campus looking for it to worry about those stinkies.

    • Indeed Geordie; they were IS back in the day.

      Go into any toilet at Edinburgh Uni and above the bog-roll holder you could guarantee that some wag would have scrawled;

      ‘International Socialists membership application. Please take one’.

    • Yes Edward, I enjoy watching clips of napalm drops over Vietnam, apparently, much like the WWII firestorms, a secondary killer with napalm was suffocation – perhaps some of the old stock could be put to use for a double whammy.

      Dirty Workshy Cunts Party is more apt.

  7. Get the Commie Cunts clearing cluster bombs in the jungles of Laos with their bare hands.

    Workers Unit !..into bloody mince.

  8. The last paragraph of the ‘who are we’

    ‘ We organise on a day-to-day basis by taking part in movements, protests and strikes—and arguing for a revolutionary socialist transformation of society’

    So nowt about actually doing any work then

    The Socialist Work-shy Party, we do anything to avoid work 😂

  9. These cunts are like Rick from The Young Ones.

    Minus the humour.

    Smelly workshy twats.

    Good morning, brethren. 🌄👍

  10. I was living down in Pendeen Cornwall for a large part of lockdown/ furlough and we’d nip down to St Just every few days to go in the back entrance of a local pub for ‘local people’.

    Anyway it was around the time of the protests into the death of the gentle bank robber and drug dealer Chicken George Floyd

    On one particular day this fucking cretin women I’d say late 60’s early 70’s stood by the monument in the middle of St Just with a homemade banner saying

    ‘White Silence is Violence’.

    I could t hold back, I think in the main because I hated what she represented,
    Uber middle class with out the foggiest of a struggle in life and now takes it upon herself to stand in judgement of me and every other white person passing.

    If I’m honest I wanted to spit in her face but that’s a bit low even for me so started at her but my mate Trev pulled me away and I’m glad he did because every word would have been wasted.

    Stupid middle class virtue signalling bitch.

    And that there to me is the problem. The
    middle or chattering classes are just that because they have never had to rebel and struggle so they confect it to gain recognition.

    • Yes, it’s a hobby not a lifestyle for them, let them eat a bowl of rice a day for their hard labour, let the excuses roll.

    • What a fucking cunt! I bet that she was fat and had faecal soiling in her honking lady-jungle.
      Cornwall is a lovely place to live.
      Incidentally, what heinous crime did you commit to end up in Pendeen? Bet you wish you’d lived in St Buryan.
      Mind you, you could have gone really upmarket and moved to St.Austell (St Awful)
      or pushed the boat out and found yourself a place in my hometown, Bodmin,

  11. Bunch of students.

    I remember these cunts in the 80s.
    Calling for a revolution.

    Funny , but anyone calling for a revolution tends not to be the ones to throw the first brick.

    ” I’m a pacifist so can’t.
    Would you mind awfully throwing it for me?”

    Bullshitters, fantasists and shoe gazers that shop in Oxfam.

  12. I get told off by the missus if it looks like I’m going to kick off with these Arseholes when In town.
    No fun at all.

  13. I was in a union years ago.

    Best food I’d ever eaten to this day.

    Used to be this bloke who called people ” brothers and sisters,” 😂

    Lotta scousers there.

    I accused one of being a grass for management.
    The meeting descended into chaos

    People genuinely visibly upset.

    It were great.

      • This was in Unite the unions restaurant room in Eastbourne Ron.

        Red snapper?!!!

        Didn’t even know it was a fish.

        I licked my plate😁

  14. Would like to have seen the SWP in 1930’s Bavarian Beerhalls trying to push their woke agenda. Ernst Rohm would have had a Birthday,

  15. Back in 1975 the INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISTS changed its named to the SWP. The irony is that not one of the cunts as done a day’s work.
    The have yet to realise all the deranged left fuckers are rich wite people.
    The workers rejected both Marx and their hero Trotsky years ago.
    Fuck em, fuck em all.

  16. If you’re a member of the Socialist worker party you get discounted tickets for Billy Bragg concerts! 👍

    Billy the people’s poet.
    He has SWP posters up in his mansion and often has the organisers round for dinner parties.


  17. My first encounter with these SWP arseholes was when my shagpiece of the time introduced her new uni friend ‘Karl’ to our band of degenerates in our local watering hole.

    Long greasy hair, whispy beard, charity shop attire, laughable thpeach impediment and an ability to never buy a drink. preferring instead to guilt trip other into buying them for him.

    The general consensus was that he was an irritating, freeloading cunt who needed to put his hand in his pocket or fuck off.

    Fortunately he did. With my shagpiece.
    This turned out to be an immense stroke of luck because she was starting to be as irritating a cunt as he was and at age 20 I really wanted to fuck off and travel the world. Which I did and never looked back.

    Last I heard, he was living in Oz and freeloading off some absolute Gorgon using this line as his excuse for being a worthless piece of socialist shit:

    “I am a full time father to my two children and have a home 3D printing business”.

    In other words, still a lazy cunt who lets his missus bring home the bacon while he sits at home pretending to work, while watching tellytubbies with some hideous anchor brats.

    What a cunt.

  18. The people of Britain demonstrated their support for the SWP’s darlings, namely Corbin & McDonald, at the last election. You’d think even a marginalised bunch of hard-line Trots would get the message:

    ‘No one is interested, you unwashed bunch of cunts, now FUCK OFF!’

  19. I believe in a fair days pay for a fair days work.

    I believe you shouldn’t treat employees like shite.

    I believe you should have a break in a working shift.

    All things the unions are sort of responsible for.
    Then I part ways a bit

    I believe in only employing white English

    I believe in mass deportations of 3rd world cheap labour.

    I believe in sacking people who want to work from home

    I believe in the right to sack someone for Being vegan.

    I’m middle of the road.

  20. anybody wearing any type of hi Viz jacket or charidee logo, that hones in on me as I walk down the street and utters ‘awight mate,have you got a minute’ gets the same answer ‘how much is your CEO paid per annum?’
    the obvious blank look you get back when you stroll past is rewarding enough… for the bader-meinhof revolutionaries they are virtually non existent in my area, the peacefuls are battling it out with the bible bashers at present with their pasting tables full of second hand toilet paper if you want to hark back to the days of izal 😖

  21. The irony and it’s been mentioned on this thread many times is that what they say in the title is the complete antithesis of what they are.

    As has been said ‘worker’ is the very last thing they are much the same when it’s ’The Democratic Republic of Umbongo’ it’s up there with the most Undemocratic of societies or here’s another one ‘The Peoples Republic of China’ or East Germany to name but a few.

    And now Liberals have got in to the action by being the most illiberal people out there.

    Really it’s not hard to spot these cunts, is it.

    • The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist.

      Like Socialist shit bags trying to convince the world they aren’t Nazis.

      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck etc.

  22. Hey lay off I’m a member of the socialist workers party..

    Sorry my mistake the sociopath workers party..
    We don’t get a lot done at the meetings, it’s probably all the lying, aggression and manipulation.

    Come to think of it that’s the same symptoms as the tory party..

    • I’m a fully paid up member of the Retired Workers Party.

      I spend all my time sleeping, eating, drinking, watching films, following IsAC and the Villa, and tickling the wife’s bottom with a feather (well she loves it, what can I tell you).

      It’s a fucking hard life, I tell you.

  23. It’s a good nom this.
    I’ve always hated socialist worker types.

    Never met one who’s working class.
    Never met a bloke anywhere I’ve worked who’s a member?

    I don’t ever remember them carrying tools or wearing workwear?

    Don’t mither me in the street
    Your not my mate
    I don’t know you

    You want my attention?
    Offer me chips

  24. I bet these cunts would be up in arms if after another street demo, they discovered that the train drivers went on a lightening strike, as did the bust drivers, all of them demanding better pay and conditions!

    I wonder how these plastic twats would react then? Would they support the strikers, or cause a fuss about not being able to return home in time for tea with Mommy, Daddy, Pippa and Rupert?

    • Back when I was at college, I knew a lad who was a bit of a revolutionary. He tried to go on an anti-american demo (iraq war?) but he could go because his mum couldn’t give him a lift to the station.

      He was so insulated from real life he thought telling us would get sympathy.

      What a cunt.

  25. The Socialist Workers Party is about as relevant and as bigger threat in Blighty as the Anglican Mothers Driving Club would be in Saudi Arabia. Bunch of perpetual students who are afraid of getting a proper job and contributing to society, if they put as much effort into real life as they do into hatching up half baked schemes to bring about a socialist utopia they might actually smile, sour faced cunts. Could you imagine a country run along the lines of 1970s British Leyland, think we’re in the shit now it would be a 100 times worse.

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