Richard III and Ableism

You couldn’t make this up.

‘ Non-disabled Richard III actor to press on despite calls for recast’

MSN News

I suppose there must be a shortage of actors with spinal deformities. Whatever next? Non Daleks in Dr Who? An Irishman playing Oppenheimer? A non-plastic entity playing Barbie? Some fucker actually acting.

However what doesn’t seem to be of concern the legions of the woke is that the ‘actor’ playing Richard is called Michelle. So was Richard some sort of trannie? It seems to be the only insult Shakespeare, sucking up to the Tudors, didn’t throw at him.

But never fear:-

‘But Terry’s statement said her performance would “address and unpack” a text “saturated with ableism”.

Translate that fucker if you can. I think it means that the Bard should be cancelled but I might be wrong.

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94 thoughts on “Richard III and Ableism

  1. Why do turd-nudgers complain when somebody who likes women is cast as a back-door lover, yet Tom Cruise is allowed to play characters who like the front hole?

  2. Surely an orthopaedic boot-in for Treeza the Appeaser…
    Mind you, not all disabilities are visible, so how about Joanna Plastic-Bumley?

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