Richard III and Ableism

You couldn’t make this up.

‘ Non-disabled Richard III actor to press on despite calls for recast’

MSN News

I suppose there must be a shortage of actors with spinal deformities. Whatever next? Non Daleks in Dr Who? An Irishman playing Oppenheimer? A non-plastic entity playing Barbie? Some fucker actually acting.

However what doesn’t seem to be of concern the legions of the woke is that the ‘actor’ playing Richard is called Michelle. So was Richard some sort of trannie? It seems to be the only insult Shakespeare, sucking up to the Tudors, didn’t throw at him.

But never fear:-

‘But Terry’s statement said her performance would “address and unpack” a text “saturated with ableism”.

Translate that fucker if you can. I think it means that the Bard should be cancelled but I might be wrong.

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94 thoughts on “Richard III and Ableism

  1. I understand that his skeleton showed only the very slightest deviation of the spine, and that he would never be considered “disabled” It was Shakespeare who invented the “gross deformity” picture of Richard. The woke element of course never read factual books. Know little of history, and would struggle with the simple daily need to wipe ones arse. Excellent cunting this. Timely. More and more deformed fuckwits now being included in the programming today. Laughable , but fucking irritating.

  2. You get accustomed to being disabled once you’ve played Dick the Shit a few times. That red hot poker up the arse can disable you in one thrust.

  3. Ableist actor Eddie Redmayne played spazz boffin Stephen Hawking in ‘The Theory of Everything’.

    He should forever hang his head in shame!

    • Now the cunt says that it was inappropriate that he played the role. He thinks it should have gone to an actor who couldn’t move, walk or speak, and was permanently confined to a wheelchair, but who had a PhD in Physics from Cambridge, and an IQ of 200.

    • I’m pretty sure Hawking was walking and talking well into his twenties.

      I wonder how many wokies realise he wasn’t born disabled?

    • I argued at the time that the role of Stephen Hawking should have gone to a disabled thespian, like Christopher Reeve.

      But no, they went and gave it to young Eddie (who also played a Danish girl despite not being Danish) on the basis that Reeve had been dead for 10 years.

      They just don’t want to change.

    • Yes, and that Welsh cunt Sheen is always whining on about non valley types playing his countrymen on stage or screen. This from the man who played, among others, Tony Bliar and David Frost.

      Oh the irony.

  4. Richard the third wasn’t disabled, just a lazy fucker.
    Whenever his family or friends were moving castles, he would always feign a bad back to get out of helping..

    He did it to will-i-am one day, so to get his own back Shakespeare turned him into a spacker..

  5. They need an intersectional, lesbian, non-binary, gender fluid, body positive birthing person for the role of Ricky Three.
    Oh yes, and from an oppressed ethnic minority, obviously.

  6. What the fuck is this anyway? A wimminz playing the role? Fuck off and get a bloke!

    Honestly, it’s going to be a fucking hoot if they ever try to put on a production about Jack the Ripper.

    ‘Only genuinely certified homicidal maniacs with a documented history of disemboweling women need apply’.

  7. Don’t the aware cunts realise they are crippling historical plays by our famous Bard of Avon. Can’t you disabled minded twats go and play somewhere else. I do know your game is to disrupt because of being mental cases. Electric shock treatment is what these cunts need. Why not complain about the making of the Steve Hawky film whilst you’re about it.

  8. I`m looking forward to the stage version of Æthelred the Unready. [Un]fortunately, you’d never get to see it because … you guessed it, the main character would never be ready.

  9. I must be missing the point, I thought the idea was to act.
    Ok, if you must have a true-to-life person in the role, explain why there was a black Anne Boleyn.

    • I read the article in the link several times, but I’m still none the wiser as to why having a female play a male role is bad, because she wasn’t actually disabled?

      Can no-one see the elephant in the room?

      To quote the Bard, on the content of that article

      ” All sound and fury, signifying nothing”

      • Exactly Jeezum. A woman playing a man is somehow acceptable, but not if she’s able bodied.
        Lunacy. (I wonder if they are real lunatics)?

    • Colour blind casting, your Grace.

      If an actor is good, it shouldn’t matter what colour the skin is, because the magnificence of their portrayal of the character transcends reality.

      Pity she was as wooden as a floorboard, ran the gamut of emotions from A to, well A, really.

      The Woodentops were more expressive.

      • Dustin Hoffman was supposed to have worn himself out running round for method acting in Marathon Man.
        Co-star Laurence Olivier was heard to say, “My dear boy, why don’t you just act”?

      • But when he played the idiot savant in Rainman, he was brilliant.

        Maybe he was drawing on true life experience?

  10. Sounds like a Laugh Riot..

    Fuck me imagine the Cunts in the audience..

    It’s enough to make a chap turn to drink.


  11. Woke is meant to be awake but the cunts are incoherent like an old woman sleep talking.

    On the one hand they are incensed that an actors may play disabled parts because it’s not representative of reality but a man puts a dress on and the same cunts insist that we all accept he’s a woman.

    It’s all so convoluted and illogical, can’t be fucked with them. Celebrated Obama because he was black but ignored his 50 percent white heritage. Only the physical characteristics that matter to them got mentioned.

    The same woke cunts have their own prejudices.

    White heterosexual men
    Older people

    • So true.
      I feel like I should either apologise for being an old, white, ex-working (for 40 years), person, or buy an AK47 with 100 rounds and go out shooting.

      • 40 years, is that all Jeezum? Easy life some folks have! I bet you worked regular hours as well?

      • Arfur.

        15 to 55.
        Mostly 2 jobs.
        Early retirement at 55 to
        A. Look after my Lass, so her Mum could work.
        B. Care for my dying partner.

        Maybe it should be B, A.
        Or C. Because I could.

        Anyway, I hope life never offers you difficult choices.

      • Unreserved apology up front for my stupid post Jeezum. Had I thought for a moment I knew of your circumstances but I shot off my post without thinking. As for difficult decisions, I confess my most difficult decisions were probably which job offer to take up (I had 13 jobs) or what route to take to my next call. Best decision I ever made must have been to marry this woman beside me 50 years ago come August. Again, sorry for offending you, it was not intended.

  12. The belief that Richard had a major deformity is a myth, put forward as Tudor propaganda.
    In those times, physical deformity was regarded as an indication of inner sin and spiritual corruption.
    This would support the legitimacy of Henry The Seventh’s occupation of the throne.
    Richard had one shoulder higher than the other, most likely formed from his military training, particularly with the Broad Sword.
    He was a formidable warrior with a well documented record and at Bosworth came very close to slaying Henry himself.
    There isn’t even any evidence that Richard had anything to do with the deaths of the prince’s in The Tower, indeed, Henry had more need for them to disappear, as they were ( according to his own propaganda and justification for his power grab ) ahead of him in line of succession.
    Richard was the last English monarch to fight in battle and was more than prepared to back up his words with actions.
    He had balls.
    Our current Royals pale into insignificance when compared to him.
    I am not a Royalist, but I admire him,to have Richard played by a woman and have this ridiculous ableist debate at the same time is a fucking joke.
    Rant over.
    Good evening. 👍

  13. I’ve been cast to play Joey Deacon in the story of his life.
    It’s a Blue Peter/Flash Gordon mash-up because Joey actually originated from the planet Mongo.
    MNC has agreed to be Brian Blessed’s stand-in and play Prince Vultan.
    Have your hawkmen’s wings arrived in an Amazon prime van yet, MNC?
    Filming starts Wednesday morning.

    • No ‘ crowd scene, bit parts’ for the rest of us Thomas?

      Unfortunately, the Hawkman Wings were inadvertently delivered to me, fucking Evri, right?

      • Bollocks, that’s scuppered the schedule, JP.
        I had you down for Ming the Merciless.

      • They won’t get the chance, LL…I’ll be between them at all times, titilating them with more panache than an octopus holding eight floppy dildos.

      • Roman Polanski’s directing, JP.
        He asked if we can all do a “bring your granddaughter to work” day.

      • I look forward to reading the headlines from the future court proceedings and the #MeToo witch hunt, Cunt Engine.
        It’ll make Harvey Weinstein look like Cliff Richard.

        Oh wait…..

      • Little known fact:

        Joey Deacon added guest backing vocals to Free’s 1970 track “Alright Now”.

        Lead singer Paul Rodgers’ vocals are frequently punctuated with Joey’s grunts and barks.

  14. Joey Deacon wasn’t always a mitmot Thomas.

    He’d been a professional dancer supporting the big names of the day, Lulu, Tom Jones, Cilla Black etc

    He seemed to get more disabled when the cameras were on him?
    Or anyone from the benefits department.

    Nowadays he probably be more famous!!

    Be part of a celebrity couple with Rosie Jones.

    Bet he never got all that Blue Peter money?

    • You’re right there, MNC.
      Janet Ellis nicked all of Joey’s savings, the nasty cow.
      And she trashed the Blue Peter garden as a distraction for her murder of Percy Thrower.
      I’ll let her off though for giving birth to the highly slurpable Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

      • In my imagination, it’s all true, JP.
        Lesley Judd 69ing Biddy Baxter on the Blue Peter sofa and Peter Duncan making Sarah Greene pregnant in 1983 and having to snap an arm off the Advent Crown to perform an impromptu abortion.

        (I would have preferred our Lesley scissoring Valerie Singleton to be honest – Day Admin)

      • Peter Duncan was in Flash Gordon Thomas.

        Part should of gone to Joey Deacon in my opinion.

        All those Blue Peter types got into a film.

        I liked it that all the Blue Peter presenters were whiteys.

        Biddy Baxter wouldn’t allow sooties.

        They made her spew.

      • I fucking knew it!

        Murdered Percy,always stank that.

        Blue Peter cover up,masterminded by Noakes.

      • Nah, Michael Sundin and Percy Thrower were having a gay, bumholing affair.

        Sundin died from the Arse Injected Death Syndrome and Percy died alone in an armchair after being given ‘gardening leave’ after being caught smearing his knob with Chum and enticing Goldie to chomp him off.

  15. It’s all steady as she goes here at The Rookery, Cuntalugs. 👍

    Have you tried the old switch off, switch back on routine ?

    Sorry, that’s about the extent of my technical expertise.

    There is a man…..If you have a problem. If no one else can help and if you can find him. Maybe you can hire….Technocunt

    Good luck 😀

  16. Richard 3rd was a better king than this beetroot faced wingnutted tree hugging cunt Charles.

    Charles could learn from him.
    Start swinging a sword.

    Put Meghan and Harry in the Tower where they strangely are never seen again.

    Cultivate a hump.
    Nowt sexier than a hump!!

    Treason May had a fine hump,
    Like a portion of the loch Ness monster.

    And plot a bit more!!
    It’s stately.

  17. Talking of acting, I’ve just watched the last series of The Crown, and I have to say the actor who played that fucking ginger Walt got it just right. He came over as a right stroppy, entitled little cunt. I hope in the next series they show him hiding in his bunker, riding a fairground helicopter while playing xBox, the vile little cunt!!

  18. The Beebscum and the disgusting Russell .T. Deviant have already started this shit, by making Davros ‘an evil person without a wheelchair’.

    Funny, because he isn’t actually a person and he never had a wheelchair anyway.

  19. On the plus side, nice to see the lovely Gina Carano is going to sue those fucks at Disney/Lucsfilm.

    Still, I would resolve this in a far better and simpler manner.
    I would put Carano in a boxing ring with that bitch Kathleen Kennedy.
    Twelve rounds, a fair fight, and a carrier bag to put what was left of Kennedy in.

  20. Gawd help a film studio if they did another reboot of Lord of the Rings.

    All those real orcs, uruk-hai balrogs, Dwarfs etc. to cast. Although I suppose a quick tour of some of the “darker” communities in England, might sort that problem out!

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