Melody Wiseheart – Transwoman Swimmer

Amongst the worst of the species of Cunt known to mankind, behold the dripping horror of Melody Wiseheart, formerly known as Nicholas Cepeda.

Mad and/or malevolent, Nick the Prick is proudly taking trans-gender insanity to the next level. Not only does he declare he’s a woman. But he also identifies with teenage girls. And changes into skimpy outfits in the same changing areas as them. To compete against them in swimming competitions. What a slippery slimy bell-end of a Cunt.

Such incredible idiocy could sadly happen anywhere in the West nowadays, but naturally enough it is Trudeau’s Canada which is leading the way with this wave-breaking level of cluster-fuckitude.

More details here provided you take your anti-emetic first –


Apparently Nick the Prick, age 50, has been representing the Orangeville Otters swim club since 2019, changing next to and swimming around teenage girls of increasingly pissed off families. It’s like dumping a male bull shark into a baby female otter nursery and closing your eyes and crossing fingers all will be well.

‘Swimming Canada’ of course defended the rights of this plonker: “Actually, having a todger helps keep Nick on an even keel and so exemplifies good lane discipline to all the girls. And having a 50 year old male rubbing up alongside them makes those girls who are a little on the large and hirsute side feel less bad about themselves. Great success!”. Or something Cunty like that.

Surely it’s time someone did a Bobbit to this Cunt of a Bull Shark if he really wants to think he’s a teenage female Otter?

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May I suggest adding the undernoted link to this splendid cunting?

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I think the part from 6.30 onwards (where the Rebel News reporter confronts this seedy cunt) is particularly interesting.


73 thoughts on “Melody Wiseheart – Transwoman Swimmer

  1. Why wasn’t this middle aged bloke, sent to Coventry. Ostracised, simply ignored and allow the young girls to carry on competing amongst themselves. Then if the stupid cunt had any credibility, he should’ve walked away, or swam, or swum in this case.

  2. “Hello, my name is Melody. I identify as being a teenage girl and I would like to be a member of your teenage girls swimming club.
    I want to wear a girls swimming costume and use the girls changing rooms.
    I also want to be part of any team that competes against other teenage girls in swimming galas”.

    Answer 1….That’s wonderful Melody. We welcome all sorts of diversity.

    Answer 2…. Fuck off now you nutter or I will call the sex police.

    It’s an easy choice.

    • If you are Melody Molester, a third answer is on its way. You will be chauffeur driven to a luxury apartment, where a selection of your competitors will be waiting for you. Sod the swimming, just get down to the nitty-gritty.

      • To make a mockery of the whole situation, why not send in a professional female swimmer of a similar age to this hairy bollocksed bloke and freestyle past this the stupid cunt whilst giving a little wave as she goes bye.

        In the changing room the older professional should get the girls around her and take the piss out of the middle aged bloke, to the extent it might send him to the mental home he should’ve been sent to in the first place.

  3. why the fuck has one of the hairy arsed Canadian lumberjacks not twatted this vile abomination of a piece of infected pus.

  4. Eventually we’ll see men in dresses hanging around abortion clinics, rooting about in the yellow bins so they. an stitch the bits together and claim they’ve given birth, probably in front of infertile women who are trying convieve and mocking them for their lack of feminity.

    cue Lux Arterna (from Requiem fora Deeam).

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