Melody Wiseheart – Transwoman Swimmer

Amongst the worst of the species of Cunt known to mankind, behold the dripping horror of Melody Wiseheart, formerly known as Nicholas Cepeda.

Mad and/or malevolent, Nick the Prick is proudly taking trans-gender insanity to the next level. Not only does he declare he’s a woman. But he also identifies with teenage girls. And changes into skimpy outfits in the same changing areas as them. To compete against them in swimming competitions. What a slippery slimy bell-end of a Cunt.

Such incredible idiocy could sadly happen anywhere in the West nowadays, but naturally enough it is Trudeau’s Canada which is leading the way with this wave-breaking level of cluster-fuckitude.

More details here provided you take your anti-emetic first –


Apparently Nick the Prick, age 50, has been representing the Orangeville Otters swim club since 2019, changing next to and swimming around teenage girls of increasingly pissed off families. It’s like dumping a male bull shark into a baby female otter nursery and closing your eyes and crossing fingers all will be well.

‘Swimming Canada’ of course defended the rights of this plonker: “Actually, having a todger helps keep Nick on an even keel and so exemplifies good lane discipline to all the girls. And having a 50 year old male rubbing up alongside them makes those girls who are a little on the large and hirsute side feel less bad about themselves. Great success!”. Or something Cunty like that.

Surely it’s time someone did a Bobbit to this Cunt of a Bull Shark if he really wants to think he’s a teenage female Otter?

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May I suggest adding the undernoted link to this splendid cunting?

You Tube

I think the part from 6.30 onwards (where the Rebel News reporter confronts this seedy cunt) is particularly interesting.


73 thoughts on “Melody Wiseheart – Transwoman Swimmer

  1. The question is why do the parents of these children allow them to be near this cunt, let alone not kick the shit out of the freak?

    • I’d immediately withdraw my child.

      There are other swimming clubs that are run by people who actually have a brain between their ears.

      • I’ve no doubt some of the parents are strong swimmers. Every year a few people accidentally drown in the pool. Just saying.

  2. If HE had an ounce of decency, HE would arrive wearing a tracksuit over HIS bikini and not need to use the girls’ changing room. To go home, HE would dry off, poolside, and don HIS tracksuit once more.
    HE and Swimming Canada are the only people mis-gendering HIM, the dirty old cunt.

    • With Trudeau’s blessing no doubt. And of course, now that Trudy is free…..perhaps a poolside penetration is called for. Just sayin.

  3. If this cunt had joined my daughter’s swimming club he’d be a fucking eunuch by now.
    What are these girls’ parents thinking?

    • Too scared to be publicly named and shamed as transphobic I would guess.

      What a fucked up world.

  4. Melody wiseheart ?!!! 😂
    They don’t half pick some great names these tranny types.

    Real name Nicholas centipede.

    Rather than tucking socks down his bra he should concentrate on hairline that’s receding faster than he swims.

    Typical Canadian.

  5. IMO, one of the worst things to happen in this country was to legalize ‘the gayness.’ Like others have said, why the fuck are parents letting their kids within a mile of this cunting freak😱

      • Precisely MJB. These girls are being seriously let down by their parents. We took care always to keep our kids well clear of organised sport.

      • And quite right too, Arfurbrain.
        Organised sport (especially team sports) was the bane of my existence whilst at school.
        As responsible parents we tried to steer our daughter down the path of righteousness, but she was a very recalcitrant child and got into playing hockey behind our backs.
        Thank God the experience does not appear to have done her any lasting harm.

  6. Melody!! That’s definitely out of tune..

    Least convincing trans-bender since the last one..

    Still it is Canada, it could of least blacked up like its illustrious leader..
    Would of sunk like a stone.

  7. “Morning girls and, erm, Ms.Wiseheart. Could you all bend over as the doctor is here to check you for prostrate cancer.”

  8. If they’re not competing against women, tran§bumders are mentally deranged freaks, self-important pieces of shit, deviants and pęřvęrts.
    If they are competing, add cowards and cheats to that list.
    And I’d be willing to bet that almost all tran§bumder weirdos are pædophiles too.

      • Morning MNC, how’s tricks?
        We’re fucking underwater again here in t’south.
        I wrote off my car last week after a 4×4 cunt bow-waved a load of water into my air filter and fucked a conrod.
        It was a shit car though, no point in replacing the engine.

      • Alright Thomas 👍

        I’m ticketyboo thanks,
        Quiet for work though at the moment, hope it picks up again soon!

        If it wasn’t for winning the prize money competing in the under 10s girls swimming events I’d be destitute.

    • Melody Braveheart can’t even compete against grown women. You can imagine the absurdity of a middle aged trans man competing against teenage boys in a 100m sprint race. Never going to happen though is it, its always a one-way street with these cunts.

  9. Hang on, if he identified as a 13/14 year old girl in 2019, then simple maths would make him 18/19.

    Exclude him on the grounds that he’s an adult and therefore too old to compete in that catagory.

  10. Jesus Fucking Christ!

    I’ve never been particularly bothered by the trans freaks; don’t get me wrong, I don’t subscribe to their agenda, it’s just that if they leave me alone then I couldn’t give a shit about their nonsense. It’s just a sign of the insanity that’s gripped progressive societies.
    However, when you have a 50 year old transgender man playing sports with teenage girls, something has gone badly fucking wrong in the world.

    Creepy cunt!

    • Very true SG this the only mental illness accepted by the state and actively encouraged. Apart from knife wielding schizophrenics but that’s down to budget cuts and not giving a fuck so not on the same level.

  11. Why the change of surname?

    If it was genuinely changing gender than surely just the given name would change?

    As Helen Joyce says It’s always a glamourous name like a Californian soap or porn star.

    Why the age change as well?

    It’s not a legitimate identity, it’s a fetish, and paving the way towards making feedopilia accepted by middle-class liberal dingbats.

    A job presenting swimming events at the BBC (or CBC) awaits.

    Now then, now then!

    • Quite agree CP, the name change screams fantasist, so what IS this cunt’s fantasy? No doubt ‘lesbian’ liaisons with the younger members of the female sex features prominently.
      My own daughter has grown up, fortunately free from this kind of depravity, but had she been in this swimming club, she’d have been going to a different one a soon as this freak showed it’s face …& who let it join anyway.

  12. If women want to watch their ‘sports’ go into rapid decline by accepting this sort of nonsense then it’s up to them.

    Are they waiting for men to stand up for them?

    • I completely agree. It’s up to wimminz to simply refuse to swim/run/jump/cycle etc. against these freaks. They should turn up for the event, line up as normal, then simply walk off when the starting gun goes off. If every single woman or child did this then this shit would soon end. No one would turn up to watch, sponsorship would end and that would be that. As far as kiddies go, the parents need a good fucking over for letting this happen, it’s disgraceful.

      • Spot on Bertram.

        If the wimminz refused to compete against these mutants in competitions and all parents withdrew their children from the swimming class then the mutants could only compete…well…other mutants?

        People moan but only have themselves to blame – they need to start sanctions against this shit.

  13. In a better world the first person to drown this degenerate cunt would get a medal.

    Irrespective of laws,if this thing walked into a changing room with one of my kids in it I’d give it a stern talking to..

    By repeatedly banging its head off the tile floor til it had learned.

    Morning chaps.

  14. Well I can sympathise with Melody. Only last week I tried to join an all-black gospel choir and was refused. So much for Christians. Mind you, I`ve got a spare tea towel & doormat so I might try the mosque down the road next week. Aloha Be Praised! Surf`s up.

    • Pentecostal church is big in Africa.

      Even if they’re always saying ‘Ahhhhhh donobeleefit’

  15. Melons Beefheart? Dog helpus, this cuntry is well and truly ended.

    That admin header pic will be a challenging wank for some.

  16. I’m pretty sure that deep down the media know this is totally fucked up and the “person” is a potential danger to women and girls. And yet the MSM just like the big corporations seem to show off their woke credentials because they want approval from the Alphabet crowd.

    I also suspect that if some of these transwomen should start sexually assaulting girls and women, it will go unreported or buried deep inside the news site pages so as not to cause offence.

    Another classic example of the Silent Majority being pushed into a corner and told what to say, what to do and what to think in order to keep the weirdo minorities happy!

    • It’s not approval, it’s money from ESG investment. Corporate media couldn’t give two shits about gays, blacks, muslims or trannies.
      It’s just fashionable, just as BP saying how fucking green they are.
      They attract certain investors. It’s a load of shit really, but then so were sub-prime mortgages.

  17. I blame the parents, they shouldn’t let their daughters near the freak, still they must have read modern parents in Viz.

  18. No matter how they present themselves it is still plainly obvious from the picture that it is a bloke,you can put as much foundation, lippy,mascara etc on as you like me ol’ son but it doesn’t alter still look like a BLOODY BLOKE…..Strap the turd on a torpedo and fire it into the deep briny from HMS Clown 🤡… to go back in the water now girls 🏊‍♀️👙

  19. The fact that he used the girl’s changing room when a gender neutral one was provided speaks volumes.

    Great link Ron, the Mounties, once the most respected police force in the world seem to have fallen to the levels of our own lamentable police services.

    • IndeedWank. It seems that ‘the authorities’ at the venue are actually going out of their way to aid and abet this shithouse.

      Incidentally, I see that the tosser identifies as a 13 y-o girl. So what’s it doing getting into a car and driving off?

  20. Slightly off on a tangent,but I can understand why the NHS, Deed Poll, HMRC, DVLC and other government agencies that deal with the public, are sometimes totally overwhelmed with paperwork from these cunts.

    You’ll get a bloke identifying as a woman, but will have to notify some or all of the above so that they know. They then have to do all the legwork, especially when it comes to tax codes and pensions etc.

    And then a couple of years later this same transwoman decides its not really for “her” and decides to go back to becoming a geezer. Which again means notifying all of the above and more fucking paperwork and form filling.

    And think of the nightmare, admin-wise, should a transwoman marry a transman, who then decide to become transfuckall, but want to have kids from a surrogate mother, who used to be a bloke, but the kids must also be trans to whatever they were born into.

    Sheer fucking madness!

    • Imagine the tsunami of men identifying as women there would be if women still qualified for their state pensions five years earlier than men.
      Probably why the government equalised the pension age for all, they could see it coming.

      • Moreover, you could pretend to be a tranwoman, claim to your employer that your “pregnant” and be entitled to 12 months maternity, on full pay!

  21. Thank heaven for little girls, this is where Gary G went wrong, he should have identified as a teenage girl.

    On what planet or even this world is this nonsense not just banned, what thought processes do the cunts who allow this actually use!

    • The same thought processes as Mao, the Khmer Rouge and all good cultural revolutionaries.

    • “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” – I first heard that way back in my yoof , while watching a Christmas film called Gigi, from which the song originated I think.

      Back then I thought it was just a sweet and innocent tune. But now, some 40 odd years later, it just sounds sick & creepy, as if its the kind of song/anthem Peter Files would sing in school playgrounds!

      • A musical show and film about a youthful ‘courtesan-in-training’ in 19th century paris.

        Doubt it gets performed anywhere these days; there would be outrage.

        And besides, it might prove difficult to find someone of the right age and requisite ‘life experience’ to play the lead.

  22. The only time this behaviour should be allowed is if the tranny has had his tackle off. Stands to reason if you’re that desperate to be seen as a women the meat and two veg have to go. As far as I’m concerned if a dick is present you’re a man. By having your tackle rearranged you are showing strong commitment to the cause. A large man in a bikini is just a dirty bastard and should be treated in a secure unit till he realises he is a man

  23. I looked forward to the day when the women’s version of the EPL is dominated by transwomen.

    You could have Liverpool Ladies (all wimminz) getting hammered 35-1 by Brighton Transwimminz.

    I wonder what the likes of Alex Scott and all those other woke footie pundits will say about that? Will they moan that it’s not fair that the wimminz got hammered by pretend wimminz? Or will the errr on the side of caution and say “It was a great result for football and transwomen everywhere!” and thus betray the Sisterhood?

    Keep on digging, you woke cunts, you’ll be burying yourself in your own shit sooner or later.

  24. I used to know someone who had a similar ‘condition’, only ‘she’ identified as a 9 year old. They’re being criminally investigated now.

  25. This guy needs his cock cut off and fed to him with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

    I am not a violent person, but he’d soon find out who I am if my child was swimming in that club, dirty cunt and shame on the senior management for allowing this tom fuckery to continue.

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