Katie Price (20)

It’s been a while since the fragrant Katie has featured, so here you go.

No, she hasn’t crashed a car, or killed another dog. Phew!

Don’t read the article, I’ll summerise it, but do look at the photos, those fucking eyebrows!

Basically, Katie has been seen stepping out with JJ Slater ( who?)
Former partner of Ella Morgan ( who?), both previously participants in MAFS, ( married at first sight, I had to Google it)

Apparently Ella ( who’s transgender, of course), is a bit cross that her ex is palling up with KP, who Ella considered a friend.

Big fucking wow from me, but my days, the close up of KPs face, you’ll never call Donny the Tango man again.

What a…. Insert your prefered word(s) here.

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

69 thoughts on “Katie Price (20)

  1. Fucking old bullock has had more dickends than weekends, bet she has a vet who specialises in cattle on speed dial to push her prolapsed old womb back in, twat like a cart horse collar. Bet its scarred to fuck by all the chavvies she’s had hanging on for grim death so they didn’t fall out before their due date.

  2. CClass act all the way.Kp is the whores whore >Some one to look up to at all times. I thought the whore worked in a thai bar part time ,short times only.

  3. Fucking hell, look at the state of it, tits, tats, twats, if you could see her brain, not that she has one, or rather it’s been replaced with a silicon bag full of retard spunk.
    How is this fucktards still alive and is that guy so desperate to see a real female snatch that he has chosen one that has seen as much plastic surgery as the other man hole he was used to, does this make him a fruit, I’m not sure.
    Maybe he should look for someone who is a natural woman as opposed to obominations like his ex girl/boy freeing and Katey fucking Price if he isn’t fucked up enough already, who will it be next Madonna?

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