Katie Price (20)

It’s been a while since the fragrant Katie has featured, so here you go.

No, she hasn’t crashed a car, or killed another dog. Phew!

Don’t read the article, I’ll summerise it, but do look at the photos, those fucking eyebrows!

Basically, Katie has been seen stepping out with JJ Slater ( who?)
Former partner of Ella Morgan ( who?), both previously participants in MAFS, ( married at first sight, I had to Google it)

Apparently Ella ( who’s transgender, of course), is a bit cross that her ex is palling up with KP, who Ella considered a friend.

Big fucking wow from me, but my days, the close up of KPs face, you’ll never call Donny the Tango man again.

What a…. Insert your prefered word(s) here.

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

69 thoughts on “Katie Price (20)

  1. looking forward to reading the comments on this spunk trumpet later. You dirty old cunts never fail to amuse me with your wit when discussing certain females😂

  2. What about ‘him’?
    Seen on a night out in Newcastle carrying a handbag?
    If he’d done that in my day he’d have found himself in the Tyne with a bottle of Brown Ale up his arse.

  3. She pinched those eyebrows from Gerald Scarfe.

    What a fucking two and eight. I predict KP will next ‘grow’ a beard and acquire a synthetic penis as she transitions into Ken Price.

    A veritable Victorian freak show.

    • She never did it for me, even as a page 3 girl. Now she just looks like a sack of shit. There is nothing remotely attractive about her.

  4. There’s about enough chance of me finding the right words to describe this attention seeking whore as Slater’s cock feeling the sides of KP’s vag.
    I think it is about time the papers starved the old bag of the oxygen of publicity she so desperately craves and maybe she can face up to some of her responsibilities. Couldn’t the government make itself useful for once and put a D notice on the harridan?

  5. The state of it.

    I hope that poor defenceless lad ties a plank across his arse if he’s thinking of sticking his tinkle in her.

    Get the obligatory visit to the STD clinic booked in now son. Before the itching and burning start to take hold.

  6. Convicted pædos should be forced at knifepoint to suck the fragrant pussy of the lovely Katie.
    They’d felch more than a mouthful of Harvey’s rancid, damaged chromosome spunk.
    Yum yum!

    • I think that may be a grave breach of the Geneva convention.

      “Wilful killing, torture or inhumane treatment, including biological experiments”.

      “Willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health”.

      It’s almost like they had Katie Prices bucketcunt in mind when they wrote that.

  7. In my day the girls used to dance around their handbag at the disco waiting for the pick up,not have some ‘D’ list arsewipe carrying it around for them….one cunt I’ve never heard of and the other I don’t want to hear of ….💤💤

  8. The other one he was with is a “bloke” . The blonde one in the mail article…I wonder if he’s still got a knob under that dress…

    Probably less knob than the SLAPPER price.

  9. Isn’t it splendid?

    It becomes a fucking ridiculous parody of itself,the ongoing transformation is worthy of a Planet Earth style documentary..

    With withered old fossil Attenborough being winched down into her cavernous arsehole.

    Good morning.

  10. That slop bucket has been fucked so much I am surprised she can walk.

    Poor Havey. Probably best he is a bit ‘special’. If he were normal he’d be embarrassed with that as a mother.

  11. To paraphrase Captain Picard from Star Trek next generations…

    “Price… The final frontier…
    These are the voyages of the Starship Desperate Cunts.
    Its continuing mission:
    To explore strange new crusty yeast formations..
    To seek out new prriod blobs; old spunk mountains…
    To boldly go where millions of men have gone before!”
    — Jean-Luc Picard

  12. I don’t understand why any man would want fuck all to do with her. I understand sometimes in life we all have to buy part worn tyres but I’ve yet to see anyone put totally bald just about hold air tyres on yet.

    The only thing I can think of is he’s so desperate to be a z list celebrity that he’s basking in Katie’s reflected glory.

    Marrying someone you’ve only just met suggests a lack of judgement but dating Katie Price confirms you’re a fucking tool.

  13. Katie perfectly represents the UK of today – bankrupt, yet still splashing the cash, best days well behind her and regularly fucked up the arse by a succession of criminals and nobodies.

    Katie truly is the personification of New Britannia.

  14. I would never advocate putting ones willy anywhere near Miss Price, but I think that you are all being a little unkind.

    Katie is a world class trollop.

    She takes trolloping to a new and exciting level.
    She doesn’t trollop in half measures and if being a trollop was an Olympic sport she would have been the world champion and gold medal holder for the past few decades.

    Now that she is 45 year’s old you would have thought that her best trolloping years were behind her, but she continues to be top of her game.

    Be proud, she is British.
    Give her some encouragement.

    • Morning TAC…at least she (presumably) hasn’t snorted as much coke as Daniella Westbrook.
      You could fuck Daniella’s coke-rotted banshee nostril easily even if you had a big tinkle.
      Imagine…laying her down, shagging her nose hole and she could stick her tongue in your jap’s eye…sounds like heaven!

    • Price, Westbrook, Katona, Jodie Marsh (there were two other famous Marsh women of the noughties)
      We excel in producing such wreckage, and without the help of CIA handlers, satanism and sexual abuse camps.

      Although we did have light entertainers and the BBC to fuck up young girls.

  15. I bet she’s riddled with it, there will be more bacteria fizzing about up her snatch, than in a Komodo dragons mouth.

  16. I cannot decide which I would enjoy cheese wiring more, that fucking worn out old cum dump, Price, or that yo-yo pantied, outrageous yacht slut Markle

  17. We’re heading into uncharted territory he’s obviously serving Katie shitty dick as his previous partner was some type of alphabet creation. For Katie sake I hope he scrubbed his brim with a suitable antiseptic before insertion. Is he somewhat undecided about his gender? This will end in tears for sure, has he met Harvey? Another doomed publicity romance soon to bite the bullet unless Harvey takes a dislike and the bullet is bitten sooner. Ah such are the pressures of fame.

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