Stella Maris – A Woman for all Treasons

Layla Hussain OBE and woman’s rights campaigner was formally installed as Rector for St. Andrews University in April of 2022. Key to her victory was Stella Maris, subsequently given the role of Rectors Assessor.

The Saint Scot

However Leyla was later described by Stella Maris as disappointing, amongst other things, due to her having spent only one week visiting the University.

Fast forward to October 2023, when a new Rector is elected by the Student Body.
Guess who? Give that man a coconut!

BBC News

Stella then circulates an email accusing Israel of “genocidal” acts against Gaza, complete with link to a website story “The evidence Israel killed its own citizens on October 7th”
Not surprisingly, people are calling for her resignation.

Well Stella, having stabbed Leyla in the back and jumped into her bed before it got cold, you have achieved the impossible. You stabbed yourself in the back, you daft cunt.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest


67 thoughts on “Stella Maris – A Woman for all Treasons

  1. Not going to lie but I thought it was some kind of Milli Vanilli tribute act in that first article.

  2. Have you noticed all these psychotic people calling for the liquidation of Jews, both here and in the United Sewer of America, are all women of colour.
    Should round them up and feed them to the Taliban.
    Fucking cunts.

  3. Well I for one can see a pattern emerging..

    Where there is the blek key there is trouble.

    Where there is the sand vv0g there is trouble.

    Where there is the yellow peril there is trouble.

    Things were a lot tidier when we pasted these cunts and took over their shithole countries.

    Now the dirty cunts are here and surprise!! there is nothing but bother from them.

    Who let that happen?

    • Wherever there’s blacks, trouble is round the corner. It began in nought plonk when we silly whites released them from the jungle.

  4. Malteaser’s vs revels? In the battle for who gives a fuck..

    Let the porch monkeys have a good old fashioned chimp out.

  5. They’ll have to get rid of her and replace her with someone more suited to the role. Like, er, a Scottish person, for example.
    I believe that Dr Jock McBraveheart, Professor of Irn Bru and Methadone Studies at the University of Govan, is looking for a suitable post.

    • St. Andrews?…(channels Lady Bracknell)…A Scot?!?
      Nice one, I always like a good laugh to start the day.

  6. Two privileged rich foreign race baiting bitches stabbing each other in the back. Cunts like this are everywhere in the world of academia. If you’re white, male and straight you might as well have some contagious disease. Fuck off whitey you raaaaaaay-sist.

  7. Nice to see the boss of Penn State University having to resign after failing to condemn clueless student support for Hamas. Her inaction cost the university a $100,000,000 donation. You’d think that the cunts who run universities would realise that the Jewish community is very generous to schools, charities, hospitals etc but they don’t take shit from anyone.

    • I find that fucking hilarious, and no mistake. It’s lovely when some cunt sticks their foot into their big gob and stops anything more important entering. It’s even funnier when people find out.

  8. St Andrews has gone downhill since the noughties.

    Do they still teach physics there or is it all History of Art and Beckham Studies these days?

    Makes the vegans at Warwick look reasonable.

    • After Prince Soppybollocks went there the parents of every Tarquin and Jemima wanted to send their kids to St Andrews.

    • noughties?
      It was a shithole back in the early ’80s, heavily infested with the sort of monied foreign poseurs who wanted to attend a ‘historic’ uni but couldn’t get in anywhere else.

  9. She ticks more boxes than there were ticks on any exam paper she was fortunate enough to complete, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 is more apt.

  10. Stella Maris was named after her dad’s favourite lager and potato.
    He left when she was 2week old
    Shrewd move.

    She certainly looks like a Rectum.


  11. Brilliant cunting Jeezum.
    From the link;

    “ The fact an old, traditional establishment is voting in a black woman to this position really says that things are happening . . . There is hope. Things are changing”.

    Things are changing alright, and all you’re left with is hope when you’ve smashed open Pandora’s box.
    Go woke, go broke.

  12. I`ll give it a go.
    I`m black & now also have my own hot-dog franchise on various college campi across the land (now that I`ve integrated in the UK).
    “Cry ‘havoc!’ and let slip Sam`s Dogs Of Heat.” *
    🌭 🌭 🌭 🌭 🌭
    * suitable for vegans due to zero actual meat content.

    • All well and good Sam, but just look at her portfolio of misfortune – a victim of FGM, made a refugee, a miscarriage and surgery to remove fibroids. Whilst your daily 200 mile walk to collect a bucket full of wildebeest urine is bound to impress the selection panel, I feel you may need to embellish your CV with more examples of your own victimhood.
      How about catching monkeypox, ebola and malaria, then have your leg bitten off by a lioness?

  13. I take it layla got a OBE for being the only Somalian to live passed thirty, and lasting longer than the Derek and the domino’s song.

  14. Beggars belief that a moronic, anti-semetic conspiracy nut job Predator look alike could get such an important job.

    But then this is 21st Century Britain.

    • The Predator; A black man in a suit, voiced by a white man.
      Darth Vader; A white man in a suit, voiced by a black man.

  15. Fucking students, fucking educational establishments. You’d think that they’d choose people based on knowledge and accomplishments but no, just count the diversity points to select your winner.

    Fuck off, what part of Africa is St Andrews in again?

  16. I do wish all these types would fuck off back to the land of their ancestors….

    Fucking sick of hearing the constant pissing and moaning about how hard done to they are ..

    FFS the house I was born in had gas mantles on the wall , outside bog at the end of the terrace, no hot water or heating apart from a coal fire…🔥


    Yorkshire, the third world….!

  17. I digress,

    Heer Leikner decided he doesn’t like VAR anymore. Let’s hope it stays. What’s probably worrying him, is that old footage of his goal hanging antics might be found and most of the twats tap-ins would’ve been considered offside today.

    • Yeah, four brats with ridiculous names and no sign of a father. Story of our times. I wonder how the bitch is charged with manslaughter? Probably pissed and fell asleep with a spliff in her hand. You won’t get much detail out of the MSM.

    • I see that the shooting in Soweto (formerly London) was the work of a 16 yr old Ch!mp that can’t be named for legal reasons, why on Earth not, he was big enough to get a shooter and pull the trigger, at least he shot one of his own kind.! They really are as thick as a submarine door.!!

  18. A song for Stella……

    🎶 From the river to the sea,
    Israel will be Palestinian free. 🎶

    Get To Fuck

    • 🎼 🎶 From its rivers to the sea,
      🎵Great Britain will be free.
      You are blady bastard!

  19. Those who rabidly support Palestine will have their reputation permanently besmirched. And with the internet the shite they’ve queefed will always be there to see. Fuck them.

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