Net Migration into the UK at Record High

No big surprise at the news that at the end of December 2022 net migration reached a record 745,000.

1.4 million migrants were granted UK visas, most of them from outside of the EU for the prime purpose of “educational study” or to escape conflict. While at the same time just over 500,000 emigrated out of the UK for pastures new.

Net migration has risen dramatically over the last 2 or 3 years, and as per usual we’re getting the standard “we must do something” response from the government. Which means do fuck all.

Any suggestions that net migration is a bad thing is immediately jumped on by the usual suspects.

And then they wonder why there’s a massive housing shortage, the NHS has huge waiting lists and that our infrastructure is well and truly fucked.


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91 thoughts on “Net Migration into the UK at Record High

  1. We have to get the numbers down, let’s see what is happening.

    Work Visas for virtually any job, Student visas to make a profit for universities. Dependant visas for both.

    When the numbers are released it appears to be a shock for the government, strange.

    Who the fuck is issuing them and not counting as you go 😂

  2. 745000 is about seven Worcesters.

    Are we building seven Worcesters a year? No. Could we build seven Worcesters a year? No. Should we build seven Worcesters a year? Also no.

    We can’t afford these people, we have no room for these people and we do not want these people.

    Everything is a numbers problem.

  3. Beautiful day for a cross Channel cruise.
    Bet the RNLI are there to rescue the casualties off a perfectly serviceable vessel…..

      • Met Simon Le Bon and two other members of Duran Duran in Manchester’s Living Room bar in 2004.

        Not at all cunts and they each got their round in. Sound lads and not flash or up themselves at all.

        However, Saw Mick Hucknall in thee same place. He was a complete cunt. A really flash get and a total bastard.

  4. I have just walked past the biggest hotel in our town, (which is filled with our dinghy surfing vermin) and there outside are at least half a dozen fighting age men smoking, drinking tea, and phone wanking , all with fucking flip flops on their feet! It makes my piss boil as I am racing about trying to keep my life running!

  5. What a laugh the latest Rwanda deterrent is, the money grabbing Lawyer’s are the winners here as every deportee will appeal against their removal and guess who will be willing to represent them at the tax payers expense.??

  6. I don’t care about creed or colour coming here but I do care about the numbers and the impact on:

    Waste management
    Law and Order

    No fucks given by the Tories, none given by Liebour.

    As JtC says, get to fuck.

    • You go past a primary school now, and it’s almost all blacks and dakis. The one I used to go to in Newton Heath is now almost all ‘ethnic’ now. The Lord’s Prayer and hymns have been banned in case it offends the tribespeople.

      And my local Spar has had to put certain goods behind the counter now. Tuna fish, coffee, and tinned meat are now with the cigarettes, This is because of Africans nicking the stuff. But I have no sympathy. I saw the soft bastards let the treeswingers off. So sambeau told his pals that they were an easy touch.

  7. Odin’s 7 point plan to tackle illegal immigration – a perfectly workable solution.

    1. All illegal immigrants are by definition international criminals and are to be immediately detained pending deportation within 24 hours
    2. There is no legal aid courtesy of the British taxpayer. If you cam find £5k to come here illegally, you can also afford your own legal advice. They get one phone call and no free translators.
    3. Any human rights lawyer who wants to defend the known criminals (see point 1) can do so on the condition that there is a £100,000 good behaviour bond on each illegal, secured on their house. If their pets play up, it’s goodbye house.
    4. West Falkland is also British territory. People actually live there.
    If they can make a go of it, so can Abdul and his numerous inbred offspring.
    There are sheep too. that’ll keep them entertained.
    5. Any blue hair gobshite who stops a deportation gets sent along with their pet rapist, murderer or stab technician to whatever shithole they hail from. £100,000 is charged to the estate of the bluehair’s Mummeh and Daddeh.
    6. A Dad’s army force of folk pissed off with being called gammons get to man the south coast bunkers, pillboxes and dunes with M2 machine guns, Javelin missiles and the capability to call in strafing runs from a squadron of A10 Warthogs.
    A fresh copy of the Daily Mail to be delivered to each position by 7am each morning to keep them riled up.
    7. There is no free healthcare, welfare, accomodation, food, translators or lawyers.
    Any expenses incurred will be deducted from the foreign aid budget from each recipient nation accordingly. They’re not ours, they’re
    yours and we don’t want them.

    Problem solved.

  8. It is becoming clear that this is the biggest issue not only in this country but across Europe as far as elections are concerned. And, sadly, we have Lab and Con who are both completely out of touch with the population of the country (well the indigenous population anyway). So ……. how will it play out in the coming months?

    We had the ‘Brexit election’ in 2019 and we will have the ‘immigration election’ in 2024. Shouldn’t be hard for a politician to understand where to position their party.


    • I despair at the thought of the next general election in the UK which will likely be a victory for Labour. God help us all. Things will get worse.

  9. Off Topic. I see that Heather Mills vagan food company has collapsed – that has really cheered me up no end. Who cares about a few million gimmegrants?

  10. Bet Hitler wishes he would have thought of little boats when trying to invade England in WW2
    Would have walked into theUK they would have picked him up brought his troops to the UK for him and given a new house without a shot being fired
    This once great country is well and truly fucked

    Merry Christmas fellow cunters

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