Off-Target (American Retailer)

Target is a cunt, isn’t it.

Stuck for a festive present this year? How about this to melt away those festive blues:

New York Post

That’s right. Target, America’s version of Poundland, is flogging a poo-pusher Santa. What better way to support the shirt-lifting community than purchasing  a ho-ho-homo Father Christmas. What could be more festive than old White Beard nudging in your Yuletide log. He’s sure to warm your chestnuts while fixing his mince pies on your chocolate ho-ho-hole.

🎶 Santa baby, hurry down a chocolate chimney tonight.

Move over Christmas tree fairy, there’s a new queen in town. Santa is a reindeer-hoof.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous


(More info about Target here – Day Admin)

34 thoughts on “Off-Target (American Retailer)

  1. That’s funny as fuck Captain.

    I believe a very great American people do not like this sort of “funny business” by shops etc..

    Perhaps Target can team up with Budweiser and produce a very weak beer filled with female hormones called Santa Piss.


  2. These cunts have been in trouble before for selling kids clothes covered in rainbows and other pe*vert paraphernalia. The response of these bum lovers to an avalanche of complaints was to move their kiddy fiddling merchandise to the back of the store. I don’t know whether it’s Target or some other Yank corporation but their Christmas logo is a black Santa in a wheelchair! You couldn’t make this shit up.

  3. Congrats Captain. I think I counted ten references to woofery in that nom. Is that an IsAC record?

    As for Target, I presume that logo represents a bum hole, which to them is Santa’s target.

  4. A weegay yank father Christmas.😁


    Stop touching your sack you filthy animal.

    Couldn’t imagine anything worse?

    Father Christmas was German.
    He should sound like it.

    “Unt have you been a good boy Wilhelm,ja?”

    Not some fat fuckin Sherman with a limp wrist.

    Bet Mr Cuntengine had a German father Christmas?

    “ACHTUNG!! “😆

  5. I suppose it’s the sort of thing for those inclined to like that sort of thing.

    Most, I suspect, will just sigh and utter an ‘oh fuck off’ under their breath.

    Good spot Cap’n.

    Morning all.

  6. Use it to your advantage.

    “Santa isn’t coming this year kids.
    The fat fucker is now batting for the opposition and he probably already has AIDS or monkey pox.
    No way is that bender coming down our chimney.
    Christmas is cancelled”.

  7. I imagine the silly cunt who thought that was a good idea, has just made him/herself a big fucking target..

    Happy hunting boys and girls..

  8. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Santa’s stuck up the chimney’. Dirty bastards.
    I wonder if they’ve got the guts to market a rainbow Mohamed for the peacefuls?
    Thought not.

    • Hi Sixdog.
      Just found out what a “shim” means. It must associate with the tight trousers in my younger days, we called “drainpipes” which the Teddy Boys used to wear. Similar to the term shimmering down a drainpipe.

  9. Marketing executives are always spit-balling ideas for the worst shit they can produce but the scummy consumers will still buy. Hence the obsession with poo. Anyone who buys such stuff is literally eating their shit. Merry Christmas to all fuckwits.

  10. Yes, just looked it up and Target are flogging black Santa in a wheelchair tree decorations, $5 a pop. Just the sort of thing any whitey, middle class virtue signaller would snap up. Presumably they can still use last year’s fairy at the top of the tree or does he have to be a tranny now?

  11. Makes little difference to me, seeing the plastic cack people fill then cover their properties with this time of year.

    Hopefully the price of electricity will limit such ostentatious wank this year.

  12. Then who do the pricks and cunts belong to, that brought all these screaming kids into the world, who want proper presents at Christ Mass.

  13. Pronounced Tar-GAY

    Targay is not only evil but they are (in the spirit of the Staffordshire Police revised language guidelines) Thinking Impaired.

    Their stock took a beating earlier this year when they came out with a line of Trans friendly “tuck” swimwear for adults and a “Pride” Collection for the little ones.

    I no longer buy anything from Targay unless I cannot get it anywhere else…and then I think long and hard about whether or not I can do without it.

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