Owen Jones (25) – Ignorant Cunt!

I’ve always regarded far left pin-up boy and gobshite little Owen Jones (bless him) with what I can best describe as a mixture of amusement and contempt. He’s a manchild in his mid-thirties, with the outlook of a 17-year-old still obsessed with the politics of the student union. In short, a figure of fun, the gift that keeps on giving to cunters everywhere.

However since the appalling atrocities committed in October by Hamas, my attitude towards Jones has hardened considerably, and now I can only regard the cunt with utter disgust.

Cunters will of course be aware of the mass murder, rape, torture and kidnapping committed by Hamas against Israelis, not least due to the fact that much of the carnage was filmed and then put out on social media by Hamas itself. Further evidence has been assembled by Israel and made available to journalists and politicians, in the form of a forty minute film illustrating the extent of the horrors.

So faced with this, what does little Owen do? Well he can hardly deny the culpability of Hamas, so in the true manner of the lefty apologist, he begins to equivocate and dissemble, to try and blur the lines a little and provide some mitigation.

Yes, he says, Hamas did some bad things, but where’s the evidence that they did some REALLY bad things? Where’s the film footage of Hamas ACTUALLY torturing, raping, burning and beheading people? There’s no actual PROOF.

I’m therefore left to ponder on what WOULD convince this narcissistic little weasel of the true extent of Hamas’s depravity? What does he want? Graphic footage of a rape being committed? A snuff porn video of someone being beheaded? I’m surprised that he’s not ventured into Piers Corbyn loony tunes territory yet, and claimed that the ghastly events of October were actually an Israeli ‘false flag’ operation, designed to justify their subsequent actions.

I’ve always had a good laugh at the little lefty twat’s antics in the past, but now I’d say that he’s crossed the line and this latest effort is just plain sick. Fuck off and die, you rancid cunt.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

And on the same topical cunt, here’s one from Lord of the Rings

Where ? just where do I start with this ?

Jones is invited, along with Journalists (Jones may write lefty propaganda for that rag, Guardian, but cannot be described as a journalist as he has no objectivity and is completely closed to any opinion other than his own) – to view an IDF release detailing all the atrocities and horrors suffered during the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack.

Everyone watches in silence, unable to speak. Most leave shocked, decimated, appalled, wishing they could un-watch, but knowing it’s their duty to put deniers and neighsayers correct that this terrible attack happened.

Jones’s take on viewing the footage :-
Yes I saw burned womens bodies, but where’s the evidence they were raped.
Yes I saw beheaded bodies, but that doesn’t mean they were alive when beheaded – it could be after they were dead (does he think the Israelis beheaded them after to make it seem worse ?)

I didn’t see footage of beheaded babies so it’s just hearsay.

Words almost fail me, but I am shaking with anger while typing this. Applying Jones’s standard of evidence, the Nazi holocaust can’t have happened, Sure the allied forces found a few bodies in crematoria – the Nazis were probably short of manpower for burials. Those skeletons liberated from the camps probably had anorexia and the krauts were trying to cure them ? a health farm of sorts ?

I have never had any time for this turd or his smug vile rantings, but this shows just how

depraved a disgusting shitburger this…. this….
There are no words I know to describe what this ‘thing’ is.

It’s not a moral human being. Slugs are more evolved…….


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  1. Apologies for going OT, but the 1959 film “Some Like it Hot” just finished on the telly. Reminded that the final joke is the idea that a man could marry a man. We have certainly moved on since then but I’m not sure in the right direction.

  2. Anyone have Ryan O’ Neal in the dead pool?

    Arguably the biggest cunt in Hollywood (no mean feat).
    Actually hit on his own daughter when she was attending a funeral.

    • Shit!
      He’s one of my go to’s who are up for carking!
      Didn’t nominate him last time.😬

      • Looks like plug from the Bash Street Kids. That tells you, not to be taken seriously.

      • I didn’t like Ryan O’Neal.
        I reckon the slimy cunt split up 70s golden couple Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors.

        As you’ll be aware Lee was the 6million dollar man.

        A icon for kids in the 70s.

        And gave us the message that if your badly mangled in a dangerous endeavour,
        You can be turned into a half robot cyborg and go and work for a US security agency.

        I never wanted to be Steve Austin,
        But did want to be Bigfoot.
        Something that I achieved.

        Here they are in happier times before that clap riddled cunt Ryan O’Neal fucked things up for Lee’s marriage.


      • O’ Neal was a massive cunt..

        I always fancied jumping Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Woman. I’d have given that one.

  3. Wasn’t owen cast in the new BBC re-imagining of the famous five as dick?

    With keir starmer as Julian the pompous prick and Eddy izzard as George the pretend boy.
    Yvette Cooper as Anne the irritating know it all.
    Diane abbott plays timmy the dog, the brains of the team.

    Fuck all happens in each episode as the gang spend all their time trying to out woke each other.

    Available on BBC iplayer.

  4. Owen and his ducky ways has led to me eating a incredibly gay and delicious bowl of Mr Kipling French fancies ice cream.

    It feels good to finally come out in my taste for after tea desserts.

    They do a battenburg one (😫) and a Cherry Bakewell one (🙂) which is what I really wanted but they’d sold out.

    Anyway I’m off to disco dance to Donna Summer and try on skin tight vests.

      • Course you can pal!

        That link you put on,
        Them were the days eh?

        When sooties smiled rather than a sullen glower,
        And wore matching outfits and did a dance routine.

        Much more the acceptable face of multiculturalism.

        I love a sootie in a Dickie bow too.
        Makes em look cheerful.

      • It’s a bit rough tonight.

        Wind aint half whistling around The Rookery.

        Me and the hound got fucking soaked earlier on.

      • Yeah.
        Been out shopping for a Christmas tree with Mrs Miserable and the dog.
        Pissed wet through.☹️

      • My favourite TV car!!
        Saw some rich yank on a TV show(Counting Cars) take his Dodge Charger to be done up and resprayed as the General Lee.

        But the soft cunt had the stars and stripes US flag instead of the confederate flag in case of people thinking it’s racist!!!

        What’s the point of that the silly yank cunt?!

        Let them think what they want!
        The confederate flag is fuckin great.

      • Well shitty in Mcr tonight. Fucking dustbins blowing over and all that crap.

        Wind and rain like a Hammer Dracula film.

        And United were fucking shite.

        Daisy Duke would give a corpse a rise….

        Evening Jack.

      • The Confederate Battle Flag is a fine flag.

        If I was from the south of the USA. I’d fly it with pride 👍

      • I believe ManU were booed off at the end.

        The fans deserve better, much better.

        Good evening Norman.

      • My favourite TV car has to be the Batmobile from the 1966 series.

        Imagine the chimp out and libfuck heads exploding if General Lee was on air now with its confederate flag? Would cunts connect the car to slavery?Of course they would. The fuckers connect everything else to it…

    • The Confederate flag was superb.

      No Norm, you can’t have Unai when your manager gets the tin tack.

      • I don’t think he’d come, Ron.

        Why would Unai want to manage such a shower of shit like United?

        I fear that after Ten Twat goes, the cycle of misery will continue.
        A bollockless inept won fuck all manager will get the job. And the shithouse crybaby players will still rule the roost.

        Odd thing though, Maguire is playing his bollocks off at the moment. He’s even getting forward, a la McQueen (RIP). I hope he keeps it up.

  5. More than ever, he looks like the only gay in the village. He also appears to have a chance on his left wrist.

  6. And let’s not forget if you push this piece of utter shit over in the street and he sustains serious grazes much less worse than Kevin Keegan’s on Superstars you will go to prison for a minimum of 3 years because when the cops busted your home they found a potato in your fridge that if you squinted hard enough could have a look of Adolf Hitler.

    Pushing over a cunt who offends you and many decent people to the core and having ‘Far Right’ paraphernalia in your fridge is more than enough to get you a
    3 year stretch on chokey from a Guardian reading lefty ‘judge’.

    But hang on a minute surely a Jury would see through that?

    Yes of course they would which is why………..

    Prosecutor Philip McGhee said: “There will be no need for a trial by a jury in this case – that said there seems to be a question that is unavoidable and in order to resolve it properly we need a trial of issue.”

    In front of a judge – and no jury.

    Applications for a non-jury trial

    Sections 44 to 50 of Part 7 of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA 2003) provide for non-jury trial in cases where there is danger of jury tampering or where jury tampering has taken place. This allows the prosecution to apply for the trial to be conducted without a jury and for a jury to be discharged during the course of the trial.

    And there you have it. Fuck fucking me. One day I’m sure this post along with many others will be used to bang me up.

  7. If I ever had the opportunity to interview this gobshyte on live,uncensored tv, I would ask him to explain to our viewers just how lacking in self respect does a bloke have to be to get down on all fours in front of another man and tease them.
    If that in itself wasn’t enough,but to spread his bum cheeks wide apart whilst giggling like a schoolgirl and looking around wiggling his tongue in and out seductively begging the bloke to bugger him harder.
    Then after the filthy homeless man has spunked up his patulous anus he will greedily lick his own shit off the vagrant’s cheesy knob.
    Ah, the purest form of love between two men who share an interest in William Morris designs and Ancient Greek nude sculpture.
    Fuck off you revolting toilet-queen.

    • I have always wanted to pose that question to Wes Streeting, while he was scraping his lipstick off

    • You’re right Harold. He always seems a bit neurotic and highly strung.

      The love of a good woman would sort him out.

      • He needs to be fucked to death by Michelle Mone. Am sure she’d do it for petty cash, ie. a few million…

  8. I must congratulate the choice of photo by admin.

    Caught him in full swivel-eyed ideologue mode.

  9. OT, but woke shit….

    Anyone else see Doctor Whoke, where Tennant regenerates?
    He didn’t change into the Gayblack Doctor. He split into two people.
    This was done so Tennant could meet his future self, and tell him how he was so pleased and happy that he was black. Tennant’s tongue was brown.

    Does that cunt Tennant have no self respect or love for the series?
    And one good thing, no more Catherine ‘Oi! Sunshine!’ Tate. I hope.

    Nice to see Bonnie Langford as old character, Mel though. Bonnie is a bit of a MILF nowadays…

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