An Uncunting for the Dutch

Never thought id say this but.

Do we need to uncunt the Dutch?

Majority voting Geert Wilders with no fear of repercussion from Islam, Greens or the left.

Don’t think even he believed it but people need to watch and learn that enough is enough of these cunts.

So to the EU and left, their people have spoken.

Who has the balls to keep it going?

BBC News

Nominated by: King Cunt

(And the typical reaction from The Sun of all tabloid rags – Day Admin)

39 thoughts on “An Uncunting for the Dutch

  1. Well done the Dutch.

    Still lanky good looking junky fuckers though.

    Don’t see why they should get off so easy for doing something to help themselves.

    It’s about time they knocked this liberal shite on the head!

    Amsterdam is full of whores and drugs.
    It’s a disgrace.

    On the many times I’ve visited I’ve been disgusted.

    I had to sit through a floor show once of two ladies licking each others tuppences.

    I didn’t know where to look.

    I knocked on at Anne Frank’s but she was in the loft.

    • You do realise you will not be going to Heaven (unless you bribe Peter, (or is it at Paul?) at the pearly country cream gates!)

      • Course I’m going to heaven !!

        I regularly tutted through the floor show and at one point said
        ” Your dad must be proud of you”.

        I’m one of the moral majority Techno!

  2. It’s a good sign but I wouldn’t get too excited. He has nowhere near a working majority and a coalition is inevitable. Who knows what that might result in but it certainly won’t be Peacefuls packing their bags and fucking off home. That will require herding the filth on trucks at the point of a bayonet.
    As for leaving the EU…….don’t even dream about it. Won’t be allowed to happen.

    • Gertie needs a haircut the scruffy cunt.
      He must use the same barber as Boris?

      Fuckin Stevie wonder with a penknife.

      Fuckin shagsack.

      The many lefties in Dutch parliament don’t want to work with him.
      But the message is starting to get through all the same.


    • Quite so.
      The majority did not vote for Wilders.
      He won 37 seats out of 150.
      Impressive, but if he wants to lead a majority government he’ll have to form a coalition with at least 2 other parties.
      Meaning his manifesto will of necessity be watered down.
      That said, the European wind is clearly blowing in the right direction.

    • Tell you what will happen .

      We will sit here and cheer the Dutch on and they eject their muzzers

      Only to find out that Rishi has guaranteed them all asylum from Dutch oppression

      • Imagine David Cameron’s face as he sheepishly withdraws his softening cock from the mouth of that pig.
        I though that him shagging the north end of pig was pretty funny at the time, but are the reports true?
        He might have been getting a nosh off Thérèse Coffey…hard to tell her and a fat porker apart.

      • She offered but he preferred the dead pig.

        Fair play to him I think.

        The weak as piss soft cunt.

      • The reactions of some of the left wing remoaners was hilarious. And they still can’t stfu about it.

  3. Point out that Islam is a threat to civilised countries and you are ‘far right’. Ignore or dismiss the threat you are an idiot.

  4. All well and good, but with Proportional representation he will have to water down his party’s manifesto to appease other parties to work with him..

    Think how good the tories and Liberals worked together..

    Now pass the dobie

  5. I labelled the Dutch as ungrateful EU cunts after Brexit.

    However it looks like the madness of rabid globalist woke govts across Europe is up for change..and a swing to the “far right populist” parties,who would have thought?

    It’s taken the pro Hamas demos to be the tipping point for change.

    Probably too late but the fireworks look like they might be worth watching.

    All mainstream politicians are afraid of Islam so its only natural for those who aren’t to rise in popularity,the woke may well hasten their own end.

    Goody Gumdrops.

    • Someone does still need to tap the Edam Eaters on the shoulder and remind them it was the British Armed Forces that liberated them from the starvation,brutality and slavery of the Jerries in 1944/45.

      How soon they forgot that debt.

      • Unkle Terry,

        I don’t often disagree but I was at the 75th Arnhem anniversary in 2019, about 200,000 people attended over the weekend, possibly a lot more. I happened to be with a chap whose father was killed there. On the Sunday we were at the ceremony where the school children place a flower on each of the graves, as they have done since 1945 and will continue to do so. My mate was a bit shy and asked me to say thank you to the school teacher who placed a flower on his father’s grave, she cried, introduced us to her mum who cried and so did the pair of us. Another family came up and placed a posy on the grave and we asked them why and they had been coming to grave every month for 50 years ever since my mate’s mum stayed with them for the 25th anniversary. The Dutch don’t need reminding, they have a very different attitude from the French.

  6. Fucking slap in the face of the liberals and left, Islam is shit, it has no place in the west, leave it in the Middle East where they fight each other like rats in a sack.

    The Dutch have started the fight back, voting for someone who actually says what many agree with, not like the UK where kissing the Muslim arse is a political requirement.

    The slime ball Starmer removing his poppy so he doesn’t upset the carpet kissing cunts!

    • See that simpering coward fleeing through Glasgow Station yesterday..

      What a wet cunt..
      He was probably lucky none of them had a glitter bomb, he would of wet his tena ladies..

      • Starmtrooper will have to get used to that when he waltzes into Downing Street. The Labour lefties will be down his throat expecting a Communist state to be established in five minutes. Of course his puppet masters won’t allow that so he’s got a rough ride ahead.
        God help us!

  7. How many versions of Trump are there?

    Brazil has got one, Argentina just elected one. Hungary has had one long before any Democrat was triggered upon hearing MAGA. Now the Dutch have only gone a elected ‘Europe’s most dangerous man’. He should have used that in his election bumf.

    • Should release a version of top trumps.

      Categories to include narcissism, cunt grabbing, arrogance and fear factor.

      To be followed by a Leftie leaders version.. flip flopping, hand wringing, appeasement and name calling..

      In the shops for Christmas

  8. In our so called democracy, we once had Mr Wilders lined up to speak at a conference. However, the Conservative (in name only) Government, cheered on by the msm, decided to ban him from entering the country. Like to see them do it now, ha, ha. Roll on next year and the return of The Donald. Eat shit, leftards!

    Good afternoon, everyone.

  9. The Left, along with the MSM, are starting to panic now that quite a few countries around the world are moving to the Right (or Far Right, as the woke bang on about!)

    Am surprised the EU overlords haven’t kicked the Dutch in the balls with heavy fines for daring to elect someone who isn’t remotely on the Left.

  10. I for one think GW winning is fantastic. Hopefully it’ll spread Europe wide ,western world wide,and save us from a grisly fate at the hands of the 3rd world rubbish drifting in like shit on the tide.

  11. Difficult article to read from The Scum.

    It would appear there’s zero ‘discussion’ about the fact a man in a free country has apparently had to live under constant armed guard for the past 20 years just because his views (which are endorsed by the Dutch majority) are so controversial.

    Meanwhile the powers that be continue to bury their heads even deeper into the sand. Lar lar lar im not listening.

    Thankfully I’ve got an evening of the idiot box ahead of me where I can positively identify with the mixed race disabled families that feature on every other advert.

  12. Off topic, but in your colourful banner of cunts of the year 2022 there is a hideous piggy-eyed cunt in (a ?Belgian nun costume )
    just to the right of Marklle and her ginger terrier.
    Who is this cunt? They are giving me nightmares.

  13. Always liked the Dutch.They gave us Arnold Muhren, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Edwin van der Saar, Jaap Stam and Robin van Persie. And that 1974-1978 Netherlands side was the top bollocks. Robbed by dirty krauts and filthy argies in two consecutive World Cup finals.

    Also used to go out with a bird from Rotterdam. A Joy of Sex book on legs. You name it, she knew it (and did it). Don’t get birds like that in Blighty.

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