Celebrity Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is defined as a ‘psychological occurrence in which people doubt their skills, talents, or accomplishments and have a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as frauds. Despite external evidence of their competence, those experiencing this phenomenon do not believe they deserve their success or luck’.

Celebrity ‘suffers’ include Lady Gaga, actress Emma Watson and shock horror, Meghan Markle. Meghan wondered “if she was good enough to even be there” regarding her blink and you’ll miss it acting career and the high pressure job of being a “briefcase girl” on Deal or No Deal. Emma Watson whined about feeling “incredibly uncomfortable” when receiving recognition for dressing up as a schoolgirl wizard and giving Ron Weasley a case of prematurus ejaculatus.

I think this whole thing is just a manifestation of their own guilt for building successful careers on the back of little or no talent. They are right in a way because a lot of todays entertainers success is undeserved through questionable talent but they don’t quit and stack shelves in Aldi do they? Its so much easier to latch onto a syndrome and wallow in self-pity.

Politicians certainly don’t seem to suffer from it. Quite the opposite in fact with their unshakeable belief in their own abilities and Messiah complexes despite how corrupt, greedy or just plain fucking useless they are.

These poor celebrities never seem to express the same levels of self-doubt when they are lecturing the plebs on climate change, Brexit or racism though do they?

Strange that.


Nominated by Liberal Liquidator.

66 thoughts on “Celebrity Imposter Syndrome

  1. Famous for no discernible talent is a mirror of the increasingly moronic population. The fact people thinking non entities eating revolting parts of an animals anatomy and doing nothing but sniping at each other is entertainment is testament to that. Noel’s House Party was a bit bonkers, but at least it was entertains and witty and that was o E of the weaker entertainment shows of yesteryear.

    • Michael Lush’s family weren’t overly-enthusiastic viewers of Noel’s House Party.

      • ‘despite advice against it, the BBC production team had insisted on the use of an elasticated bungee rope.’

        They knew better.

  2. I bet it doesn’t stop them uttering that timeless phrase

    ” Do you know who I am?”

    when they want to queue jump, though.

  3. Splendid nom, LL…shame it’s not Celebrity Suicide Syndrome.
    Imagine waking up one morning to discover that Markle had bumped off Hewitt Jr with one of the royal shotguns during the night then topped herself immediately afterwards.
    I’ll bet ol’ ears would be breathing a sigh of relief.

  4. Realising your a talentless useless cunt isn’t any kind of syndrome.

    The only syndrome Meg has is Downs.

    It’s just realisation of your limitations.

    ‘A man’s gotta know his limitations:- H.Callaghan

    • You mean Meg White?

      What a mong she was. Her and that halfbreed hick cunt Jack White (or whatever he calls himself these days).

      Utter fucking weirdos. Married, but pretended they were brother and sister. Absolutely shite music and all.

      • Jesus, Norm, just calling the cunts mediocre would’ve got you no end of snark and passive-aggression from my illustrious muso chums back in the day.

        Don’t tell me you doubt the talents of The Strokes and The Libertines as well?

  5. Hang on, though, didn’t the Markle bitch claim to have ADHD recently?

    Bit greedy, wanting two things, innit?

    • Sounds like she has a personality disorder. Narcissistic or histrionic, both quite common in social justice brats.

  6. Absolute bollocks! They’ve read about this made up “syndrome” in some two bob wimminz magazine and decided to add it to their mental elf portfolio.
    Pity me, feel sorry for me……..but most of all LOOK at me. Yes, I’m rich, arrogant, self centred and mouthy but I’ve got the mental elf innit? Just another excuse to flog themselves to the gullible public.

  7. Ah bless em, sounds like first world problems to me.

    Those three cunts mentioned should be more worried about coming across as humans.

    Then again the word celebrity has lost all meaning now..like being called a racist or a nazi..

  8. All three named ,
    Haha, Markle, Watson are amongst the biggest narcissists in the world.

    This is for attention!!

    “No,no, honestly!!
    You were amazeballs.
    I’m going to hang you painting on the fridge.
    It’s lovely”.

    A way of getting praise and reassurance while pretending to be humble.

    I have narcissist traits but I’m brilliant at it.
    Probably one of the best in the country.

    • Your COTY ceremony rivaled the Chimp Boys coronation although insisting we wash your feet and kiss your ring (ooh er! ) was a bit much.

      • MNC’s a shoo-in for this year too, LL.
        He’s been blackmailing ISAC Admin by threatening to back his van over the drawbridge and under the portcullis of ISAC castle and fly tipping a load of old plasterboard onto the courtyard cobbles unless they acquiesce to his diva-esque demands.

      • I have to give up my COTY title in the next week or so lads☹️

        And someone else will be crowned and take my title.

        I’ve told Admin to have DCI handy as in between sobbing and threatening to take a bottle of pills I might get hysterical.

        Suppose I’ll have to take down the bunting and balloons too☹️

      • Who’s undoubtedly jerking off furiously into
        a sport sock like any other spotty 15 year old, as we speak.

        Exactly as it should be, the world turns and nothing changes, in the world of teenagers.

  9. I wish a big boatload of the cunts would volunteer as “relief” workers in Gaza.

    Let the IDF cure their terrible problems permanently.

    Morning Gents.

  10. All three of these suffers of imposter syndrome strike me as the type who cry after sex.

    And want help through the woods back to the road.

    The type who see themselves as mistreated.
    Whilst on a yacht in the cote d’ azure eating grapes on a sun lounger.

    • Emma Watson would most certainly be crying after a nudie-rudie session with me.
      The blindfold would be soaked.

    • Well if the grapes are unpeeled, what a travesty.. plus no-one to apply the sun lotion..

  11. With Christmas and the New Year on the horizon there will be a plethora of ‘Special Celebrety’ game shows on the television.

    These are editions where we sit looking at the screen, saying “Who the fuck are these people”.

    I blame The Kardashians.
    Muti millionaires for having nothing but a fat arse.

    • I blame Channel 4 and ITV.
      They gave us ‘Big Brother’ and I’m a Celebrity..’ many years before Kim and her circus were in the public eye, and she was only famous through Paris Hilton.

  12. Interesting subject and I guess could be applied to all soap opera actors, especially those in Eastenders.

    Once they leave that cushy gravy train, they are exposed for the acting frauds they truly are.

    • Eastenders script..
      “What’s a matter with you ”
      “Nothing mind your own business ”
      “Coming to the Queen Vic for a pint”
      ” Get out my pub your barred ”
      End credits.

      • Eastenders actor on set: ‘I ain’t sayin nuffink abaht it. Get aaht!
        Eastenders actor off set: Dahlings you were wonderful! Has anyone seen my cravat?

  13. The modern ‘woe is me’ celebrity is epitomised by that whining pretty boy, Roman Kemp.
    Son of Martin, who must have suffered his own imposter syndrome as a pretend bass player in Spandau Ballet alongside his brother who actually had a modicum of talent.
    Roman has made a career from mental health issues and constantly relating the story of when his friend committed suicide.
    If I had a friend like that, I’d seriously consider topping myself.

    • Gaz Kemp is great in Nick Mason’s band. Looking at his Spandau career, you’d never know that Gary was such a Floyd and Barrett authority. He knows every note of those early Floyd songs.

      As for Roman Kemp? Fucking nepobaby tosspot, Kill himself? He doesn’t have the guts. I would give him this advice on suicide…

      As the Nike advert says, ‘Just fucking do it!’

  14. There’s 650 imposters in that fucking big asylum in Londonstabistan.

    All pretending to know what’s best for the country.

    When in reality it’s what’s best for “THEM”.

    We are without doubt a corrupt third world shithole.


  15. Celebrity cunts, feeble jelly spined cunts whose idea of a stiff upper lip is to much botox, keep your made up illnesses to your fucking self they are definitely imposters trying to get in on the world of ill health just to garner sympathy and “aw hun” comments from the terminally deluded who follow them, absolute twats of the first water, cunts to a man/woman.

    • With her rack, she could easily identify as a schoolboy.

      Emma “ironing board” Watson

      • Just avoid using the Kleenex for any performance before Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

      • Bloody right, Captain.
        Never seen the appeal of Twatson,

        And all those weirdos ‘counting down’ till she turned 18.
        Saviletastic and creepy as fuck.

  16. They absolutely DO believe they deserve their success, but if they express doubts it makes them seem ‘modest’ and ‘humble’, which is beneficial for their careers. It’s a bit like virtue-signalling.

    • It doesn’t stop the self-important cunts from lecturing us plebs from any forum, rostrum or award ceremony, where they show how right-on and “relevant” they are.

      Ricky Gervais gave the self-righteous cunts the belated roasting they deserve, yet the arrogant cunts still carry on wagging their fingers at us knuckle-dragging plebs.

      Oh yes, and to add to my other comment about perfecting the last paragraph, I forgot to add fucking “veganism” to the other bollocks they follow and swallow uncritically.


      • In my experience it’s only a particular type. Same with the leftie luvvies in this country.

  17. Call me a thick cunt but what the fucking hell is thread even about?

    I have no fucking idea.

  18. A damned fine cunting if I may say so, but needs a slight tweak to the final paragraph:

    “These poor celebrities never seem to express the same levels of self-doubt when they are lecturing the plebs on climate change, Brexit, the Cult of Trans, the phobia of peace, racism and in particular Israel (read Jooozzz) and so-called “palestine” do they”

    Strange that.”

  19. Speaking of sleb cunts, I see that arch-luvvy Hugh Grant is moaning on again about how much he loathes acting and only suffers the trauma of it because he needs the money.

    Well if times are that hard luv, you could always get a proper job, like cleaning the bogs in a hospital for a tenner an hour or whatever.

    No? Thought not.

  20. Didn’t Sweep end up in the Priory because of this?

    He couldn’t accept he was successful. Sooty had his magic tricks, Sue had her singing voice. He felt out of place.
    Got on the Ketamine and booze.
    Owed Zippy money.

    Poor little blighter.

  21. Gaga – Smoke and mirrors pop plagiarist. All stunts and gimmicks. Makes Oasis look original.

    Emma Twatson – No tits and no talent whatsoever. Got Harry Potter role due to rich parents. Now bleats ‘feminist’ shite and sucks trannie knob. A piss poor Aldi version of Fenella Fielding.

    Megain Mantis, Cuntess of Netflix – G-List trailer trash who hooked a stupid and gullible royal knobhead. Truly nasty, devious and poisonous slag. Luckiest skank alive. ‘Famous’ for marrying Hewitt and nothing else.

  22. I wonder…. Does any lad who manages to have a boner or a wank over Lady Gaga get some sort of prize?

    They should, because it’s difficult, Nigh on fucking impossible.

    • Dunno, Norman.

      When she’s writhing about dressed in what appears to be giant rubber bands while singing Poker Face, she looks like a lass who’d enjoy a few strokes of the Cat.

  23. Twatson is still an annoyin (pre?) pubescent schoolgirl. She is the proof that ugliness is more than skin-deep.
    Into my study, you ‘orrible dozy splosher, knickers down, bend over, and 36 cuts with the wet tohiti cane. Afterwards, your corpse will be used for Human Bio A Level practicals.

  24. This ungrateful talentless bitch would still be in an unheard of child actor school if it wasn’t for JKRowling.
    Same goes for that hideous cunt Rupert Grinch who looks like an extinct species of goggle-eyed fish. I bet that the disgusting hairs in his bumcrack are matted with a mixture of stale shit and spunk.
    And “don’t start me off” (geddit) about Danianal Radcliffe.
    Anyone remember him in a film portrayed as a white supremacist ?

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