Owen Jones (25) – Ignorant Cunt!

I’ve always regarded far left pin-up boy and gobshite little Owen Jones (bless him) with what I can best describe as a mixture of amusement and contempt. He’s a manchild in his mid-thirties, with the outlook of a 17-year-old still obsessed with the politics of the student union. In short, a figure of fun, the gift that keeps on giving to cunters everywhere.

However since the appalling atrocities committed in October by Hamas, my attitude towards Jones has hardened considerably, and now I can only regard the cunt with utter disgust.

Cunters will of course be aware of the mass murder, rape, torture and kidnapping committed by Hamas against Israelis, not least due to the fact that much of the carnage was filmed and then put out on social media by Hamas itself. Further evidence has been assembled by Israel and made available to journalists and politicians, in the form of a forty minute film illustrating the extent of the horrors.

So faced with this, what does little Owen do? Well he can hardly deny the culpability of Hamas, so in the true manner of the lefty apologist, he begins to equivocate and dissemble, to try and blur the lines a little and provide some mitigation.

Yes, he says, Hamas did some bad things, but where’s the evidence that they did some REALLY bad things? Where’s the film footage of Hamas ACTUALLY torturing, raping, burning and beheading people? There’s no actual PROOF.

I’m therefore left to ponder on what WOULD convince this narcissistic little weasel of the true extent of Hamas’s depravity? What does he want? Graphic footage of a rape being committed? A snuff porn video of someone being beheaded? I’m surprised that he’s not ventured into Piers Corbyn loony tunes territory yet, and claimed that the ghastly events of October were actually an Israeli ‘false flag’ operation, designed to justify their subsequent actions.

I’ve always had a good laugh at the little lefty twat’s antics in the past, but now I’d say that he’s crossed the line and this latest effort is just plain sick. Fuck off and die, you rancid cunt.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

And on the same topical cunt, here’s one from Lord of the Rings

Where ? just where do I start with this ?

Jones is invited, along with Journalists (Jones may write lefty propaganda for that rag, Guardian, but cannot be described as a journalist as he has no objectivity and is completely closed to any opinion other than his own) – to view an IDF release detailing all the atrocities and horrors suffered during the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack.

Everyone watches in silence, unable to speak. Most leave shocked, decimated, appalled, wishing they could un-watch, but knowing it’s their duty to put deniers and neighsayers correct that this terrible attack happened.

Jones’s take on viewing the footage :-
Yes I saw burned womens bodies, but where’s the evidence they were raped.
Yes I saw beheaded bodies, but that doesn’t mean they were alive when beheaded – it could be after they were dead (does he think the Israelis beheaded them after to make it seem worse ?)

I didn’t see footage of beheaded babies so it’s just hearsay.

Words almost fail me, but I am shaking with anger while typing this. Applying Jones’s standard of evidence, the Nazi holocaust can’t have happened, Sure the allied forces found a few bodies in crematoria – the Nazis were probably short of manpower for burials. Those skeletons liberated from the camps probably had anorexia and the krauts were trying to cure them ? a health farm of sorts ?

I have never had any time for this turd or his smug vile rantings, but this shows just how

depraved a disgusting shitburger this…. this….
There are no words I know to describe what this ‘thing’ is.

It’s not a moral human being. Slugs are more evolved…….


112 thoughts on “Owen Jones (25) – Ignorant Cunt!

  1. What an imbecilic, smug manbaby this little cockwomble is. He’s utterly in love with himself and the sound of his own opinions. A legend in his own head.

    Let’s not forget that the 21st of this month is our chance to honour the little ham shanker;


    Afternoon all

    • Much to my shame Owen is a son of Stockport..

      He’s a utter disgrace.

      I did a job a few weeks ago for a bloke,
      Gay bloke, I’d worked for before,
      And he had a signed book by Owen.

      I asked him
      ” Do you know him?”
      Bloke ” oh yes!
      Owens a good lad.
      Very left wing”
      MNC ” mm.”

      The temptation to say he’s a absolute mitmot and should of been salted and dropkicked into the abortion bucket was strong.

      But I hadn’t been paid yet.😁

      • The greatest service that his dad could have performed for the nation on that fateful day would have been to pull out and shoot the would be little Owen onto the sheet.

      • His parents met as members of the Trotskyist Militant group. I suppose this gives him some kind of pedigree amongst the Guardianistas. Only topped if it was discovered he had in fact been sired by up-and-coming firebrand, Jezza Corbyn.

      • You done right Mis.

        The amount of times I’ve had to bite my tongue when some client is spouting a load of left wing bollocks.

      • Yeah Herman ,
        I try and not engage.

        Just put their names down on the list! 😄

      • I suppose with that upbringing,he was always destined to end up as a columnist for the Islington and Hampstead Guardian.

      • After a 7 months of pregnancy, the greatest service that his dad could have performed for the nation would have been to scrape baby Owen out of his mother’s cunt with a rusty metal coat-hanger.

  2. Pity he can’t fly off to Gaza, or better still Jerusalem and tell the Jews they’re all a bunch of cunts who deserve to be murdered (including LGBT Jews)

    This is one of many aspects I detest about the Left. One minute they’re banging on about Inclusion, Diversity, Race/Gender hate blah blah. And then they show their true colours by suggesting that Jews, regardless of gender, sexual persuasion, age etc) should be killed and the country wiped off the planet!

    I just wonder how many Jewish journalists and back-office staff work at the Guardian? Do they face the same hate and discrimination just because they’re Jewish?

    Jones is a cunt, and a bandwagon-jumping cunt at that.

  3. A cunt in cunts clothing.

    Who talks cunt.

    To other cunts.

    Scourge of the ‘ Far Right ‘

    I look forward to the day when he meets the real thing.

    Communist, mudslimes appeaser.

    Did I mention he was a cunt ?

    Get To Fuck.

  4. This morally bankrupt piece of effluent should be given a twice daily kick in his gonads. Please do not forget the 21st of December is Owen Jones is a wanker day.
    This twat would not be able to see the danger he would be in if he had the balls to go to Gaza. His new friends could show him the sights of Gaza before he accidently slipped off the building.

    I hate this cunt with a viceral passion. War is a filthy business at the best of times, let alone the level these Hamas cunts have sunk to.

  5. Has Owen Jones fan club president Gary Lineker said “worth 25 minutes of anyone’s time” yet?

  6. His ‘assault’ by the ‘far-right’ is about as believable as Jussie Smollett’s.

    “This is Brexit country” they yelled.

    In the middle of Islington.

    • The gobshite cheek weasel took a slap because he’s a cunt.

      Nothing to do with the far right, just some pissed up chav giving the little cunt a physical reminder of what an absolute cunt he is.

  7. Didn’t this so-called “hard man” beat up or scare off a gang of “far right” thugs a few months ago? Or was it just another wet dream of his?

    Interesting how the media give free-reign to gobby Lefty cunts like him, and yet demonise, censor or even sack anyone spout centrist or right-wing platitudes aka Laurence Fox

    • If the TARDIS was real, I would take Owen and place him on the Stretford End, the Kop, the Kippax, the Shed, Elland Road at Leeds and Millwall’s Den. All in the 70s and 80s.

      It would turn the little cunt into a puddle.

  8. ‘Fuck off and die, you rancid cunt.’
    Don’t let him hear you say that, Ron, you know how hard he is.

  9. The Left do this all the time, always have.

    They ignored the gulags of Stalin, and the deaths caused by Mao’s Cultural Revolution.
    Anything can be excused if you’re on the ‘right side of history’.

    The goal is all that matters, not how many die, as the long as those dying are not part of the utopian project.

    I’m glad Jones has made these comments. They demonstrate what a truly despicable cunt he is.

    Next he’ll be excusing the Manchester bombing.

  10. another wet fart of a man, never done anything remotely masculine in his life, probably washes his hands every time he touches his tinkle. When the human race were evolving and it was survival of the fittest these type of soft fingered excuses for blokes would have been cast out of the gang as a fucking drain on society, whiney useless little cunt should be made to do a months labouring on building site show him what real life is about. A tired cunt is a quiet cunt.

    • Can’t see the cunt lasting the week in any trade or on any site. The ‘staff turnover’ amongst millenials/gen z on sites is ridiculous these days, especially the dopes who think going to the gym makes them tough.

  11. Fuck him and all those who sail up his arse.

    Pulling apart by horses would serve him well.

    Cunt butter.

  12. Rag head loving cunt, just wait until the Muslims are in charge and he is flying off the top of the Shard, screaming ‘you can’t demonise all Muslims’, splat!

    Look at the cunt with his best mate and fellow arse bandit Mick Wanker, the bloke who allegedly has had 23 family member killed by Israel seems to be having a good laugh. all cunts together, PS fuck off back to Gaza and take the bum boys with you.


  13. Its a relief that I don’t care too much about politics and just laugh at the cunt. That’s why I’ve managed to live longer.

  14. Is 25 his IQ or how many right wing thugs he has dispatched.

    Maybe owen can be the next james bond, he ticks plenty of boxes.
    And no need for a cunt double, sorry stunt.

  15. Limp wristed little fa**ot boy. He comes from a long line of middle class commies, just like that pair of Corbyn wankstains. Like all leftie fucks he sees Islam’s war on the West as the same as his war on capitalism. The dumb cunt only sees his own ideology and has no respect for the ideology of his goat shagging friends.
    I’m sure he thinks he can persuade the Peacefuls eventually, of the rightness of his cause and get them to accept gender equality and the rights of gays and trannies etc etc.
    Good luck with that one fa**ot boy. Welcome to the land of make believe……..you stupid cunt.

  16. Despicable child. Only a paper that hates the British would employ him. It seems they hate the Jews as well.

  17. There has been an avalanche of indignation after videos showed Palestinian males wearing just their underpants and blindfolds being guarded by Israeli soldiers before being driven off to have their identification checked.
    This treatment has been described as ‘torture, a war crime and a crime against humanity’.
    Doesn’t sound anywhere near as bad as being raped, murdered and beheaded. But that’s just me.

  18. Forget Hamas, forget Israel, forget politics. Take the smoke screen away and Owen has nothing. He doesn’t have an engaging personality, he doesn’t have an interesting style. I can’t think of anything he’s done that’s not coupled to someone else’s train.

    Apart from flying the flag of woke and perpetuating the left wing narrative he’s nothing. No personal achievement, no experience of life, nothing.

    People only follow Owen because he echos the views they have anchored themselves to, he’s never going to challenge them with fresh ideas or a balanced perspective. If I want a politically left wing perspective I’d rather listen to George Galloway, he has personality and he has life experience, given his seat on the far left he’s also surprisingly more balanced.

    Owen is just latching on to a vehicle that gives him some vague popularity. When you count James O’Brien amongst your followers you know you’re a massive cunt!

  19. Good cunting but Im afraid its par for the course as far as the Left is concerned.

    Deny slavery or some “outrage” against blacks and you will be called a racist, for the left is quick to swallow wholesale anything the Black community says has offended them.

    But talk about Israel and anti-semitism and the moral equivocation starts immediately. Where is the evidence, it wasn’t as bad as that, yes but…….

    Hypocrites and utter scum. They have no moral compass whatsoever. In fact, they are racist and evil Nazis.

  20. I would gladly carry out a Pete Stucliffe style slaughter on this pathetic little maggot with the ferocity shown by Robert DeNiro in Goodfellas when he stamps all over that dude in the Bar.!

  21. Oh come on!

    The bloke can limbo under a snake.

    You’ve got to give credit for such a skill.

  22. I’d make him watch the IDF release over and over again, and every time he said

    “where’s the actual proof”

    hit him on the back of the head with a bit of 2×2.

  23. This cunt should be deported to Gaza so that he can “fact check” all the vile dung that is Hamas and its filthy rabid horde of followers.

    Hopefully they’d give him some of the same treatment he says the Israelis didn’t get.

    What a soaring,traitorous Cunt.

    • Oh and I hope most sincerely that Hamas is erased from the face of the Earth and the Israelis have the time and determination to shunt the entire population of Gaza into Egypt,so that their mudslime brothers can look after them forever.

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