Oscar Pistorius (3)

Well now, this murdering scumbag has got parole for murdering his girlfriend.

Mirror News

Claiming he thought it was an intruder in the bathroom, he shot through the door.
Yeah, yeah. The worlds full of burglars who break in to use the toilet. It couldn’t possibly have been his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, sitting on the throne.

Personally, I never thought he had a leg to stand on…..

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

56 thoughts on “Oscar Pistorius (3)

  1. Much of the world’s justice systems seem to be way out of kilter with what ordinary folk think when it comes to sentencing. I wonder why?
    Is it a condition of his parole that he does not go anywhere near a toilet?

  2. Let’s hope they don’t put the electronic tag on his false leg..

    On another note who ever is in charge of the mirror website should be gunned down on the toilet.. Fucking appalling.

  3. He may have trotted out a fairy tail defense, but he did stand trial. In the end his credibility ran out and he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

    Let’s hope he walks out of prison a better man and is able to stand on his own 2 feet.

    • The press will want their pound of flesh about the ‘real story’ as they always do.

      He can run but he can’t hide.

      • Let’s hope Justice catches up with this trigger happy seffrican veloceraptor.

        Poor Reefer Meinkampf.

        as nasal wire haired Semite Bob Dylan sang

        ” ma take this blue badge offa me
        I ain’t gonna us it anymore”

      • That’s right LL.

        And he won’t be able to dance around their questions when they catch up to him.

  4. Who’s he going to shoot his load into when he gets out now that Reeva’s no longer around?
    How about that other Sud Effrican athlete Caster Semenya? He deserves to be locked up with ‘her’ for the rest of his days, the cunt.

  5. Sometimes it’s the only way to get a woman out of the bathroom!

    I’ll get my own coat…..

  6. I wonder if they took his prosthetics off him in jail? Probably gave him Davros’ Dalek chair from Doctor Who now that he suddenly walk.

    • Morning LL…assuming you saw that David Tenant episode…fuck him and Catherine Tate. They should have both told the bastard beeb to do one after they read the tran§bumdery script…🤮

      • Morning Cunt Engine.

        That fat q*eer Davis needs fucking exterminating. Would you have Catherine Tate as a guest in your Fritzl dungeon?

      • Tennant has been full-on activist for a few years.
        He blabs and blubs about his son being ‘non-binary’.

        Outside of Doctor What The Fuck, Russell T. Davies does nothing but write propaganda for bummery and anti-Brexit/gammon dramas.

        Expect Gallifrey to resemble Brighton during Pride in coming episodes, just with more women (whatevrr the BBC thinks they are).

  7. Shoot on the shiter…what a way to depart this life.

    I wonder if she managed to squeeze one out first.

  8. Gun fiddling weirdo, used a pistol loaded with hydro-shock bullets i.e. dum dums that expand on impact. I hope he’s banned for life from owning a shooter, although I imagine South African law enforcement isn’t exactly over zealous these days.

  9. whatever else he is he’s definitely a cunt.

    if he didn’t like the lass any more why not tell her to pack her bags?

    shooting the poor bitch is terribly bad form.

    Olympic Oven.

  10. She probably didn’t suffer enough for him to have to serve the full term. Or maybe he supports JSO.

    Good morning, everyone.

  11. Reply to Liberal Liquidator (no fucking reply button under your post!)
    I’d only let Catherine Tate into my love dungeon if she laid on the floor against the armoured door and acted as a draught excluder.
    Ginger wimmin are awful, have violent tempers and their fannies smell like Aldi crab paste.

    • This would be a good example on a questionnaire. You hear somebody in the loo in the middle of the night. Do you:

      a) Go back to sleep
      b( Knock loudly on the door and ask, “Darling, is that you in the shitter laying a brown cable?”
      c) Shoot bullets through the door.

  12. He had his feet kicked from under him and should’ve been left to rot. Alternatively, hung from the ceiling and used as a punchbag.

    • Forgotten the best bit, hung upside down. Ones mind runs wild after that, with all the uncomfortable things for the twat having to endure. Shitting & pissing on oneself and keeping food down or up in his situation.

  13. You’re all being so unkind to poor old Foxtrot
    We should send him some welcome home present…
    ISAC Slippers
    Nicely embroidered with Foxtrot Oscar

  14. Sentence reduced to reflect his missing limb?

    Get him on Doctor Who. Disabled people cannot be evil.

  15. You watch, he’ll be back in the paralympics soon – don’t they have a shooting event?

  16. 9 years for the vicious murder of that beautiful young woman is an outrage and a kick in the teeth for the Steenkamp family, not to mention a stain on the South African justice system.

    Nothing short of a whole life sentence should have been considered by the court.

    • Here’s an African related joke.

      What do you call a bleck man in a suit….


  17. I don’t know how he played the intruder defence, I worked with a south African lad and he told me all Whitey’s there live in secure gated property’s because of the rampant crime riddled books that prowl surbubia….☠️

      • This entitled egotistical cunt should stay locked up for a lot longer. The ‘intruder’ defence was a load of bollocks. I’ll always remember the day he turned up at court without his artificial limbs, hoping to gain sympathy.

  18. And we will now never be rid of that trans creature that is currently hogging the series.

    It will get its own show, it will appear on chat shows and morning programmes, it will be on Strictly Cunt Dancing.. And I bet that the horrible thing will be reading the Nativity on the BBC this Christmas.

  19. No surprises here. All par for the course with the state of justice in this world. No more words.

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