The Courts Becoming Overtly Political

is a cunt.

We are already used to the Blairite ‘Supreme Court’ making judgements to back up politically motivated actions. However, it now seems that the jury system has become similarly corrupted as the leftist march through the institutions gathers momentum.

Check this out, where the harpy vandals of Extinction Rebellion are cleared by a jury on the basis that they had ‘lawful excuse’ for smashing up HSBC property:

How long before jury decisions in cases of rape and murder are made subject to the political leanings of the defendant? Maybe Peter Sutcliffe’s defence could have argued that he was a politically opposed to prostitution and thereby provide ‘lawful excuse’. Maybe there is a case for a posthumous pardon to be issued by the Home Secretary.

Trauma through injustice is a thing. We are all being systematically subjected to it.

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65 thoughts on “The Courts Becoming Overtly Political

  1. Perhaps it’s the Great British public that need the cunting?

    From the article;

    ‘It’s depressing that this acquittal came via a jury, an institution that is supposed to be a bulwark against elitist nonsense, not a promoter of it.

    The Times reports that of the members of XR to have faced a jury trial, “29 have been cleared and 18 have been convicted”. Juries are clearly sympathetic to the climate alarmist cause, even letting off activists who admit criminal damage.’

    I wonder about the make-up of the juries in these cases?

    Sounds like a lot of older black women.

    • “by a jury of your peers..

      by peers I take it to mean 12 stout upstanding tradesmen.

      they’re my peers.

      Not Wilfred umbongo the time served witch doctor,
      two split arses, and a bunch of paraffins who are escaping the cold.

      juries should be All white.

      All male.

      All able bodied.

      • I did jury service over 20 years ago – even then the juror were a bunch of fuckwits. I said to Lady C that I never want to be tried by 12 members of the great unwashed public. It’s probably even worse now. Mind you, no different from Ken Dodd being acquitted by a jury in Liverpool all those years ago.

  2. “Would the defendant please rise? Ahem, Mr Cunt Engine, you are accused of kidnap, coerced oral sex and penetration with a phallic-shaped object. What have you to say for yourself?”
    “I’m a traveller who is also a mu§lim and on that particular day, I identified as Judith and am therefore a tran§person and anything you say against me is hate speech. Besides, it was Anne Widdecombe and she wanted me to lick her out and then put on a strap-on to go to town on me, Barrymore-style. If anything, she assaultwd me, your Honour.”
    “Oh, that’s alright then, Mr Cunt Engine. You’re free to go. See you in the lodge on Friday evening?”
    “Yes, Grand Wizard.”

  3. A worrying trend indeed. The only solution I can see is that the injured parties pursue the vandals through the civil courts for damages.

    • Look 20,
      you got bound over for 12 months for indecent exposure.

      we’ve all been there.

      stop moaning about it.

      it wasn’t because you voted Brexit but because you were in the chapel of rest.

      • He should have tried the ‘Miserable defence’ and carried a dog lead so to seem like looking for a missing dog but it doesn’t work if you are arrested with it tied around your balls.

      • exactly LL.
        he’s giving it the ‘ Nelson Mandela ‘ political prisoner bollocks because he got caught being naughty.

        I was on that Jury 20?
        you’d better have a Rachel Welsh poster for in your cell that’s all I’m saying.


      • It was the Lib Dems what done it. Honest, MNC. Fucking sandal wearing yogurt swiggers.

    • How about a privately funded paramilitary squad. To tear through said cunts property..

  4. What an utter farce. The jury is supposed to be directed by the judge aren’t they? Smashing up property = guilty as charged = prison. Anarchy has arrived.

  5. At this point – I’m just waiting for Vladimir Lenin to respawn and take over this country.

  6. While we were prisoners of the Fourth Reich, they legally colonised us. The ECJ was the highest court to which you could appeal, overiding anything British. Now that we’ve escaped, we must try and improve our judicial system. Jurues have always been too lenient, but even more now when festooned with Polish, Pakïstanki, Nigerians, et al jurors.

    If I were the judge, I would’ve returned them and ordered these fuckwits to think again. XR need to do hard labour, building roads and cleaning statues.

  7. Have any fellow cunters been called up for jury service?

    My old mum did years ago, criminal damage I think the scroat was up for. She was itching to put him in a gibbet on the city walls or hard labour but alas I think he got a paltry fine.

    • I did jury service back in 2006. It was an interesting thing so if you get called up, do it – although I’m not sure it’s easy to get out of it anyway. One of the prosecution witnesses was a policeman. After about 2 minutes of questioning it was obvious he didn’t have a clue what was going on. He’d actually turned up to the wrong trial(!) British justice, eh?

    • My Dad did and had to sit in on three separate trials.

      Needless to say the two umbongo trials were found guilty as charged.

      My Dad was gutted the judge didn’t get the black cap out…I did point out that the death penalty is possibly a bit severe for petty theft and domestic abuse, but he was having none of it.

  8. Yes we did it, we smashed all those windows and we would do it again because we are in the right, on the right side of history, now just find us not guilty and let us get back to being cunts.

    HSBC should just take them to the civil courts for damages.

    The country has gone to shit.

  9. I envisage a reboot of that classic 50s film “12 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda, to be now called “12 Angry Cunts” starring Greta Cuntface.

    The plot involves a man who is in complete support for climate change, and as a consequence is brought before a judge and jury for his heinous crimes.

    The 11 persons of the jury (a mixture of genders, non genders and cunts) declare their support for the man and that climate change is all bollocks. However, Greta Fuckwit pulls a face and sneers “How Dare You!” And within minutes the 11 cunts change their minds and find the man not guilty.

    The man is released and glues his head to the M25 and they all live happily ever after!

  10. What leftie cunt picked the Jury – sounds like a right old fit up if you asked me.

    These underfucked lezzers should have gone down and now, with this ruling, this is going to be set in case law and future, lazy, hippie cunts that vandalise our streets are going to refer to this ruling.

    Lawful excuse my arse – so when my neighbour pisses me off with his dog barking all hours, if I drop kicked the dog into next year could I claim lawful excuse?

  11. Love to be a judge me.
    got the temperament for it.

    Even got my own wig and Cape.

    But they don’t let working class lads be judges.

    have to be a posh cunt .
    it’s called ‘ class discrimination ‘.

    it’s illegal!
    and they’d get a life sentence if they stood in the dock before me.

    • I dunno Mis, shouting GUILTY! before any ethnic defendant had even opened their mouth and I think people might begin to talk.

      Fiddler had his own parking spot at the local magistrates court and a side door reserved for notorious repeat offenders.

      • Fiddler is the epitome of what would constitute a good judge.

        unfortunately most of his time in court has been on the other side of the dock.

    • Dressing up as Vegas Elvis, won’t cut it in court mis..And definitely don’t do a rendition of jailhouse rock..

      • “A Bisto gravy truck was targeted your honour and stopped from leaving the factory by JSO climate activists”.

        “Have the defendants last meal prepared and then ready the firing squad thank you tipstaff”.

    • I seem to remember (as my old nan used to watch it) that the jury was actually just 12 members of the public, like a real court. The rest was obviously made up.

  12. I’d love to see a darkie in the dock and empty jurors seats, but for old tyres, petrol cans and a large box of Swan Vestas.

  13. British justice is a wobbly effeminate jelly these days.

    It’s big business barristers earning hundreds of thousands,legal aid a giant sprawling mess and juries full of fa880ts.

    I highly recommend Judge Oven.

  14. Traitors.They all want off loading into Unkle T’s special industrial sized heater.Shit weasels 😠

  15. The Law has always been swayed in favour of it’s own.

    it’s never been for the likes of me and thee.

    Once it was for Mr Robin Fortescue -smyth who with a envelope of £50 notes and a funny handshake would be acquitted of all charges.

    despite being found with no trousers on and covered in blood.

    Nowadays it’s all for Barnabus Fortescue -smyth who despite being found with a brick next to a shattered Jewish window is acquitted of all charges.

    The likes of Darren or Kevin the factory worker get a tag on their leg, a fine,
    or if a friend of Steven Yaxley Lennon (alias Tommy Robinson) a fuckin good hiding and a year of jail time.

    justice will be done.

    an so will we.

  16. Hopefully as suggested by many, HSBC will pursue them through the civil courts for every penny they’ve got plus all their possessions down to and including their underwear. If they do I shall move our accounts there and try to persuade everyone I know to do the same.

    Also, posting their home addresses on the net might have interesting effects.

    • Nah – I think HSBC will shit themselves over a woke “backlash” so will do fuck all.

  17. It must be lost on that stupid nepo baby Stella McCartney, who provided expensive clothes for the accused, that the fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global emissions.

    • no one would be daft enough to buy her overpriced shite, LL..
      I imagine the purple haired prick Paul subsidises her failing business,a bit like becks and skeletor.

      • No doubt Baz, its just a plaything for the rich. The silly bitch must have flown the equivalent of to the moon and back with air travel to fashion shows, watching miserable bulimic stick insects wearing her ridiculous clothes whose cost would feed M’tembe for a lifetime.

  18. Here you go:

    Judges are appointed from barristers, so you can see how it’s going. Stupid cunts – doesn’t affect you if you’re pulling in 500K a year and living in a gated community.

    I really feel that the social fabric of this country has broken down. I was a staunch monarchist and regualr CofE church-goer. Now those institutions have been destroyed. Charles can fuck off and the CofE will diappear up its own arse as they won’t stand up to the mozzers and want religion to be net zero. Absolute fucking tools the lot of them.

  19. Juries are made up entirely of black people, law of averages pure and simple. Stands to reason, just like in the adverts on telly, or the Cabinet.. White people only exist in old films. Even then it was really black people whited-up. Spooky or what? I was really upset when the Black Broadcasting Company dropped the Black and Black Minstrel Show.

    Fuck my old pyjamas, the make-up’s wearing off and my hair has gone all frizzy.
    Lordy! I can play the banjo!

    • I like those colourful chalk drawings that clever bod artists do of court proceedings where no cameras are allowed.
      Your point about sootıes on juries is well made. Even worse than that, I saw a chalk drawing of one of these savages the other day masquerading as a be-wigged barrister:

      • Doesn’t surprise me, Mr Cunt Engine. Whities are so useless they can hardly hold a broom. Their lips aren’t rubbery enough.

  20. There is no law in this cuntry. It’s an arse.

    I’d wager if you are white, taxpaying right thinking member of the indigenous population and you happens to come before the beak, for whatever reason, don’t expect justice but be prepared to be made a virtuous example of….

    As for the ‘supreme’ court and ECHR, the creature Blair knew exactly what he was doing back then.

    • Winston Churchill was an early advocate of the ECHR,
      And instrumental in its creation.
      British lawyers were integral to drafting the text.
      Churchill… Blair….
      The beat goes on.
      No wonder most people under 40 believe Winnie was our first bleck PM.

  21. Criminal prosecution in the UK is now nothing more than a giant vat of chimp smeg.

    Jail? No places due to overcrowding resulting from no new jails.
    Fines? Sorry guv, I don’t have two brass farthings.

    Name? Stephen Yaxley Lennon. Right sonny, you’re for the high jump.

    • Another heart warming thought occurred to me Lord C. When her ban expires can you imagine the price she will be quoted for insurance? It’ll look like a fucking telephone number!

  22. If the death penalty was ever brought back, would today’s judges still be wearing the black cap ?

  23. Anybody who watched Clockwork Orange or read the book will agree. This was the first scenario where violent killers were coddled by society and let off to do it again. Then Lord Longford appeared and Capital Punishment was abandoned.
    Now we have home-owners DEFENDING their property being jailed (Tony Martin) to now cunts being let off with a slap on the wrist for causing £1/2m damage!
    I won’t even go into the Islamic terrorists who are shutting off our streets every weekend!

    • The big mistake Mr Martin made was chasing the cunts after he had scared them from the house. According to the law at the time that was excessive use of force as the threat ie the thieving cunts had been nullified as they had vacated the property hopefully soiling their undergarments in the process. Once the cunts are out the house the use of force to stop them can be problematic as they could be looking for a multi faith area.or some such running them through with a sword may not endear you to judge and jury though it might make you feel the buzz

  24. I would have found them guilty and ordered to cut the grass in the public park with their teeth..

    Odious wee cunts.

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