Bristol Airport Multi- Faith Bus Shelter

Bristol Airport is under fire for its new Multi- Faith shelter erected in the airport waiting zone. The airport has placed it there so Muslims waiting to collect “loved ones” will have somewhere to pray. Why?

Unfortunately the criticism is about the unsuitability of the construction . It looks like a bus shelter or a smoking zone. And no doubt that how it will be used – as a fag strewn dogging zone. Muslims have also complained that it’s too small, too open and not oriented towards Mecca. Oh dear?

The real question for me is why one is needed in the first place? Must we have prayer zones for Muslims in every waiting area? Why not ones for Christians and Jews while we are at it. Or a nice meditation zone for Buddhists with a gentle running water soundtrack and wind chimes.

The constant pandering to Muslims has made this country a shadow of what it once was. Pathetic.

Bristol Post

Addendum. It’s described as a “ multi- faith” zone. But everyone knows for whom it is intended. Who else needs to pray every 10 minutes of the day.

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64 thoughts on “Bristol Airport Multi- Faith Bus Shelter

  1. If I were into vandalising property (which I am not as I am a law abiding citizen, albeit a cunt) I would draw a picture in marker pen of another man standing with his chap out so the dude kneeling looks like he’s doing a Linda Lovelace and giving some deep throat.

    What a giggle that would be.

  2. Nice, whilst kneeling and moving forwards towards the concrete to be greeted by the smell of piss, dog shit, dog piss, spew, sponk, used jubbers and kebab sauce.

  3. I worked a year at a college in 2005. In Hull. Opposite my office was a ‘multi faith prayer room’. Inside it had a carpet and Koran. No crucifixes etc. It was never used as Hull had very few muslims then. Pointless fucking posturing.
    This is the same college that rescues and repairs tents etc from cunts festivals and sends them to fucking Calais.

    • I once worked for a major US bank which had a ‘Quiet Room’ supposedly to be used by those seeking a bit of, well, peace and quiet at lunchtime. It was quickly appropriated by muslims as a prayer room. I went in there once and was greeted by the sight of about six arses pointing upwards.

  4. They’ll have to have a brand new carpet installed so the clients have something to kiss during prayer.

  5. I used to work with a Muslim bloke. He would go and pray between two buildings. His name was Ali.

  6. Fuck me. Just what you need.
    Some rag head cunt chanting Alan’s snack bar
    Just before you get on a plane.
    And relax.

  7. MOHAMMED ATTA MEMORIAL BUS SHELTER. There, fixed it for you, you fucking ragheads. Oh, and thanks for assassinating my cousin on Pan Am 103. His widow and two young sons haven’t gotten around to thanking you so I thought I would.
    You know Islam would come to a crawling halt if Craigslist removed Men Seeking Goats under their personals….

  8. Fucked right off with all this diversity shit happening in Bristol.
    Prayer shelters, statue dunking,
    place/Road name changes etc.
    Without the likes of Colston Bristol would be a shitty little back water. Still, maybe better that way. I.e. fuck all diversity!

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