Luke Cobb – Vicious Dog Walker

A nomination for Brighton dog walker (and sometime abuser) Luke Cobb, who was caught on video smashing a dog in his care against a brick wall.

Seems the video has circulated around social media and now Lukey is in trouble with the law, being charged with cruelty to animals. A pre-Christmas court date of 21st December has been set. The family must be thrilled.

A mate of mine knows this cunt and can vouch for the accounts of the other dog owners who have called him callous and unhelpful after he lost their pup on a walk. Apparently he has form for losing dogs. My mate was involved in a search for one of them, and said Luke didn’t bother to join in. Sounds like his missus has an attitude problem as well.
One customer has referred to him as a ‘snidey prick’, although I’ve found that’s all too common an attitude in Brighton.

I notice there is a lot of ‘commentary’ on his business’s Facebook page, with his full address having been handed out, although with the Mail revealing the street name and a picture of him and his ghastly abode, it’s not as if people couldn’t use street view to find the cunt, as well as tip-offs from legions of angry locals who have used his services.

Anyway, I’d like to see him try picking up my dog and shoving her into a wall.
The cheeky cunt would probably charge me for building repairs. He’d have more luck with Phil Vickery (the rugby player, not the chef).

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

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  1. Animals have zero rights in any country, not even the UK. And this is just a tip of the iceberg, high profile case. How many other incidents of casual cruelty slip under the net on a daily basis? If something cannot be proved in a court of law, it will simply go unnoticed. Nation of animal lovers my arse.

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