Laura Trott – Suffering with the Trots!

Parp parp!

A maiden voyage for the fragrant Laura Trott. The Tory Chief Secretary to the Treasury has announced that disabled people must work from home to ‘do their duty’.

This Bridget Jones sound-alike has roundly confirmed that there is very little going on between her pretty 38 year old ears. By opening her pie-hole, she has insulted people with disabilities up and down the country. Many disabled people who can work do actually work. Well whatdya know, these disabled people have bills to pay and aspirations in life just like normal, able-bodied humans like you, Trotty. This daft mare may actually be surprised by this titbit?

Some disabled people below pensionable age are so severely disabled that work isn’t an option, let alone prospective employers simply don’t want to make the adjustments necessary to accommodate them.

I’ll tell you what Trotty, how about first having a clear-out of the dead-wood in the Treasury that “get by” day to day on gold plated civil serpent packages whilst wiggling their arse in the air on their peloton or snoozing at their desks, or by getting paid and talking wank. Like you. That would save considerably more money than picking on disabled people. How about sorting out the dinghy gimmegrants and telling them to work? Nah, too big a fucking problem of the Tories’ own making.

Where the fuck did they find this bint – probably noshed and polished a few cocks in the Treasury to get the gig.

Just fuck off with you. This stupid Trott tart makes my piss fizz.

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Nominated by: Paul Maskinback

(More info here. And not to be confused with Laura Trott the cyclist here – Day Admin)  



46 thoughts on “Laura Trott – Suffering with the Trots!

  1. Another fine MP from the school of hard knocks, with a back ground in history and economics..

    Though can’t see the futile gesture of robbing Paul to pay Abdul..And adbuls brother,and his 12 cousins..
    Save a penny or two here though.

    How about you get the civil servants back to work 5 days a week, you soon to be unemployed cunt..

  2. She is the MP for Sevenoaks, posh commuter town in Kent, you would need benefits approaching £50k a year to even get a mud hut to live there.

    But, she has a point there are far too many people lounging on the benefits bandwagon, mobility issues shouldn’t be a barrier to earning a living and I would suggest that there are many who do quite successfully.
    Benefits Britain in general is a fucking mess, however I would start with foreign cunts before disabilities, no job for six months, fuck off back to where you came from.

    There will always be the entitled cunts who work the system, remember the deaf woman who sued the BBC during Covid for failing to have an hand waver on 2 out 169 Bojo/Hancock briefings.

    The message should be, get a fucking job and stop taking the piss, I don’t care if you are waiting for a hip replacement, take a fucking aspirin and get in with it 😂

    • Couldn’t agree more. Unwanted immigrants, illegal or not, then malingerers. I know somebody who can get around as well as I can. Wrote off his BMW Motabilty car and had a replacement delivered, fucking delivered, two days later. Around the same time one of my kids had her car written off by an idiot in a car park and had to wait weeks for a barely acceptable insurance pay out. As she needed one for work, I bought one for her before she got sacked. The payout covered about half of my costs. Life’s not fair those who graft and somebody needs to give disability and other malingerers a dose of reality. Can walk? Then it’s either no car or one of those blue ones that people get years ago. Fuck off, scrounging hard faced cunts.

      • *life’s not fair TO those who graft – I make mistakes when I get really pissed off over something.

      • “BMW Motabilty car”. Doesn’t this sum up one the things wrong with this country? What’s wrong with a For Ka or, better still, bring back those blue Invacars

  3. The disabled won’t be too upset by the comments made from loopy Laura. They’ll be glad their brains aren’t disabled such as where the information came from.

  4. So the welfare bill is unsustainable is it?

    Who made it like that?

    The same expenses claiming cunts who keep adding more benefits,more rules,more vast armies of pen pushers,more Ben Nevis sized pikes of bullshit.

    They’ve wheeled this tripe out after some backroom cunts told this idiot that it will be a “vote winner”..

    What will really happen is that some cunt in a jobcentre will type loads of bollocks about some dosser,who will appeal the decision and win..rinse and repeat at colossal expense a million times.

    How about removing every single “migrant” from the country to save money?

    Turf out every last Islamic extremist and their supporters,there’s tens of thousands of those cunts in the country..send the fuckers at their expense to Pakistain.

    What a load of shit by the same snobby shithouse cunts who created the problem in the first place.

    Fuck Off.

    • Stop the Boats, that was the promise from the suntan kid, claims a success by the fact there aren’t as many as last year, I think he needs to look up stop in the dictionary.

      • The definition of success according to politicians is very different to the definition of success as used by normal people.
        On Wednesday we’ll have Boris claiming that the Chinky Flu measures taken by his government were a success.

      • People will start taking matters into their own hands soon.Remember the poll tax riots?Miles worse I reckon.Easy and simple:STOP THE WATER RATS MID TRANSIT AND PUSH THEM BACK TO FRANCE.Shit weasels.The demise of the English white men.

      • All it would take is the Royal Navy to torpedo a few of the vessels carrying the human filth. But nobody has the balls to give the order.

  5. There is a Dutch auction going on between the Conservatives and those little Labour motherfuckers Starmer and Reeves as who can be tougher on ẗhe unemployed Of course both sides are just talking piss and wind. It wouldnt hurt the posing cunts in Parliament to do an honest days work.

  6. There’s disability, and there’s disability.
    Fat fucks who can’t be arsed to get to work will soon slim down when the dole money stops.
    People who suffer from anxiety will learn that we’re all in the same boat, and we dislike the same things.
    Long covid and yuppie flu sufferers, there’s no such ailment.

    As a child, I used to help a disabled relative with Parkinson’s disease cut up chamois leather to make cleaners for car windscreens, and he earned a pittance.
    I also worked for a while with a blind man who operated a capstan lathe, he refused to give in.

    Yes there are genuine cases, it’s the workshy cunts that need to be forced out of benefits scrounging.
    There’s plenty of farm produce needs harvesting.

    • I was on disabillity for 7 years. 7 fucking years. If the cunt NHS had just fixed the fucking problems in the first place i would have been off for 6 fucking months. 7 years of unremiting fucking agony, 7 years of 4 hours sleep a week, seven years of begging to be seen by a consultant. 7 years of my life utterly fucked. Cunts all of them. I wanted to get back to work, i loved my work. I tried to work but ended up in hospital every time with more fucking problems and then i had to go through the shit storm of reapplying for benfits again. I look at these lazy cunts with fuck all wrong with them (anxiety, ADHD, and all the other made up shit) sponging off the tax payer and my fucking piss boils. CUNTS.

  7. 7.2 million people claiming disability benefits needs looking at. Notice the amount of adults finding out they have ADHD for example? They can claim additional benefits.

    People who claim to suffer fibromyalgia but it always clears up at the weekend so they can dance all night.

    What should happen is if you’re actually disabled the state should look after you but if you’re able to work then you should be looking for a suitable job. Suffering anxiety means working from home is preferable if the jobs that allow it.

    But before all of that let’s start at the MOD, 20,000 civil servants to do what 200 manage in Israel. I would think that most government departments are well overweight in a similar fashion.

    So yes people need to stop taking the piss but that should include all recipients of tax revenue.

  8. Don’t disagree, too many sponging cunts nowadays, so all are tarred with the same brush in my book. Sick to death of funding chavs, slivers, immos and the dross of society.

    I had a cousin, now thankfully dead who claimed disability and didn’t work for years because of a bad back.

    Cunt was in so much pain he had to play 18 holes of golf twice a week and have a mobility car consummate with membership of said golf club.

  9. Talking of skiving cunts, what’s on with the Royal Mail. No deliveries for a fortnight where I am. Amazon dooshkas and Joe Dalkis delivering the day after orders placed.

    Useless cunts in shorts,

  10. Talking of skiving cunts, what’s on with the Royal Mail. No deliveries for a fortnight where I am. Amazon dooshkas and Joe Dalkis delivering the day after orders placed.

    Useless cunts in shorts,

    • Bloody true Leo.

      My first cunting here on my return was about the Royal Mail and their staggering incompetence. And they are as bad as ever.

      I ordered a record a month ago (Pet Sounds in Mono). And while the record place did despatch it, it got into Royal Mail’s clutches. Put in the tracking number, and it just says ‘In Transit. Arrived at Manchester Office’. Only thing is, it has said that since November 6th and it still says that now. They are both shite and useless.

      And they are scruffy bastards, What happened to the postman’s uniform?

      • You never forget your first nom, Norman 😜

        I dunno if the cunts here are striking, short staffed or just infested with pilfering cunts.

        I have two items that have been ‘in transit’ for weeks. They deserve to close down.

      • More fuckwittery from Doctor Who, Norman.

        Now there is a half Indian actor playing Isaac Newton in the anniversary specials. Some hack said right-wingers were forgetting the word ‘fiction’ especially ironic after your Russel T. Davis nom about Davros. Oh, and the Doctor wants to bum him. Of course he fucking does.

      • But Newton was a real man, with real ancestors who still exist. Fiction my arse. They have no respect for history or people, even the dead.

        And typical leftie about turn. Newton is suddeny ‘fictional’, but Davros is being treated like he is real and has caused offence? Selective and two faced as ever. Fucking woke scum.

        And Tennant is a woke turd in real life, Liberal.
        Have paycheque and woke storyline will travel.
        That’s him all over, the damn cunt.

      • And that trans creature that’s in it….Good fucking God…

        How it is referred to as ‘pretty’ at every opportunity. It looks like Paul McGrath with a ladies wig on.

        The thing also lectures everyone, of course. Knows better than everyone else. Sermons on womanhood and feminism from a freak with a whopping great knob. Hilarious.

        And it can’t act in any way shape or form. Absolute shit. The BBC would have casted a dog turd if it was a black trans. Gruesome woke propagnada at its very nastiest and most disgusting.

      • Was that the Evening Standard’s Clickbaity troll piece?

        I think that’s called ‘running cope’, as in the ES running a story full of ‘cope’ (gaslighting and denial) for a dying property that now only exists as way for our much-loved Brexit Derangement-suffering, media-luvvie class to entertain itself, rather than genuine human families..
        This was pretty apparent when Steven Moffat took over and wrote for himself and his Fitzroy chums. Such articles are usually ratio’d to fuck..

        Much of the corporate media spent years running cope for Disney until the investors started making noises. Now you’ll find more outlets questioning the success of various projects that continue to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

        As always, money talks. Just a shame it takes so long to filter down to the wankers at various Digi-Pravda sites like Vice and HuffPost.

  11. There are a fucking load of lead swingers out there (regretfully I have come across loads in my line of work) They love it when the genuine claimants start objecting and become very vocal, because they act as a smokescreen the sponging cunts can hide behind whilst still robbing the system.

  12. Its slmost as if there wasn’t enough money after disastrous lockdown and immigration policy, as well as bribes to formrr colonies with space programs in foreign aid to get defence contracts, which went to other countries. such as -worryingly – Russia.

    I know of people who could be working and whose illness is conveniently ‘invisible’ who gave a deep aversion to work and do nothing to help themselves get better. They’d rather be seen as pathetic wasters by anyone outside of their little circle of meek lib dem wankers. The problem is we’ve had this before with the tories during the recession of 2009-2012; just tar everyone with the same brush, make claiming benefits such a bureaucratic invasive nightmare with sanctions that people drop their claim or, if genuinely disabled, kill themselves.
    They repeated a similarly eugenic philosophy during Covid filling up care homes with covid patients and allowing dosabled patients to be labelled do not resuciatate, regardless of the family’s permission.

    It’s why I have never voted for the cunts, an believe anyone over 65 voting for them may as well be a turkey voting for Christmas, and given this latest brain fart Labour are a shoo-in.

  13. What else does one expect from these Tory pigs?
    After all, wasn’t it under Cameron’s regime that a registered blind man was told by Job Centre Nazis to ‘see’ what work was available for him? The poor sod truly was/is as blind as a bat.

    And, we hear the sob stories about Gaza and Afghanistan. But not a care or a word for the genuinely sick (mentally and physically) people who died or were driven to suicide under those bastards, Duncan Smith, McVey, Cameron and his batty boy Clegg. That was a crime against humanity, but nobody here gave a fuck and still don’t.

    And, talking of that Scouse slag McVey, that is what this Trott Trolliop is. Another Tory beanbag. Another ‘filly’ for the dick in a pig Etonians. Top hole, what.

  14. They are all as mad as a bucket full of 🐸🐸🐸. They realise they are finished next year.The comedy Dame and his fruitloops will be even worse.😞

  15. I get benefits for cancer related issues. Would love to work but for the time being I would be a cunt to employ as I could go sick at anytime. This is not fair on whoever employs me and other workers who will have to pick up the slack. Life is not wonderful on benefits as I get far less than folk would guess. I would earn double by doing my regular work, even if just part time. I am very lucky as the cancer is gone and I was stage 3, but the impact of treatment was far worse than the cancer. As always thanks to those who put in a shift so people like me can be looked after when the shit hits the fan.

  16. this old witch is my local MP here in sevenoaks, but she lives in Balham, I used to live there but I moved here to sevenoaks, she is a right stuck up hooray Henrietta who thinks her shit doesn’t stink, met her once and that was enough, she is as much use as a swimming pool lifeguard at Michael Barrymores swimming pool, I have told her to sort out the dire local public transport here and all she has done is now made ticketless train journeys possible, and that is all, we need better bus and roads here but fuck all is happening

  17. I bet Laura Trott the cyclist is sick and tired of people coming up to and saying Your teeth don’t look as big in reality as they do in photographs.

  18. Does anyone one believe that 1 in 10 working age people are too sick to do any work? No, a significant proportion are fucking leeches who need a good cunting and putting back to work shovelling shit, pulling carrots or whatever menial shit we can find for them. Cunts the lot of them. She’s right.

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