Dirty Dame Judi Dench

Let’s have an I can’t unsee that cunting for Dirty Dame Judi Dench, who traumatized her daughter Finty Williams (who the hell names their kid Finty?) and actor Chris Logan (who the hell is Chris Logan?) by Face Timing them when she was nude.


It seems dearest Finty wanted mummy to call and wish Chris a happy birthday so mummy obliged by Face Timing the duo from the privacy of her bath…in the nude. Butt naked as it were. In her birthday suit…as she entered this world…with nothing left to the imagination.

*blech again*

I wonder how many years of therapy and substance abuse counselling the pair will have to undergo in order to cope with that horrific sight?

For her part the Old Trout blamed it on her poor eyesight and not understanding how her smart phone works. But it seems there’s more here than meets the eye. (Pun intended.)

It’s not the first time the Dirty Dame has sent naughty selfies to someone. Apparently, she’s admitted to mooning Oprah and Harvey Weinstein via smartphone (I can’t think of a more deserving pair) and has talked openly about her favorite “naughty knicker shop”, her attraction to co-star Ali Fazal (who?) and how her feelings of desire just won’t go away.

OK…I don’t want to be cruel. We all age. But here in the states when Grandpa has the urge to drive we take his car keys away. For the love of Aphrodite somebody please take the Old Trout’s phone away!

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If this doesn’t turn the IsaC Horn Section into the IsaC Wind Section then nothing will!


Nominated by: General Cuntster

65 thoughts on “Dirty Dame Judi Dench

  1. General – I will be speaking to my lawyers in the morning with a view to suing you for $30m due to PTSD, mental issues and a spilt coffee all over my keyboard!

    The mental picture in my head of Dench nude at 88 years old… my God.. the vision of that wrinkled skin, the scars, the pancake tits…

    Fuck it… I need something to neutralise this vision, the nightmare… and its only 7:05 in the morning.

    Breakfast is fucking cancelled!

      • I shan’t bother. I’m still pissing myself from listening to Spencer Tracy trying to pronounce ultimatum. Don’t know how Katharine Hepburn kept a straight face. Do you suffer from the DTs by any chance ? Its a phrase I made up due to the fact why you yanks can’t pronounce the letter T in most words and replace it with a D. There’s also heavy demands on the last syllable in words. Why !?!

      • Just imagine; people in different parts of the world pronounce words of the same language, differently.

        Blew my mind too.

  2. I imagine her daughter has already been traumatised by being called Finty.
    The best thing she can do is post the images online.
    Does anyone know of an appropriate site specialising in revenge porn for the over-80s?

  3. Information on Dame Judy is sacrosanct and this hamshank should be looking into much worse filth in his shithole of a country. Hope he steps out from a building on the first floor over here.

      • He’s probably gone for English elocution lessons. Hope they’re on the first floor of our office.

    • It would seem this morning’s nomination aroused the passions of at least one member of the IsaC Horn Section.

      How very gallant of you to defend her honor. Perhaps next time you could spell her name correctly.


      • This nomination is about Judi Dench. But obviously, you’ve got unresolved issues.

        I think I’ll just leave it there as any further discourse is pointless.

        Regards and Good Morning from the Americas.

  4. I bet her minge looks like a dead rat that’s been lying up an alley for 3 weeks,probably next door to a Chinese chippy.

    The mad old Cunt.

    • You can just imagine being on the other end of that video call and asking why she has taken a badly packed kebab in the bath with her.

      Then reality hits. 🤮

      • I used to say “dropped lasagne” until what you wrote that is so much worse. One doffs one’s cap to you Sir.

      • Glad to be of assistance Shackledragger..

        And no LC. The haunting memory of Gemma Collins spreading her spam butterfly with what looks and smells like garlic sauce oozing our is what mind bleach was invented for.

        Sleep well all 🤮

  5. You’d think that after all the adulation, honours and money over her lifetime, Britain’s favourite Chinese woman would have had enough of whoring herself out for publicity.
    Apparently not.
    A naked Dench must look like a tortoise without its shell on.

  6. Off topic,
    looks like innocent man Jussie Smollett has to go do some prison time☹️

    They say he made up a racist attack about white MAGA hat wearing rednecks
    but was really 2 black bodybuilders he’d paid.

    He’s very upset about it.

    ” I tell you it was a one armed man!”

    • What else did these bodybuilders get up to while ‘smashing’ him?

      The BBC would like to use the footage in their next thrilling Doctor Who episode about Black Lives Mattering.

      • At least French old bill are more honest than the British and Irish police.
        They’ve told us he’s an immigrant and admitted they may have fucked up.
        All we get told up to a low key trial 18 months later is that it’s ‘a man’.

      • As in Ireland, he will be described as a French national with mental health problems. Why do we never hear of Christians killing innocents shouting “for the love of Christ” (apart form the Crusades) or J3ws shouting “this is for Yahweh”, or Hindus shouting “this is for Vishnu”? Nope – it’s always mozzers.

      • Don’t Look Back in Anger
        Not All Moose-limbs
        Religion of Pieces
        Putting the ham in Mohammed.

    • Cheers Miserable.👍

      Suite: Judy Blue Eyes was wriitten by Stephen Stills, about his relationship with Judy Collins (the lucky cunt).

      Crosby and Nash were taking turns on Joni Mitchell. Never trust a hippy.

  7. I was told a story about Judi Dench stepping out in front of a cab without looking. The cab driver shouted “look were you’re going you stupid cunt”. Ms Dench calmly said “Dame Cunt if you don’t mind”. Not sure about the cunting – it’s the sort of thing my mum would have done.

    • I was told of an occurrence where an obese woman stepped out in front of a black cab causing the cabbie to brake sharply. Cabbie opened his window and words were exchanged. When the woman said; “You could have driven round me.” he replied; “No I couldn’t. I ain’t got enough diesel.”

  8. Dear, dear Dame Judi, a national treasure, if a bit eccentric these days.

    Has she got a new flick or a book out, and needs a bit of publicity?

    Morning all.

  9. I was interested to see if there was ever a time in her life that Judi Dench would have looked okay naked, so I googled “Judi Dench young” and I can assure you that there is no time in the 20th century that she would have looked good naked unless she were wearing a bag over her head.

    • The reason she gave her daughter a made-up name was because she had to let everyone know that her kid was special, unlike other people’s kids who are just ordinary. She had to be given a special name so that we’d all realize this.
      It’s amazing how many people who become parents are convinced they’re unique, that they’ve achieved something special for which they deserve recognition. I don’t know the name of this psychological condition but there’s a lot of it about.

      • I’ve mentioned it here before, but I know of a right old slag who called her son Neo.

        Still, I guess it’s not quite as batshit as Kirstie Allsop calling her kid Bay Atlas.

  10. Methinks the General doth protest too much.

    Bet he was tugging his old chap with vigour over Dench’s crusty trench, surmounted with old lady’s hirsute FUPA

    I bet it looks and smells like a chum bucket used when sea fishing.

    Have you ‘arrived’ yet General?

  11. The most overrated actress of all time for a start.

    And, what is it about these decrepit old celebrities and flashing these days?
    Judi Dench, Madogga, Miriam Margoyles (gets her tits out on mid air flights apparently🤢). Can’t they put it down to senilty and section the sick bastards?

    Seriously though, we never heard of Irene Handel or Patrcia Hayes getting ’em out, did we? Even old ladies aren’t old ladies any more. Everyone now (in the public eye at least) is a narcissist and a debauched dirty cunt. The world has gone mad and to Hell in a handcart,

    • MPD would be my guess.Occupying the characters they make their living from over many years must have psychological ramifications down the line ?

      I read about Celia Imrie recently in a book by excellent author Gordon Thomas (Mossad-Gideons Spies) in a different book; concerning the equally nefarious CIA and he mentions Celia Imrie got ensnared as a child, into the clutches of the UK wing of CIA’NSA’s ‘Project MK-Ultra via a satanically posessed looking Dr William Sargent,when she was a child in London.

      I dont think she got ‘the full MK treatment (sleep/electric shocks/LSD,hypnosis etc) given to,say Kathy O’Brien or Brice Taylor but just enough to create a reliable theatrical persona for future ‘cultural deployment’. Frumpy,buttoned up,sexually repressed in her case as with JD ?.Reliable cultural touchstones for narrative manipulation of the masses.

      Trouble is their programming begins to unravel over time and weird behaviours ensue.Britney Spears had a similar meltdown a while ago you might recall ? and she was the classic MK-Ultra-Disney-hatched MK-Ultra/Monarch ‘influencer’ of her time frame see (Swift,Perry,Beyonce and Grande et al) influencer kittens one and all.

      • Lindsay Lohan also went right the bend. These ‘Disney Kids’ end up totally radio rental. Jodie Foster is another one. A demented man hating lezza. Without a doubt not a full shilling.

        And then there are the ones that ended up as Wacko Jacko fodder. Culkin, Feldman and the like.

      • The ‘Monarch’ conspiracy is top of the list for its sheer depravity and number of well-worn conspiracy clichés.

        -CIA handlers
        -Hollywood starlets
        -psychological reprogramming
        – torture/diddling

        Different brainwaves to the Jason Bourne/ MK Ultra stuff.

      • Not sure Celia Imrie could be described as ‘frumpy’, especially in her day.. Fond of showing off her assets.

        Certainly had Sean Connery’s attention in the early eighties.

        ‘Narrative manipulation’ indeed.

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