Jug ears, Gary Lineker and Hamas (28)

is still a massive cunt.

This time for retweeting a post by Hamas fan-boy Owen Jones.
He kept quiet on the day of the Hamas atrocities and for a long time afterwards, but has now decided to give his expert opinion on the Israel/Hamas war.

Reminds me of when he tweeted ‘how awful’ it was when Israeli soldiers shot dead an ‘aspiring’ Palestinian footballer, failing to mention that at the time, he was firing an automatic rifle at the soldiers.

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Nominated by mystic maven.

70 thoughts on “Jug ears, Gary Lineker and Hamas (28)

  1. Kier starmer ,
    fence and sit.. .!
    Which way the wind blows.
    Mind/ change.
    Tony “the creature” Blair…

  2. Fucking Lineker is an walking sandwichboard, representing everything wrong with the BBC and Britain today.
    He is not a human being but a brainless wanksock puppet. Karma would be if an Islamic Jihadi beheaded his wife and burned his kids after gunning them down.
    He would probably say it was Israels fault – or the tories.
    Anyone who quotes or posts a link to that Vile turd Jones’s posts if a disgusting Jew hater and moronically stupid to the point of making a cartoon look like an encyvlopedia.
    Fuck him and his ilk. If you ever pass him lying on fire, I recommend walking by – don’t piss on him – he’d enjoy it, the sick cunt

  3. Morning all , late on parade down to the fact that Captain Morgan decided to empty best part of bottle down me neck but it does take away the cuntishness of this sick world.
    However I awake to yet another peaceful running amok shouting out for directions to Ali’s Snackbar with a knife and hammer. Known to French Intelligence and already done a 4 year stretch for a previous attack.
    Why didn’t the silly fuckers guillotine the sand nigga and be done with it or at least jail him for 100 years or deport him is beyond me.
    Mind at least the French authorities and media do not hesitate to call it how it was – A TERRORIST ATTACK – even if as a footnote they let slip he was believed to be suffering mental health issues – no shit Poirot.
    Mind how you go and hey hey hey – let’s be careful out there.

  4. “Sex noises heard on UEFA broadcast.”
    Gary pumping up his bladder with a bicycle pump and adaptor up his cock?
    Or did he shit on the pitch and lick it up?

    • Probably Lineker watching that sambeau transfreaker and that Daki Issac Newton on on Doctor Whoke.

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