Luke Cobb – Vicious Dog Walker

A nomination for Brighton dog walker (and sometime abuser) Luke Cobb, who was caught on video smashing a dog in his care against a brick wall.

Seems the video has circulated around social media and now Lukey is in trouble with the law, being charged with cruelty to animals. A pre-Christmas court date of 21st December has been set. The family must be thrilled.

A mate of mine knows this cunt and can vouch for the accounts of the other dog owners who have called him callous and unhelpful after he lost their pup on a walk. Apparently he has form for losing dogs. My mate was involved in a search for one of them, and said Luke didn’t bother to join in. Sounds like his missus has an attitude problem as well.
One customer has referred to him as a ‘snidey prick’, although I’ve found that’s all too common an attitude in Brighton.

I notice there is a lot of ‘commentary’ on his business’s Facebook page, with his full address having been handed out, although with the Mail revealing the street name and a picture of him and his ghastly abode, it’s not as if people couldn’t use street view to find the cunt, as well as tip-offs from legions of angry locals who have used his services.

Anyway, I’d like to see him try picking up my dog and shoving her into a wall.
The cheeky cunt would probably charge me for building repairs. He’d have more luck with Phil Vickery (the rugby player, not the chef).

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

48 thoughts on “Luke Cobb – Vicious Dog Walker

  1. Anyone who hurts animals, such as this cunt I would be happy to hurt really really badly.

  2. Hopefully,soon,he’ll have to tie the leads to his wheel chair when he walks the dogs,the coward cunt.

  3. He looks like a smug cunt. I hope he gets filled in. I would love to see footage of this vile fucker being beaten to a pulp.

  4. Another scum chav in society that we wouldn’t miss.

    Bit fed up with dog walkers and they’re holy than thou attitudes.

    Animal cruelty. Go see what they do in halal slaughter houses, or further afield Chinese and Korean puppy farms.

  5. I fucking hate cunts like this who abuse animals. I would like to see this cunt go up against an Akita or another breed with attitude to match against this cunt. Or do I match him with my trusty Cunt Stick?

    Sorry to go off piste, did anyone have Glenys Kinnock in dead pool?

  6. Another hard man, a lot like “men?” who beat women. Society is to soft on scum suckers now, much as I dislike siding with the muslamists they know how to treat a wrong’un, birch the cunt and ramp up the punishment for every subsequent offence until they are hanging from one of Mcalpines cranes in the square.

  7. Automatic ten year stretch for cruelty to animals.
    And not in an open or soft prison either.

    This cunt Cobb should be getting buggered in Pentonville.

  8. I guess his dog walking business has taken a nose dive, when he is prosecuted and found guilty I hope they give the cunt a ban from ever having any business to do with animals.
    Throw him in tank full of dog and cat shit along with the West Ham cunt.

  9. cruel cowardly cunt
    Hope he and his family burn to death in a housefire.

    He even looked at my dog in a funny way id bury a axe in his fuckin face.

    • Just back from the pub.

      proper snow on the peaks , my dog went doolally!😁

      loved it.

      people who are cruel to animals often are the same people who tamper with kids.
      Luke Cobb needs his hard drive looking at.

      • Hiya Mis.

        We’ve had a life threatening 2 inches of snow, here in Sheffield, if the fucking panty waists reporters are to be believed.
        All to do with Global warming, err boiling. Or is it Climate change, maybe Crisis?

        Or possibly just snow in December, ffs!

  10. i’d remove all dogs from the property, erect 15 foot steel fencing around it, then let several Komodo dragons in over a few days.

    See what happens.

  11. This whole industry of paid dog walkers needs a cunting.

    There’s droves of them round my way driving round in old vans with “full criminal records check” written on them…yeah sure…right…I bet

    Another industry that’s srpung up to service the lazy cunt society that has ghastly junk food dragged to their doors by the immigrants they despise and pay through the nose for the “pleasure”

    Fuck off.

    • Could always combine it spanky,food delivery by dogs.

      Dog gets a walk,and they are much more intelligent and cleaner than your average immo.

  12. I can understand folk employing dog walkers.
    Sis had a knee replacement, lives over the border & I don’t drive, so I wasn’t much help.
    She had a local woman come to walk the dog.
    I got over on Sundays, courtesy of Younger, to dog walk and do chores.

    I have to tell you, cleaning another person’s toilet is NOT a life enhancing experience.

    Anyway, animal abusers are serial killers in waiting.

  13. Along with the carnage in Dublin, there has been another knife attack in Paris. A German man has been killed and a British man badly injured.

    I have no doubt whatsoever who did it. I also have no doubt that the BBC and others will protect the identity, religion and nationality of the murderer.

    • What’s French for “Feel that diversity”?

      Something else that Paris can be famous for: Rudeness, tents full of Africans, dogshit. and dress-wearing peacefuls.

  14. What a contemptible cunt this coward is. I’d like to break the teeth in his mouth.

  15. What these cunts need is a bloody good thrashing. So many appear to have forgotten that actions result in consequences. A damm good kicking is a lot cheaper than some pissy community service and justice is served.

  16. OT the BBC news appear baffled as to why South Africa has gone down the shitter since the blecks took over thirty years ago. Strangely they have given a push to a white man standing for election on a manifesto of sorting out corruption. Then again he is homosexual and speaks Zulu.

  17. He should be forced to live the life of the dog he maimed. Crawl on all fours and eat the same food, which will taste like shit to him and humiliating. Bark when he wants anything and a kick in the bollocks if naughty.

  18. I am no lover of dogs at all – got a couple of the cunts either side of where I live that bark at their own shadows all fucking day, does my nut in and my piss boils when I catch owners letting their little shit machines shit where they please and not bothering to pick it up.

    However, would I ever hurt one, of course not – I am not a cunt, but I hope Cobb gets some bird time and gets to enjoy a nice hot shower with his new found friends.

  19. I h@te cunts who harm animals, I would like to linch the cunt myself, but now his details have been released it won’t be long before one of the locals does it

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