Queers for Palestine

A ‘turkeys vote for Christmas’ cunting for the those strange groups of people calling themselves ‘Queers for Palestine’.

It seems to me that in the bizarre world of culture wars and identity politics in the West, social justice warriors tend to see issues in simplistic terms; you’re ‘an oppressor’, or you’re one of ‘the oppressed’. It’s a binary choice, with little or no attempt to consider the nuances or complexities of a given situation.

So the thinking goes that alphabet ‘community’ members are ‘oppressed’. Palestinians are ‘oppressed’. Ergo, in an absurd conflation, ‘queers’ must be ‘for’ Palestine. Never mind the fact that if you were actually in Gaza, an admission of being ‘queer’ would likely bring down on yourself a proper kicking at best from Hamas, and at worst, an invitation to your own torture and death. You’d probably be looking to flee the very place you’re expressing solidarity with. Oh, the irony.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I’m sitting here thinking ‘what planet do these people live on?’. It ain’t planet Earth.

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109 thoughts on “Queers for Palestine

  1. I’d like to send King of the Poofs, Tatchell, out to some Peaceful cunthole to spout his gay equality crap. I would gladly pay his airfare………I think I can afford a one way ticket for the bastard.

    • Send Stephen Fry to Gaza as well. Let’s see if he’s still whining about “Bwex-it” when he’s standing on the skyscraper ledge.

  2. yeah , I’d happily watch that Peter Cushing looking motherfucker have cobblestones bounced off his nut by the Palestinian nutters.

    Better than watching Farage eat kangaroo bollocks in the jungle

  3. These cunts could live in Israel. They would be thrown off buildings in Palestine. Brains not their strong point.

  4. Some young cunt waving Palestine flags in a London demo last week, was interviewed by a news reporter. One question the reporter asked was “What is the capital of Palestine?”

    The twat got his phone out and presumably tried to do a Google. However, another young cunt standing next to him and wearing a Hamas scarf, shouted “Philistine”

    ’nuff said!

    • Both these ‘Daddy’s paying’ twats oould help people in their ‘beloved’ Palestine….

      Put the cunts into a grinder, turn them into mince, make pies out of them, and give them to the starving in Gaza.

      Simple really.

  5. Surely these bum bandits have read their big book of fairy tales which states it is forbidden to be a knob-jockey?
    Potty Palestinian poo-pushers.

      • Remember a few years ago on Sky News when that tosser Jones flounced out of a discussion because Julia H-B didn’t sufficiently stress that homophobia was the reason behind the bombing of a nightclub . The bomber was a hardline islamist, just like Jones’ hamas heroes.

      • Owen Jones and his mental gymnastics.

        He’ll be claiming the tunnels underneath the hospitals are really humanitarian corridors for Palestinian civilians to escape next.

      • Jones has been penetrated worse than when Hamas went through Israel’s Iron Wall. He ought to be nicknamed Yessir Arsefat.

      • You can just image nutters from Gaza to Tehran pissing themselves laughing at this useful idiot, while looking round for the nearest high building to throw him off if he ever turns up on their doorstep.

        You can’t fix stupid.

  6. How about we send Alan Car and Voldemort along with dear Peter, to Palestine.

    I’d pay for a private jet.

  7. Fucking morons. They deserve to be thrown of the high towers waiting for them in Gaza and Tehran. Cunts.

  8. Owen is a hard cunt.

    The ‘ far right ‘ are still reeling from his retribution.

    If he went to Gaza, I’m sure he would lead Hamas to victory.

    Or be Lubbocked with an RPG.

    Before having his turnip lopped off.

    The daft gayboy cunt.

    Get To Fuck.

  9. Fucking Marmite Badgers always seem to think that we need their support, and open their mouths faster than Katie Prices legs when they think they have an audience. Thankfully, in this case the one they support would very happily, brutally slaughter them given a fraction of a chance. Go on, you arse bandit cunts, keep gobbing off!

  10. Perhaps “the throwing off the gay” should be made into a tv show, with a scoring system based on how elegantly they dive on the way down.

    On a serious note, do any cunters know of any Hollywood films where someone is either thrown off (or encouraged to jump off ) a high building?

  11. Many men of Arab persuasion are as bent as a nine Bob note. Many of those named and shamed get to rack up a couple of air miles when chucked off a tall building, but lots of them get away with all sorts of deviancy on little Abdul’s birthday. From some old lecture notes I read that if kidnapped by Arabs there is a good chance that the better looking males in the group are likely to be bummed ( suffer forced anal intercourse) is what was actually written. I think if these fuckwits go to Gaza the pretty boys arseholes will be well hammered and the rough looking trannies and puddle jumpers will clock some air miles .

  12. Lets send a few of the off to the middle east, I spent a few Govt funded tours there myself a few years back. The lefty poofs will love it, the culture is to die for……

  13. So the Martyrs get six virgins, is that one holes or two from the back of the neck?
    I guess that’s why they support then so much, good rogering in the after life?

  14. They’re prolly being lured in w/mortgages with zero interest. Yeah girls, the same buildings you’re fucking empty head will be thrown off of in due time. Fucking mob mentality cunts.

  15. Can’t fucking stand that down syndrome looking cunt.. Can’t wait till he pops his clogs – I’ll bake special cakes and celebrate.

  16. As a heterosexual/ homosexual/ transgender/ selective sexual/ man often lady proud Muslim this queers for Palestine is a very modern reflection of true Islam today. These false accusations that we will throw such queers from the tallest buildings is total Islamophobia. Such former respected gay rights activist leaders like Sodom Hussein, Condoleezza Gaddafi, Bent Laden to name only a few who promoted and practiced in man on man penis pleasure. Myself, I was and is married to beautiful burka wearing first wife for three years before finding out wife was really hairy husband. I thought I shame my family by being Jaffa. So please infidel brothers and sisters don’t disrespect Islam and our prophet Muhammad Alibaba and his 72 ladyboy virgins. Or you will have to answer to hairy Chewbacca hubby without burka!!!

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