Queers for Palestine

A ‘turkeys vote for Christmas’ cunting for the those strange groups of people calling themselves ‘Queers for Palestine’.

It seems to me that in the bizarre world of culture wars and identity politics in the West, social justice warriors tend to see issues in simplistic terms; you’re ‘an oppressor’, or you’re one of ‘the oppressed’. It’s a binary choice, with little or no attempt to consider the nuances or complexities of a given situation.

So the thinking goes that alphabet ‘community’ members are ‘oppressed’. Palestinians are ‘oppressed’. Ergo, in an absurd conflation, ‘queers’ must be ‘for’ Palestine. Never mind the fact that if you were actually in Gaza, an admission of being ‘queer’ would likely bring down on yourself a proper kicking at best from Hamas, and at worst, an invitation to your own torture and death. You’d probably be looking to flee the very place you’re expressing solidarity with. Oh, the irony.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I’m sitting here thinking ‘what planet do these people live on?’. It ain’t planet Earth.

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  1. University of Mecca
    (Note: This examination is for men only. Any woman attempting to become educated will face the full wrath of Allah and be stoned to death).

    Question 1
    A Queers for Palestine Infidel is thrown from the top floor of a multi-storey car park in Gaza City by two brave Jihadi fighters, Allah be praised. The car park is 28m high and acceleration due to gravity is 9.8m/s/s. The Infidel weighs 67kg, he lands on a concrete surface and his Coefficient of Fuckwittery is infinite.
    Calculate the time taken in seconds for
    (a) the Infidel to reach terminal velocity, and
    (b) the Infidel to be converted into dog meat.

    Allahu Akbar

      • Terminal velocity (neglecting air resistance) is derived from

        v² = u² + 2as

        i.e. terminal velocity = 23.4 metres/second.

        That will be a nicely tenderised dog meal. Piss be with you!

  2. I read on a news forum that there were pro-Pally protests going on in Melbourne, Australia. This was primarily due to an arson attack on a local burger bar owned by a Palestinian Muslim.

    The “Islamic Council of Victoria” and the “Free Palestine Melbourne Group” blamed Jews, although there’s no evidence to back this up. However, the protest marches kicked off by demonstrating near a Jewish synagogue where the crowd started chanting “Allahu Akbar” and several homophobic comments, including death to gays etc.

    The Melbourne police didn’t do anything against this alleged hate crime; and the local media were very selective with their reporting, completing leaving out the gay slurs!

    However, in the context of this nom, it kind of proves that hardline Palestinians and/or Hamas Muslims do not take kindly to being associated with the Alphabets, although it would be interesting to know the reaction of “Queers for Palestine”, not only to the alleged slurs, but also the fact that Hamas and radical/fanatical Muslims who want to see gays thrown off rooftops!

    • I don’t know about anybody else, but I can’t remember seeing a single ‘Q**ers for Israeli Hostages’, ‘Q**ers for Israeli Victims of Hamas’ or similar.

      The one-eyed view of people regarding this situation is amazing, particulary given the fact that Alphabet types are, shall we say, frowned upon down Gaza way.

  3. Can’t understand why my post has been moderated.
    Is it Queefs, Alan or Alan’s Snackbar that should be avoided?

  4. Not many of these lefties are non binary are they? Everything is black or white. No critical thinking.

  5. At least this fuckwittery underlines that which we’ve known for a long time.
    The current crop of morons who protest about anything haven’t a clue what they’re talking about.
    By all means take your protest to the Gaza Strip, and good riddance.

  6. No, not a piss take but straight from the opening pages of “The Communist Manifesto “ by one, Karl Marx, a well known Jew from the 19th century. Oh the irony.
    There are only two classes….those who own the means of production and those who don’t, the oppressors and the oppressed, the exploiters and the exploited. A simplistic formula aimed at the 19th century working class, uneducated and barely able to read and write. In other writings he described “the lumpen proletariat”. These were habitual criminals, drug addicts and other “anti socials.” Though not mentioned by name this group would include the poofs and the trannies. According to Marx they were “not part of the revolution.” ie they go up against the wall.
    These stupid cunts have confused Marxist theory from 150 years ago with modern identity politics. If the poofs think the Peacefuls are going to do anything for them or the Peacefuls think the blacks are going to do anything but rob them blind they are fucking dreaming. It’s a fucking confused mess and behind it all are the elites, getting richer and more powerful by the minute. I had to laugh when that BLM scammer bitch in America boasted “I am a trained Marxist.”
    She wouldn’t know Marx if he gobbed in her stupid face.

    • What exactly is a ‘trained Marxist’ when it’s at home? Been on a few demos, handed out leaflets and smashed a few windows has she?

      Marxism has never been anything other than a catastrophe when it’s been forced on societies; only fanatics and naive so-called ‘intellectuals’ could convince themselves otherwise.

      Quite what the enduring appeal this monster’s theories have for people is utterly beyond me.

  7. It comes as no surprise at all.

    Although I don’t know any of the Gays,certainly non who could find Jerusalem on a map,the interviews I’ve seen clearly indicate all the “free Palestine” mob can be broken down into three groups:

    Barely,if at all,disguised radical Islamic fundamentalist vermin.

    Guardian reading vegans from leafy middle class suburbs

    Lastly,but by no means least,clueless students and other twenty something halfwit a product of extreme left wing propaganda via our “education” system..

    All in all,a complete bunch of undesirables who should be cleaned off the streets at once and permanently.

    • Grauniad readers must, by definition, be clueless. Also gobby, entitled lefties with delusions of grandeur.

  8. Monsieur le Knee, I know I’m a sad cunt, but you’ve made my day: “I’m sitting” rather than the near-ubiquitous “I’m sat”.

    • No you don’t.
      You just want another chance to wind him up, and point him at the cliff edge again.

      Stop lying to yourself, you’re like a human hand grenade, throw yourself into the middle of the melee, and pull the pin.

      Then you stand back and watch!
      Oh look, fireworks!
      Admit it! Admit it, Herr Miserable!

      Anyway, has your day gone well, I hope so because mines been a bag’o’shite, I could do with a good news story.

      • evening JP👍

        Had no work today,
        gone from dead busy last week to dead.
        so had a rare lie in,
        and spent the day with the dog!

        perfect day thanks JP!👍

        why’s your day gone tits up?

      • 3:14am call-out to cat sick, dog pee.
        3:25am sorted, back to bed
        4:15 how can you abondon me whine, rising to full on howling ( he’s a fucking chu, how the hell does he do full-on wolf?)
        4:16 me giving up on any hope of sleep.

        Fucking pets!!!

  9. Hopefully ‘Hamas for Genocide’ marches will still be happening by June next year, ie Gay Pride Month. So will Plod turn up in their rainbow clown cars wearing lippy, mascara and six-inch heels as per usual? Should be interesting.

    • Perhaps Sky will show it on ppv so we can watch the incompetent, biased, criminal loving, anti british police getting a kicking from the murderous medieval scum they’re protecting.

  10. daft twats.. if the peacefuls come to power it will qùeerş against the wall.

    I imagine the IDF will be shaking in their boots..I’ll scratch your eyes out..

  11. Are they really retarded?What a bunch of backward cunt truffles.Chuck the botty bashers into Unkle T’s industrial sized oven for a few days cooking.

  12. From the river to the sea, gays will be free!

    Free to be beaten, burnt, thrown off buildings and generally exterminated!

    Israel are at War, the Palestinian Army (aka Hamas) are still pounding Tel Aviv with rockets, they obviously still have plenty of fuel and explosives to launch hundreds if not thousands of rockets.

    Gays for Israel would be more appropriate 😂

  13. Back in the olden times the students and young people were concerned with power. The power of flowers, the power of love. Such things were free. They strummed inconsequentially on their guitars and burned joss sticks. Things were ‘far out’ or ‘right on’ man. People who worked for a living didn’t understand. They were ‘square.’

    Now they are concerned with rights. Trans rights, bumming rights, immie rights, the rights of Hamas. People who work for a living don’t understand. We stand in their way. We are colonialists. Once we are gone all will be perfect.

    • That means we’d lose his valuable insights on every bloody subject under the sun, which he never fails to bore us with at any conceivable opportunity.

      Oh go on then…

  14. By the rivers of Babylon, there we bent down
    Yeah, we wept, when we felt his big ding-dong

  15. Most Woolie Woofters are as thick as pighsit.

    Listening to piss poor disco crap, and idolising the raddled old relics that peddle it, like Madogga and Cher. They think the latest Madogga bleeps and farts and Sam Smith turd is decent music.

    Wearing Che Guevara T-Shirts and badges. Che hated gays and killed them for pleasure.

    And bigging up Palestinians. A place and religion where homosexuals are verboten.

    Stupid bastards.

  16. Is this some kind of throwback to when the weirdo community were protesting about the treatment of folk with non conventional tastes in partners, in Palestine?

    Are they so puddled in their thinking?
    Do the actually have the capacity to think?

    Parade those banners in, let’s say Iran, see how far up the road you get. Still, at least it’d save the cost of shrouds!

  17. Anyone else see Diane Abbott in London on Saturday with her ‘Hackney for Plasticine’ banner?

    She was also forced to deny being out of tune with the public mood on Hamas.

    “I am not a Hamas synthesizer”.

  18. hehehe, 😄

    ” from the river to the stream!
    plastercine will be free!”

  19. Hilter and Stalin were also friends with the camel riders. Both were committed to diversity. Live and let live was their motto. History, innit.

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