Unprecedented Pressure

A proper cunting and no mistake. Students are being turfed out of their digs to make way for our beloved dinghy riders. A cause of righteous outrage. Check out what The Sun says in the link below.

Apparently, according to the Home Office, the asylum system is “under unprecedented pressure”! What fucking system is that? You may well ask. Is it the one that lets thousands of cunts in every fucking week? Whose fucking fault is that? Would that be the leftie, civil servant, fuck-witted cunts at the Home Office?

Maybe now the consequences of the Government’s open door policy are hitting students they will stop being hand-wringing apologists for any old woke shite and start acting like grown-ups in waiting. I look forward to their first anti-immie demo. We live in hope rather than expectation.

Meanwhile, the NHS could be “overwhelmed” this winter. Proper shocking. Bet you never thought that would happen. What can be the cause? Go on, take a guess…

The Sun

Nominated by Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea.

80 thoughts on “Unprecedented Pressure

  1. Fuck me, that’s far too posh for fucking students. Get some of those poor Peacefuls and Africunts in there, it’s the least we can do for the scroungers.
    It’ll look like a tip in a month but just bung more of our money to fix it all up.
    No problem.

  2. What a fucking joke this country is.

    A joke which isn’t funny either.

    Those boats full of young men are going to keep coming and coming and coming.

    Africa’s population is expected to quadruple or something like that over the next hundred years or so.

    That’s a lot of dinghy’s requiring a lot of accommodation.

    Plus it’s a lot of cock for left wing women.

    • Don’t worry. Sir Queer is off to see President Macaroni in gay paree.

      He’ll agree to take 100000 a week if they take 10 back again.


      • Dame Kweer and Emanuel Micropenis meeting up in a Paris hotel.

        After those two cunts are finished with each other – the hotel cleaning staff won’t know whether to attempt to clean the bedsheets or smash them with a hammer.

    • All women, whether they want it or not. Men in Africa and.Asia think the white western woman is up for sex day and night. it’s the impression they get from our media and advertising.

      The government keep welcoming them in so there’s no attempt to remedy this impression.

      • Indeed CP.

        We can also throw the hard core porn (that is majority white western women) into that mix as well.

        White women don’t help themselves either. The way they behave when out in groups is often an absolute disgrace.

      • Of course they don’t.

        I have a grown up daughter of my own and I have had to nag her to death for the last few years about modesty, appropriate behaviour when out drinking in groups and one thing or another.

        But my point remains. White western women in large groups, full of alcohol, have a habit of making themselves seen and heard more than most other females from any other culture.

        Fine by me.
        That might be generally acceptable in a high trust, homogeneous society as well but unfortunately that ship has sailed.

        Not too difficult to see why the recently arrived Mohammed and his cronies or any other potential rapist could target a drunken white woman or see them as easy pickings.

        I know it’s not right patronising women on how to behave but it’s not right letting the detritus of the 3rd world wash up on these shores either.

        I would say the smart money is on staying smart and keeping safe as a young white woman in this country.
        You can thank the government for putting them at increased risk.

      • Nobody asks to be raped, as it’s not really about sex. The media have sexualised the white woman for a global audience, especially blondes. It’s been going on since the fifties.
        The attitudes to women as property in certain cultures, combined with our hypersexualised culture promoting itself, plus unchecked immigration…

        Never mind, i’m sure our guests will behave themselves…

  3. What the lazy students should be doing is fighting for our rights, instead of being a burden as always and then we might begin to respect them. Don’t they realise, we are all in this thing together. Come on you lazy cunts, you’ve something real to fight for, for a change. You’re famous for causing riots, then what are you waiting for, get stuck in !

  4. Well, I believe the NHS is not going to be overwhelmed because it already is. I have just been an in-person GP appointment, as rare as rocking horse shit these days.
    And who were the majority in the waiting room, the hijab-clad wives of our new dinghy arrivals, all jabbering away in some unintelligible chanting scream.
    I then go to the nearby pharmacy, where each of these new arrivals is carrying away huge carrier-fucking-bag sized cunting handouts of free medicines, which must worth thousands of pounds each.
    FFS, when did it become the UK’s responsibility to became the World Health Service and treat the decades-untreated ailments of bloated sickscrags from the Middle East and Africa.
    Meanwhile our own pensioners are cold, sick, and ignored.
    It is a cunting disgrace… rant over.

    • I can barely talk to my doctor via phone. Too busy.

      I suppose she would be only working 3 days a fucking week and taking leave 4-5 times a year.

  5. Fuck ’em and all the other lefty-wing, tree-hugging, woke-ridden ideas that most of them seem to have. Suck it up guys.
    But I do feel very sorry for those that are of the same mind as myself – but they will be very few …

  6. Sirs:

    Same crap happening here in the U.S.

    Our rulers hate us. It couldn’t be clearer.

    Excuse me, I have to go sign a diversity statement now.

  7. That sort of accommodation would be for the rich cunt’s brats and, being in Huddersfield, not the cream of the crop.
    In other words they would have been w*gs anyway. One lot of w*gs kicked out for another lot of w*gs. The story of our times.

  8. Modern “students” are all brainwashed leftwing cunts. It should be a honour to give up your digs to these battle scarred refugees.

    • Some aren’t brainwashed while at university. The medical ones have to wait until they’re working for the NHS.

  9. I wonder how much the property owners have charged the home office, for sure it will be a damn site more than the students would be paying and if or when the migrant cunts leave it doesn’t matter if it smells a bit, it’s only for students 😂

    The whole thing stinks, once these scumbags claim asylum they are entitled to fucking everything, I thought that this new borders bill prevented the cunts claiming asylum if they come here illegally.

    It’s all bullshit and until they actually Stop the Boats it will go on and on and on.

    • What really pisses me off is the way these freeloading, invasive cunts are entitled to things I have no fucking chance of getting, a council house for a start.

  10. Where did it say that the illegals have to be put up in hotels? The French just say there’s a bit of waste ground, make yourselves a trench for a bog and some tents for your houses. Home from home.

      • The French treat them like shit while we have hopeless libtards going over there with lorry loads of “humanitarian aid”.
        Who do you think is paying for that? Who do you think is paying the traffickers to bring them over here?
        Nothing happens by accident.

    • It’s truly frightening. Our wonderful government has failed to get a grip on it (I wonder if it is their intention to kick the can further down the road); remember Priti Patel and what happened to her? I think there is simply no-one strong enough to lead the government to where it should go. The civil serpents call the shots.

      The flow does not abate. There will be a breaking point very soon. Taxes will increase again to pay for this folly whilst the government fiddles (with itself). The end game will be widespread re-possessions when people can’t afford to pay their mortgage when they are taxed so highly that they can’t make ends meet any more. The government will start buying up private housing stock and offering it to gimmigrants. And the economy would have collapsed by then.

      We are moving steadily forward to becoming a third world. Give it 30-50 years and we will be the new Zimbabwe.

      • Is Zimbabwe nice? It might make a change. Depending on where in Leicester you are at any given time you could be in Delhi, Islamabad or Beijing.

      • A sobering comment Paul.

        But one which is a very real possibility given the behaviour of these politicians.

        To call them treacherous serpents would be doing a disservice to treacherous serpents.

        It is just total insanity what we are witnessing.

        A lethal cocktail of political correctness (self censorship) within the general population and political traitors.

        Nobody wants to be labelled a racist so they – even if it means having your home repossessed.

  11. The temperature of the pressure cooker continues to rise.

    Hubble bubble, toil and TROUBLE !

    At some point, it will all kick off.

    Call the cops !

    Yeah, that’ll work 😂

    Get To Fuck.

    • I hope to live long enough to see what happens when the Quisling shite that runs all our media etc can’t airbrush out the disintegration of huge parts of our once lovely country caused by foreign looters.

      Cannot fucking wait.

    • Most days it is as though there is some government minister or other just waiting to piss all over us, our values and our parent,s and grandparent’s values.

  12. This is proper disgusting and double standards, all smoke and mirrors from the Govt.

    Daki Braverman: let’s get tough, no more immigrants
    Daki Sunak: let’s force a load of students who have paid for their accommodation to be turfed out so my dinghy brothers can have somewhere to sleep, exercise and watch Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves in the cinema room.

    I hope these hippie, crusty students understand what pain and torment the rest of us are going through and do what they do best, protest!

    • Braverman, Sunak, Badenoch etc. wont have their kin out on the streets.
      Better for it be the naive, middle class students.

      As for refunds… hahaha. I bet they’ll be waiting years.

      • No chance of any refunds. They’ll all be getting letters saying how nice it is of them to donate the room, even paying for it, to desperately needy refugees (read rapists) from war torn France.

  13. In all fairness i always saw students as free loading wasters who are just wasting 3 years of their lives for a qualification that is of no use whatsoever, all whilst building up a student debt.
    So the Gimmigrants are doing these workshy wankers a favour in my opinion, however its getting out of hand now, why is our government not putting a stop to this, why is there not a gun boat sending the cunts back to France, what the fuck is going on in the UK, also how much worse can things get, it comes to something when even the workshy free loading students are paying the price for these fuckers to live here, wont be long before we are going to be told to allow these fuckers to live in tents in our gardens.
    Sunak you useless cunt, sort it out ffs…..

  14. I know the article says that all the fees that have already been paid will be refunded, but surely some kind of contract has been breached?

    I really don’t understand how this can happen, do the Home Office have powers that we don’t know about?

    If they can commandeer accommodation that has already been let, is this just the first step to forcing people with a “spare” bedroom to take an “asylum seeker” in?

    Is this the thin end of the wedge?

  15. They’ll soon be dropping off dinghy riders at your front door.

    “Under the spare room act, we, the government, can use any spare rooms you have to house migrants. You can house this 20 year old Afghan in the bedroom next to your 13 year old blonde daughter. What’s the problem Sir? Are you a racist, Sir?”

    Only half joking btw. It seems no cunt has the bollocks to stop these cunts coming.

    Once this happens, I expect an absolute nutcase to get in power, the sort who’d make Adolf look like a big puff. Wouldn’t want that really, but what option would people have at that point?

  16. Full scale invasion of Italy currently happening. The EU wants to disperse the incoming cunts across the EU and Starmer wants to sign up to take some as he weasels us back into the EU.

    Hungry and Poland say fuck off if you have a heavy suntan!

    European counties need to start defending their borders properly, towers, spotlights, Electric fences and machine guns.

    Any attempt at illegal entry must mean immediate return to whence you came. What’s arriving now is a trickle compared to the flood in the near future.

    The penalty for assisting illegal migration should be death. A government that can’t secure its national borders is not a government.

    It’s us or them and I choose us!

    • when I first saw this I thought the govt was getting tough. That they would be ‘deported’ more quickly. No, set free in the country more quickly.

    • ‘contrary to Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects you from inhumane, degrading treatment or punishment.’

      Dr Starkey is right; human rights don’t exist outside the courtroom.
      Rights are an ‘aspiration’ of the idealistic and gullible. When nobody is looking out for them, your rights are negotiable and soon disappear.

      On a side note, the detention centre looks like parts of QA hospital in Portsmouth. Wonder if it was designed by the same architect.

  17. ” As one of the richest nations on earth, with a strong home ownership ethic and an ageing population. Is it not morally right to make available, spare room capacity to those unfortunate people who have been displaced by war, famine, despots and climate change induced disasters ? ”

    This is the kind of rhetoric I’m expecting to hear in the very near future.

    More fuel to the fire 🔥

    • And the first people to give up their “spare” rooms will be those in social housing and/or dependent on state bennies. After all what choice have they got? Bung them fifty quid a week to keep them quiet, lovely jubbly.
      Linekunt has probably got a dozen spare rooms, as well as a spare house, but they won’t be bothering him. His sort will be lecturing the rest of us wicked, uneducated raaaaaay-sists.

  18. What utterly fucks me off is that these bastards no only seem to get better looked after than our own people, but people who have come here legally and above board like my Mrs for example. when we left the EU the got tough on immigration, but only for ones coming legally. Isntead we just have freeloaders, not the ones we actually would want. What a fucking mess.

  19. What tickles my fancy, like a Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewell is how is it that the land of the Bud Bud Ding Ding can fly men to the moon, but they can’t feed their own people who end up coming to the UK..?

    The mind does boggle…

    UNLESS – there’s a plan to send all the immigrants to the moon, now there’s an idea – French Fancie that Mr. Kipling!

    • It’s never going to stop.

      By 2050 or 60 the population of Europe will be double what it is now, with about 300 million crammed on this little island.

      And loony left cunts will still be walking around with placards saying ‘Migrants Welcome’.

  20. ” pressure!!
    Pushing down on me.
    Pushing down on you”

    So sang Goblin king David ‘ziggy’ Bowie and bucktoothed sodomite Fredrick mercury.

    Suppose the pressure of being multi millionaires adored by million’s can be terrible?

    But anyway,
    Students and dinghy scum.
    The worse of all people,
    Not sure who I HATE more.

    But the students love immigrants,

    So pack up your indie vinyl and hit the fuckin bricks and move back to mummy and daddys.

    Sanjay and family need your digs.
    And it’d be racist to object.

    Drown your sorrows in the student union.

    • I’m sure the students will all be as happy as Larry, giving up their already paid for digs to the poor Refugees ( who are welcome), in favour of the freezing in Winter but boiling in Summer, mold infested 2 bedroomed attic conversion they’ll be sharing with 3 strangers.

      Yes, it’s going to cost slightly more but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.
      They’re very grateful to have found somewhere at such short notice, and the landlord seems a decent bloke.

      Cheers, Mr. Asif!

    • You remind me of the babe
      the babe?
      what babe?
      the babe with the power
      what power?
      the power of voodoo
      voodoo? who do?
      You do
      Do what?
      Remind me of the babe.

  21. Boil the cunts in oil. The government, that is. Sunak, Hunt, Braverman and Gove should go first.

  22. This is just the start.
    A nomination of mine was published on here a few days ago with regards sharing your home with an Afghan asylum seeker.
    Well if the situation gets any worse this might become mandatory for certain large households with unused bedrooms (a bit like the bedroom tax).
    Moreover, now that our hotels are almost fully occupied by migrants, the government is now panicking for a Plan B.
    Hence this move of buying student dorms at a premium rate (and fuck the taxpayer!) This will happen up and down the country at other universities (although it will be interesting if the real posho universities in Oxford or Cambridge, will put up with this!)

    And even more worryingly, the House of Lords defeated a bill brought in by Levelling Up Secretary, Michael Gove, that would have allowed reduced environmental regulations in order to build almost 200,000 desperately needed and affordable homes on secondary class Green Belt, between now and 2030.

    Labour leader, Sir Bendy Knee supported the rebellion, even though 3 years ago he was in favour of house building on the Green Belt.

    Therefore the housing shortage continues and yet the migrants keep on coming here and breeding like rabbits.

    Joined up thinking at its best by our Lords and Masters!

    • As long as those who have at least two homes in the UK are compelled first, followed by enforced occupation of their 16 roomed country mansions spare rooms.

      Followed by anyone who has a second home anywhere.

      Show me proof of that, I’ll then declare my property as a charity housing sanctuary for transitioning teenagers who are getting grief from the parents/siblings while they “complete their journey”

  23. With the Country being run by mainly foreigners who help foreigners, what chance as white brits do we have, and why are we still calling our country “Great Britain” what is great about it for us?
    Hail Enoch Powell, he must be spinning in his grave.

  24. The answer is simple :

    Put the cunts in landing craft and dump them on a French beach. Ignore French protests. If necessary accompany said land craft with a frigate.

    Then intercept the dinghies in the Channel and repeat previous step.

    Simples. Thatcher would have done it. None of the current lot have the balls…

      • That read back as unduly sarcastic, apologies. My sentiment is that yes, I agree, they should be returned immediately back to the safe country they voluntarily left.

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