India and the Moon Landing

Next time your Mrs tries to touch your heart strings, show her the link at the bottom.

Their first attempt ( kept that quiet, the cunts ) was not successful. Yet, they managed to scrabble up another few gazzilion rupees and had another go.

I’ll never, ever put a round coin in a collection tin again, ever.
I’ll just keep supporting my little, local, run by two people in their spare time charities.

It begins at home, after all.

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Nominated by Jeezum Priest. More below from Captain Magnanimous.

On the train out of Delhi, you go through shanty towns so full of slumdogs and so vast, it takes an hour to pass They still persist in having eight children though, despite barely being able to feed themselves. Lots are starving. Pollution is so bad that when the head-wobblers blow their nose, black snot comes out. Rats run through Sanjay’s restaurant. Deepak is having a shit in the street.

And yet, they’ve just sent a rocket to the Moon. For the love of Krishna, why? How many gazillions of ruppees did that cost, although probably more than the nuclear weapons India’s bought. Don’t worry about Gando shitting his chicken tikka into the gutter, get Punjabba The Hutt into a spaceship, jaldi, jaldi.

Moreover, why are there so many Poppadom-munchers arriving on the dinghies? Are these Durka-Doughnuts fleeing a war?

What next, an expedition to Mars? Beyond? That’ll mean tens of thousands more masala curryfaces arriving by dinghy.

113 thoughts on “India and the Moon Landing

  1. Luckily for the moon it doesn’t have any corners so I doubt they’ll stick around up there.

  2. We can afford to give £2.3b to the ISS Chapati space program but we can’t afford to mend the fucking great potholes in our roads or patrol our own borders.

    This country is being run by crooks, all of which need to have their heads on pikes outside Traitor’s Gate.

    • It falls somewhere between the bizarre and the absurd.

      I think at the moment that Joe public is still a bit too comfortable.

      Jobs, wages, redit and benefits aplenty combined with a generally easy lifestyle where everything and anything is on tap. The population as a whole are still generally unaffected by the treachery and ineptitude of the UK.

      They see it on the news or hear a story on the radio but choose to look the other way.

      As I see it – that is why these things occur and continue to occur.

      Should severe hard times strike for whatever reason – then I think that’s when you might well see what happens should the straw finally break the camels back.

      I would actually pay whatever money I had for front row seats if I could witness every corrupt politician in this country being publicly hung drawn and quartered.

      • Hung drawn and quartered bit to quick for my liking Herman..

        Have a orderly line, then you get two minutes to kick and punch the fuck out who’s next in the line..

        British people only, foreigners don’t know how to queue.

  3. The Dark side of the moon one presumes

    I see what you did there. Well played – NA.

  4. In 20 or 30 years time landing on the moon will be old hat. That is until the first bunch of eco-loon astronauts go up there, have a walk around the moon’s surface and then declare “The Moon is dying thanks to Earth’s pollution from 200,000 odd miles away.We insist on a Net Zero policy to save the moon, even though there’s not much up here. But Granny Greta might pop up, so we must make sure the rest of her life is not ruined!”

    No doubt Suckdick Khan will insist on Lunar ULEZ policies (assuming he hasn’t been stabbed in 30 odd years time!)

    • No human has ever been on the Moon, it’s embarrassing that people still buy into that utterly obvious Freemasonic shit.

      • Buzz Aldrin is looking for you and he’s not happy!

        Half the posters on here are Freemasons

        Shut it, Mis. I told you that in confidence! Jeez – NA.

      • IYKYK
        📐🇬 ⚒🧭👁△🔻🤝 33rd

  5. Screw the RNLI taxi service and Rwanda. Put all the dinghy dirties on the lunar surface. Without oxygen, of course.

    • This year’s world economy ranking list.

      No 5. India US$ 3.469 trillion
      No 6 UK US$ 3.199 trillion

      Shouldn’t they be giving us money?

  6. India, where the unshakeable caste system makes Adolf look benevolent.
    No fucking leveling up, or other such equality shite there.

  7. I cunted these curry smelly, head bobbing , corner shop, money grabbing cunts a few noms back.

    It beggars belief they can afford to take men to the moon but can’t loko after their own.

    All aid shoudl cease immediately.

    However, perhaps the rockets are fuelled on methane. I had a curry a the weekend and couldn’t leave the house Sunday. I farted so much:

    A/, I nearly knocked myself out with the small
    B/. Every time I did fart, my cheeks like an aftershock in Turkey
    C/. I thought I was going to shit myself

  8. How much is a space program? What about a nuclear weapons program? India has both and we’re still sending them billions in aid. Sort your own poor out, you fake smiling, wobbly headed, money grabbing smelly rapists.

    And curry looks like hangover shit.

  9. When the caste system is done away with then some semblance of of social justice will begin to permeate Indian society. Chances of that happening in the next 100 years square root of fuck all.

  10. Why are we sending 💷💷💷💷 to the dabberwallers for?We are a laughing stock.Also sending squillions to the Frogs.A shambles.We need Madame Guillotine to return.Shit weasels.

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