The SNP [11] Ferries Fiasco

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This debacle has been rumbling on for years north of the border.

Back in 2015 the SNP Government awarded a contract to build two new ferries to be operated by state-owned Caledonian MacBrayne to the Hebrides. The contract went to Ferguson Marine, the last shipbuilder on the lower Clyde. A BBC investigation last year unearthed damning evidence that the bidding process was rigged. Ferguson’s owner, Jim McColl, had been a prominent supporter of Scottish independence during the referendum campaign a year earlier. Ferguson’s quote was the highest of the 7 bidders, they were given information and access to officials denied to others, and their management team had no experience of building ferries of this size.

Ferguson’s finances were so tight they could not provide a banker’s guarantee that they would cover any cost overruns themselves. The SNP allowed work to go ahead anyway before designs had been agreed. What has followed has been a litany of failures and delays too many to list here, and the cost to the taxpayer has ballooned from £97m to an estimated £351m. The most recent cock up is described in the attached BBC news report.

The most farcical event occurred in 2017 when Empress Krankie herself (of course) launched the first of the ships, Glen Sannox. Already over a year behind schedule, the ‘windows’ were painted on, the funnel inoperative and the bow made from flat sheet steel which was rejected by the regulator and had to be replaced later.

Ferguson went bust in 2019 and was nationalised by Krankie’s mafia without conducting due diligence. Today the ferries still aren’t finished, essential work at Troon and Ardrossan ports is behind schedule and a professor of maritime safety in Helsinki where the engines were made says they may not work as they’ve been standing idle for 6 years. I suspect this has further to run.

The general consensus in Scotland seems to be that the fiasco is simply a case of incompetence. But here’s the rub. Last year Audit Scotland said it could not account for £158m of taxpayers money spent by Ferguson Marine on the ferries. Where has it gone? Police Scotland have refused to investigate the matter, preferring instead to piss about (not) investigating the SNP’s missing £667,000 – chicken feed in comparison. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Jim McColl, Ferguson’s now ex-owner and reckoned to be worth over a billion pounds, lives with his wife in Monaco.

Incompetence or corruption? You decide, cunters.

Krankie’s fake ship launch at 01.58:

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Additional evidence provided by Ron Knee:

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44 thoughts on “The SNP [11] Ferries Fiasco

    • Nice one Ron. Wasn’t it not the late Terry Wogan who coined the name “the poison dwarf ?” That would seem to fit the Krankle perfectly.

  1. The SNP are the biggest cunts in the UK. That is saying something considering they share the island with the BBC.

    Come the inevitable breakup of the United Kingdom, the Empire of East Anglia will support Northumbria’s King Richard I of House Fiddler in his quest to wipe this vermin from the map.


  2. Sturgeon is to finance what Fagin was to street safety.

    They both made assets disappear mysteriously.

    On the whole though, Fagin had more charm.

  3. All these devolution cunts are at it,knowing the English taxpayer will cover for the inevitable financial catastrophe.

    It’s also why so many pakis are squirming their way into politics at all levels,they fancy making other peoples money mysteriously disappear as well.

    Despite being an appalling waste of money with what looks like a ferry full of corruption as an added bonus,its nothing compared to all the other disastrous financial decisions past,present and future being made by clueless bent cunts in our “democracy”..

    We are well on our way to becoming the Zimbabwe of Europe.

    Hang the vermin and have done.

  4. ‘The most farcical event occurred in 2017 when Empress Krankie herself (of course) launched the first of the ships, Glen Sannox. Already over a year behind schedule, the ‘windows’ were painted on, the funnel inoperative and the bow made from flat sheet steel which was rejected by the regulator and had to be replaced later’

    Oh aye, back in the USSR.
    Noo expense spared, ye wee bastads!

    • Am not at all surprised that the Shetlands want to break away from the Mainland. A lack of ferries will help in this direction.
      I bet Viking longships will be back a damn sight quicker than any CalMac tubs.

  5. The corrupt bastards in the SNP make The House of Commons seem trustworthy by comparison.
    It’s up to the Scots how they vote the silly cunts. Brainwashed by laughable claims of independence, If the rest of Britain stopped funding them they’d all starve within a year.

    • The SNP are massively over-represented in the House of Commons.
      With only 1,242,380 votes, they got 48 seats.
      That equals 1 seat for every 25,883 votes.
      The LibDumbs, with 3,696,419 votes (almost 3 times as many votes as the SNP) got only 11 seats!
      Remember thinking back in 2015:
      How come UKIP, with 4,000,000 votes, get only 1 seat,
      While the SNP, with 1,400,000 votes, get 56 seats?!
      Fuck them.

  6. I’m of the opinion that it isn’t Scotland getting their independence from great Britain which is important, it’s the other way.

    England should start independence proceedings from the rest of the basket case third world shitholes which make up GB.

    How fucking good would England be without the drain from the Irish/Welsh/jocks..

    If only…👍

  7. They are leftwing, they can do what they like for the good of the people.
    As Europe moves to the right, this cesspit sithole cuntry moves the other way. Yet no fucker cares.

  8. The SNP runs a gangster government.

    And daft cunts keep voting them in.

    I wouldn’t allow them another referendum.

    I’d make sure of a happy outcome and tell them to Fuck Off.

    The Cunts.

    Good afternoon.

  9. Government and money. Such a lethal combination. It’s not their money, once the numbers get thieves big any connection to the people who have to earn the money to pay for these white elephant projects is long forgotten.

    I’m well and truly through with politics, none of them are fit to run a household let alone a country.

  10. Speaking as a jock I fuckin detest the SNP and that little twat from the religion of peace who’s in charge.
    They have wrecked Scotland. The trouble is there is a disproportionately large number of lefty nitwits up here who vote arses like the SNP in, even though they’re destroying the country.
    Krankie should be in jail and hopefully come the next election this bunch of thick as shit con merchants will get the heave.
    The tories took a local council recently and another back in April .
    Perhaps people up here don’t want carpet fliers in charge. The head of the labour party in Scotland is also from the religion of peace and both they and the SNP took a kicking in said local elections.
    One can but hope.

    • As a Scot myself i think we are fucked no matter who gets in.
      There’s still too many deluded cunts that vote for the snp unfortunately and that is the problem.
      We should have an anti party party. Fuck the lot of them, i’ve had enough.

  11. I think all those who are responsible for the fiscal management of public funds should be waterboarded, until they own up to where the money is, in the case of the SNP and vanishing £££s

  12. I so want the Welsh and the Scots to go their Independent ways via a referendum at some point in the near future.

    But they need to understand that once they’ve cut ties with England they can also fuck off out of the House of Commons/Lords, as well as generating their own public funding and not from England and the “Barnett Formula”

    You want independence? fine. But just take the responsibilities that go with it and not moan about how unfair it all is once you’ve realised what a crock of shit it really ls once you’ve stopped sucking on momma’s tit!

    • Don’t wish that on us ffs. Theeceoukd be s massive exods of decent folk, me included, ana all that would remain would be carpet fliers, dark keys and local dullards,neds,jakies and junkies.
      Come to think of it that’s what they deserve.
      Thick cunts

  13. This is a thoroughly deserved cunting.

    The ferries are a disgrace. Transport Scotland manages the 32 ferry routes through three contracts. If one breaks down the service is withdrawn until the vessel is repaired. There is no extra capacity. I was on 2 Scottish ferries in the summer and one was a rusty, floating old chanty.

    The 2 ferries are overpriced (£351m) and have been delayed several times to keep some jobs in Scotland. Any other country in the world could have built them in less than 2 years.

    The SNP have withdrawn the whip from Fergus Ewing (son of Winnie Ewing, a founder of the SNP) because he had no confidence in Green MSP Lorna Slater. He tore up a no fishing zone bill, criticised the Deposit Return Scheme and Gender Reform Bill.

    For decades the SNP’s entire economic policy was based on “Scotland’s Oil” now they’ve changed their tune because they need the Greens to maintain a majority. FFS Scotland – wake up! Vote them out!

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