Marianna Spring

This two-faced cunt works for the BBC as their “Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent” (a glorified fact-checker/moderator by all accounts, and probably tagged with a very nice salary courtesy of the licence payer. But that’s another story).

Anyway, it seems Ms Goody Two-Shoes, hasn’t been very truthfully about her CV when applying for a job with a US news site called Coda back 2018. She allegedly wrote:-
“June 2018: Reported on International News during the World Cup, specifically the perception of Russia, with BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford.”

But after doing some fact-checking of their own the site found that Spring had never worked with Rainsford. And when confronted with this, a withering Spring apologised and said it was “an awful misjudgement”.

As a consequence the site showed their true integrity, turned down her application and told her to fuck off!

Despite this “awful misjudgement”, she still works at the BBC “countering disinformation”.

No comment from the BBC when confronted by this revelation of course.

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49 thoughts on “Marianna Spring

  1. BBC facts are the only facts. Cunts to the last. No surprise she can’t acknowledge a lie even when it’s one where she knows the actual triuth.

  2. Being a massive liar is a prerequisite for working at the marxist BBC. So’s being a cunt. Luckily for them, there’s plenty of this type around.

  3. She looks like an east slav. I suspect her real name is Marianna Springov and she is working under Putin.

    She certainly doesn’t look British.

  4. I hope everyone heeded the BBC’s dire warnings of the devastation to be caused by Breeze Agnes, which was due to climate change, obviously. Apparently a wheelie bin was blown over in Belfast, the rain in Carlisle was so heavy that some puddles formed in the street, and a bed of lupins got blown over in a garden in Edinburgh.
    It’s still a bit breezy out there this morning. I suggest we all stay indoors for our own safety.

    Stay safe, cunters.

  5. Lie?…… Misjudgement?

    I suppose a liar has to make the judgement about the intelligence of the person that they are lying to.

    Are they stupid enough to believe me or not?

    She got caught out that time.

    She can lie all she wants when working for the BBC as the viewers that watch that shit are so stupid that they will lap it up.

  6. So not only a liar, a stupid one at that..

    Thinking that no-one would check up on a fact checker..

    Then that’s the calibre of the BBC today..
    Full of box ticking bovine cunts..

    • Marianna Spring?
      A place or a person?
      Would be my first thought as I’ve never heard of her .

      Looks to young to hold such a serious position in the politburo of misinformation.

      Sometimes it’s hard to separate the truth from lies,
      Did we send a taxi to pick up a school girl?
      Did we know the star was tampering with young boys?
      Was there a murder?

      Best just to wing it

  7. ‘Awful misjudgement’. I hate the words that these twisted and useless self preserving twats come out with. Earlier this week a foul and slimy politician was confronted with details of some gross shithousery that he’d been involved in. ‘I don’t recognise that version of events’ said the lying cunt. When I read that I felt like beating the truth fucker senseless.

    • Remember that cunt politician that got caught calling a policeman a pleb?

      He used the typical barrister reply….

      “I did not use the words attributed to me”.

      Yes you smug cunt.
      You didn’t say “attributed to me”.
      You called him a pleb.

    • There’s interest again into druggie Libertines singer and Rodney Beers lookalike Pete Docherty.

      Back in 2006 a young student was killed at a party, Peter was there and his bodyguard Johnny Headlock.

      Anyway this student apparently violently chucked himself over a balcony onto the pavement below,
      Killing himself.

      If you see the CCTV footage you can see Pete stepping over his body and running off down the road.

      The lads mum is pushing for the case to be reopened,
      She has the idea that it was murder and that her son didn’t voluntary chuck himself to his death.

      And that somehow Pete and Johnny Headlock are to blame?!!!

      Doesn’t she realise he had a record out at the time and was dating Kate Moss?

      Some people

  8. If you are going to tell porkies about your previous on a CV, it’s best to be sure of a few things first.
    That the firms you worked for no longer exist.
    That the person you state as a referee is not traceable or contactable.
    That your nominated referee is dead.
    If any of the above apply, fill your boots.
    Obviously, none of this matters if you are applying for a job at the BBC, so long as you’ve been to university.
    Your sexuality and skin colour may also be a deciding factor.
    A 20 something liar working for the ministry of truth?
    Has anyone told the BBC that Orwell’s 1984 isn’t an instruction manual?

  9. Those cunts are accountable to nobody so they don’t give a fuck.

    They have the ability to tell their ‘stories” just as they see fit.

    A more corrupt,festering nest of rats does not exist.


  10. Springtime for marianne and the BBC.
    Winter for truth and integrity..
    Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come join the BBC party..

  11. The BBC must have welcomed this cunt with open arms.
    She sounds like the perfect employee to put a spin on all their wrongdoings, whilst bullshitting the rest of us on how to behave.

  12. Is this cunting no. 2 for her?

    I always find that people on social media who say ‘educate yourself’, ‘get your facts right’, check your facts’ are woke arseholes hambling on people not bothering to check their facts, but end up with egg on their faces when claiming something then having those clai.s fact check.
    used to happen with a particularly feeble cluster of liberal weirdoes and wokies on facebook.
    None of them too bright, well-read or familiar with logic but thought the sun shone out each other’s arseholes for having a BA in Performing Arts or International Studies and having the right opinions about the issues of the day.

    No humility to them at all.

  13. The BBC are full of cunts, this one has just been called out.

    Linecunt is allowed to say what he likes on TV now apparently but can’t get political.


    See how long it’s woke anti British agenda lasts when it is no longer taxpayer funded and has to answer to fucking


    LINICUNT can kiss his 1.5 million ta ta, jug eared twat.

  15. Combatting “disinformation “ is a recent phenomenon and is nothing more than a way to guarantee that leftist ideology wins the day. Each of these media outlets has their own internal Ministry of Truth. Actual facts be damned.

  16. The BBC like to protect its own. The duplicity of these cunts know no bounds and yet no one holds them to account.

    Despite the furore, Spring is still in a job after a few days of being the news. (not that you’d know given the way the MSM barely mentioned her indiscretion.)

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