Sickness Benefit Crackdown Being Put On Hold

This utterly, utterly gutless, cowardly government announced yesterday (6th September) that their review of sickness benefit provision has now been put on hold until after the next general election, probably in 2025.

The official reason for the delay is the complicated consultation work involved, changes to existing regulations and training of health accessors among many other obfuscations.

The current spend on sickness benefits will cost the taxpayer £26 billion this year alone, which is £6 billion more than before the pandemic in real terms, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

The government’s own Office for Budget Responsibility, calculates that 1 in 8 people of working age will be claiming sickness benefit by 2027 at a mind-blowing cost of £77 billion in real terms.

According to stats, there are at least 2.5m on long-term sick, and this will rise over the coming years with the inclusion of mental health issues.

The government are keen to crack down on “suspect” claimants but are too nervous to upset intuitions such as Sense, along with financial backers of the party.

Tory backbenches admit that in all likelihood Labour will become the next government, and therefore it seems pointless implementing a crackdown if its going to be overturned by a more sympathetic Labour party.

But the real issue here is a kick in the balls yet again for the taxpayer who go to work, do a day’s graft, come home knackered and then find in their pay slip deductions for income tax and NICs, some of which is handed over to the feckless cunt over the road who has never done a day’s work but knows how to play the system and is laughing at you!

It is also unfair on the legitimate cases where people are truly sick/incapacitated and are keen to work but for whatever reason cannot. But at the same time can barely manage on the sickness benefits they currently receive. If the government could find some balls and weed out the scumbags and save a few billion some of that could go to these guys who are in desperate need.

But typically the government equivocate even though this problem has been know for years. All too late now though, and Labour just can’t wait to plant some more money trees for the Taxpayer to keep topped up!

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70 thoughts on “Sickness Benefit Crackdown Being Put On Hold

  1. Well techno you seem to have time on your hands to compose nominations..

    Get back to work…

    Still my share of the national debt is only £80,000, best check down the back of the sofa..

    Well the sun is shining at the moment, I’m sure labour will put a tax on that soon enough .

    • Proposed Labour taxes for after the election; Tax on;

      *breathing out carbon dioxide
      *having a shit
      *shagging and wanking
      *walking in the park
      *getting a haircut
      *eating meat
      *having a greenhouse
      *putting a light on
      *wearing clothes

      Naturally illegal immigrants will be exempt from these measures, and all MPs, members of the Lords and senior civil servants will receive a gratuity of £1,000 per day to offset the charges.

    • Barry. yes I spend far too much time writing noms, but also ogling at Only-fans photos of Nicola Sturgeon, Jacinda Hardon, Angela Merkel and our very own, Anneliese Dodds and Angela Raynor in a 5-way lesbo dildo-swapping party!

      • By the sounds of it you have serious mental health problems, or permanent beer goggles..

        Get that claim form in as soon as possible.

  2. I know of some cunts in my manor who, since COVID haven’t worked and one in particular now uses a mobility scooter everywhere – funny how when I see her in the Garden she able to do exercise and appears very mobile, and yet the minute she leaves the house she’s proper raspberry ripple.

    Would I be an uber cunt for grassing her up?

    • Alright, CM.

      Good nom. Very much related to something I’ve been keeping inside for ages.

      The husband of a very good friend of mine is like that. Long COVID, apparently. Don’t get me wrong, we get on absolutely fine, however…

      He’s with a mobility scooter. If it’s genuine Long COVID, I feel quite sorry for him. However, the last few times we’ve been out on the piss together, three Imperial Stouts and/or Barley Wines, then he’s up and jiving.

      I’d like to be wrong, but it given this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed it and his missus (see, my very good friend) is on about £120k a year.

      Seems all a bit convenient. Not sure if I should have a word or something, to be honest. She’s the only one working in their family at the moment, and it’s evidently taking a toll on her…

    • Long covid = ME. All a load of bollocks. My mate works for TfL and some cunts have been “off sick” for 2 years and counting (needles to say, they are africunts and joe dakis)

  3. It’s the weeding out the feckless from the genuine cases that is the problem. A lot of the “professionals” that would be doing the weeding out would probably crack down on the genuine ones.

    • Exactly So Long and the same as Techno states in the penultimate paragraph in his nom. I personally know someone whose PIP was stopped on the strength of a two minute conversation with an Atos phone jockey during the covid lockdown. Her mobility is so poor that she goes up and down stairs on all fours. I know another PIP claimant on the full rate who can out-walk me. I have reported both “errors” to the DWP to no effect

      • I’ll add a little detail if I may. The woman whose PIP was stopped has had an MRI scan which shows she has three crushed vertebrae. A spin-off is that she has no control of, or feeling in her left leg. The woman who gets the full rate claims aching muscles. I have reported both on numerous occasions.

    • Just read a book “44 days: 75 Squadron and the fight for Australia”. These 20 somethings were taking on Jap Zero’s with the massively inferior Kittyhawks while tropical gastro was making them puke into their oxygen masks and shitting diarrhoea into their boots.
      Hold strong little disability stoics of the UK.
      Your intermittent back pain, requiring the frequent application of tax payers contributions from those more fit, hard working and dignified, will get double the financial recognition when Sir Queer Starlight becomes PM

  4. Slash all benefits, that would separate the wood from the trees.

    Out of work for more that three months, waste of fucking oxygen.

    What is it with the fucking country, unemployment at 4.3%, what happened to the 1 million (alleged) vacancies.

    Just one more fucking thing in a long list that has gone to shit.

  5. Apologies to anyone who genuinely is ill – right – I’m sick to fucking death of seeing able bodied cunts in top of the range Mercs, Aldis etc in disabled bays coming back with a years shopping of junk food and booze that are obviously in better than health than me leaching of the system. The country is fucked and has been for a very long time. The genuinely needy and ill health get fuck all because of the mainly usual suspects bleeding the system dry – and even the legit ones of them have only themselves to blame for countless generations inbreeding – cousin’s cousin innit bruv. Rant over.

  6. Stop giving money, and issue food vouchers.
    It’s not the tax payers responsibility to pay for booze, fags, 65″ TVs, or scratchcards.
    There’s plenty of work harvesting crops, removing graffiti, litter picking, etc. if they want spending money.
    Watch the sickness benefits tumble to only those who are genuinely ill or disabled.

    • Duke, round here the feckless twats would sell the vouchers for 80p on the £1, so they’d still have booze, etc.

      You’d have to have a system where a photo ID has to be shown, in order to redeem the food vouchers, and guess who’d have to pay for such IDs?

      • That photo ID would be a one-off expense to save the taxpayer handouts for spending on booze, fags and Netflix, as well as the cost of healthcare down the line.

        Short of being sent to work in a Welsh slate quarry, these able-bodied cunts need their whole lives rearranging.

        The state should be telling the underclass what to do with their days rather than the law-abiding taxpayers what they can and can’t say,

        It would be a deterrent against the wasters signing on if they knew there was a mandatory schedule to their day.

  7. We need a crew similar to the Bottom Inspectors, who can be more thoroughl at wheedling out these lazy bastards. Have them put in stocks at town centres and give them the old rotten fruit treatment.

  8. The truth is politicians don’t want to go poking into where our money is going because so many of them and their friends have their dirty little fingers in so many big fat juicy pies. The money going to lazy skivers is fuck all compared to, for example, the green tree hugging scam and the illegal immo scam and the foreign aid “let’s put Gupta’s rocket on the moon” swindle. Sickness bennies are just a tiny drop in the ocean.
    Oh……did I mention HS2 ?

    • Indeed.

      Then you read that the Curry boys are sending men to the moon but then rattle the tin can for the west to help when there’s a monsoon – cunts.

      I tell you who is is a cunt, that Worzel Gummige, bell-end Schapps.

      Unless I am mistaken, I am sure I heard him say, on TV yesterday that we spent 400 billion on COVID (understandably) and then 100 billion on Ukraine. I was like, WTF – 100 billion on a country that wouldn’t give a fuck about us if the tables were turned.

      I don’t like Putin, any less than the next man, but do I want my taxes being spunked on weapons that will leave us more defenceless, no I fucking don’t!

      I am also certain ‘deals have been done’ with friends of MP’s to give access and money to help rebuild the country, just like ‘special’ licences were granted to ‘mates’ for PPE contracts.

      Everyone is a cunt in my book today.

  9. Every govt says they will crack down on the welfare bill but they never do,instead they just add more layers of complexity to the gigantic mess.

    It’s effectively uncontrollable it’s so vast..there are over eighty thousand staff that run it and no fucker understands how it all works.

    The only solution is the end of cash payments and a voucher scheme..but no doubt they would make a complete hash of it and it would cost fifty billion etc etc..

    Benefits Britain..


  10. There are more sponging malingering fuckers around now than there were wounded ex-servicemen after WW1. Isn’t it fucking obvious what these shameless parasitic cunts are up to? I’d sit all day laughing out loud while watching videos of their offended faces if they were called in one by one and told to fuck off and either work or die. ADHD and Motability claimants first. Fuck off, the lot of ‘em.

  11. Try these ailments stage 4 cancer,3 heart valves replaced, pacemaker, blackouts, Memory problems and various other issues. 61 years old worked all my life but refused PIP BENEFIT…Not sick enough

      • Should change my name to Mohammed forget my national insurance number and say I’ve just arrived on a rubber boat….

    • Feel your pain brother.
      AUD2M in tax (don’t mind, its what First World countries do).
      Open heart sugery, can’t work on mefical and liability advice, no income.
      Support from a grateful government?
      3 tenths fuck all.

  12. 182 billion spent every year on the NHS and another 26 billion on sickness benefits.

    That’s way over 3 grand for every man, woman and child in the UK.

    The hypochondriac centre of the world.

    • But try getting an NHS dentist appointment after paying into “the system” all your working life! 3 grand is just what it has cost me for the FIRST course of treatment for her indoors – needs another 2 grand after that – 60 odd years of us both paying in and then I have to fork that out. Wouldn’t be so bad if we could opt out of paying NI and a bit of tax and pay that into private health insurance instead.

      • Tell your wife to put on a hijab, some brownface, and start chatting arabic and then repeat this sentence below:

        “I am a dinghy dweller, I was told UK good place for me and family, everything free”

  13. I wholeheartedly feel sympathy for those genuinely struggling with real mental and physical issues.
    Yet there a millions more that are taking the fucking piss. Everyone knows it, but nobody will raise it in public because of do-good wimps more interested in being a sensitive voice on social media for ‘likes’. Nobody speaks out because then you’ll have the left wing wind tunnel trying to ruin them because they’ve got a different opinion.
    Jail the benefit cheats, and shoot the enablers for having such stupid opinions. They’re useless anyway.

  14. I’m overflowing with sympathy for any benefit scrounger,
    Especially cripples and mitmots.

    Invite a hundred of the poor darlings into a meeting.
    Set off the fire alarms
    And smoke flares under the doors.

    Anyone left in the room is genuine.
    The rest have to pay back any benefits.


  15. What is even more annoying is that some benefit scroungers can often end up “retiring” on a benefits that far exceed that of a working person’s state pension!

    Imagine, therefore, that you’ve spent 40 years going to work and handing over thousands upon thousands of income tax and NICs, as well as taking out private pensions (which will be taxed again at source), only to end up on a means-tested state pension and private pension, while some career idler across the road, who has never worked in his life, could end up with more benefit “entitlements” (I hate that fucking word!) than you!

    • Tell me about it!

      I cannot tell you the deep joy I experience every time I watch some fucking munster, in Ugg(ly as fuck) boots walk down the road, texting on the latest £1000k+ iPhone, whilst their latest brat nearly strangles itself, trying to get Mums attention.

      So thrilled to know my taxes, at nearly 70, my money is being spent on our future.

      I’ll vote for any party who says they’ll stop taxing pensioners, even if it’s the We Eat Living Babies party.

    • As long as you blind them with science by stating the correct medical terminology on your application form, which is ‘monoplegia of the right arm’.

      Or left arm in my case.

      At least, so I’m reliably informed by a friend.

    • Yes, repetitive movement injury.
      Treatment involves a huge needle inserted into the affected joint with the slow introduction of hydrocortisone.

    • Legs don’t work?
      Can lick stamps for 10hr shift
      ( bring a bottle of water)

      Bad back?
      Stick you on a gurney and under the chassis of a bus.
      No need to get up.

      Nuts gone?
      Litter picking is therapeutic.

      • I always say this, Mis.

        I’ll add
        Claustrophobic, get out there and pick up litter.
        Agrophobic, stuffing envelopes, glueing things together, lots of indoor jobs.
        OK, poorly paid, but work, and take pride in doing a great job.

    • MNC. What you really want to do is just hand over a few hundred quid to the idle cunt over the road and cut out the middle man that is the taxman.

      You’ll feel good about working 7 days a week, busting a bollock and then handing over some of your wedge to the cunt across the road who is a bit annoyed that his sky subscription has gone up by 10% and he is facing hard times!

  16. Always makes me laugh how leftists will say it’s not that much to run the welfare system

    Mmm sure , that’s why it represents the largest percentage when I’m told how my tax is spent

    The reason the stupid cunts don’t know this is because they are workshy scrounging cunts who don’t get sent this information

  17. I am currently on PIP and universal credit for Cancer related issues. I am grateful for those who pay in for folks like me, but so many take the piss, which is why it perhaps took them four months to look at my claim. I was stage 3 Cancer and had a feeding tube in my gut and a PICC line in my arm and zillions of letters from the royal marsden, but still they had to video call me, and then take another six weeks to decide. Thanks to the cunts on here who pay in for cunts like me who really need the help.

    • As per nom. I really don’t mind paying my taxes towards deserving causes such as yours. But its the toe-rag shirkers that get on my tits, and if you accuse them of being workshy cunts they immediate bleat the usual victim bollocks.

    • Never an issue with genuine cases, it’s the looking for a reason not to work I have a problem with.

      I wish you all the best.
      Do keep in touch.

  18. We have a couple of local cunts who play the sick card to great effect.

    One lives two doors down and can’t walk, apart from taking his yappy cunt of a dog out three times a day.

    The other makes a good show of hobbling around on one crutch, which mysteriously got tucked under his arm when he was sprinting for a bus faster than Usain Bolt.

    Workshy cunts.

  19. Easiest solution is to scrap all benefits unless you have actually contributed for a minimum of 20 years. Fuck the sick, lame and lazy as they are mostly cunts. Too much is handed out to these ducking scratters. I would love to see a Labour Govt in power just for the unparalleled pleasure of seeing the UK declared bankrupt, and dissolve into the long overdue civil war. That would certainly have all the human effluent dingy cunts leaving the shores to move onto the next shores of rich pickings, however it’s a fucking long way to the US and Canada by dinghy. Happy to see the cunts try though!

  20. I know of a couple of cunts who play the system, always bleating on Facebook how some illnesses are ‘invisible’; both have the mental health and are always looking for pity (and hand-outs) from their feeble-minded friends. These cunts need culling.

    However, there are genuinely ill people being found fit to work because of the startlingly callous system where taxpayers are paying contractors such as Atos to wave away real medical problems for profit.

    Personally, I would take the PIP/disability funding out of the DWP and give it to the NHS, as well as the job of Work capability assessment to medically trained staff, not Atos personnel who freely admit they hate their clients.

    Let the NHS sort out the sick from the grifters, while removing the profit motive, and trimming a lot of the fat from the bloated DWP (110,000 of the cunts).

    • Those idle fuckers of the NHS couldn’t sort out a box of Liquorice Allsorts let alone the lazy cunts that plague their working day with bogus ailments. Privatization is the only way forward. If the knuckle dragging cunts had to pay everytime they walk into the GP surgery they’d be made to think twice, especially if they also have to at the market value of medication. Just imagine!

      • They’d be made to sort it out and budget properly if the service was properly reformed. I agree with some up-front payment for stuff like a GP visit.

        We already pay for medication and dental appointments and treatments.

        It will happen eventually.

  21. Just out of idle curiosity I’ve been looking at my old P60s over the last 20 odd years and the huge amount of tax and NICs I’ve had to pay. Thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of my money snatched away by some pencil-dick cunt working in the tax office, to be handed over to some lazy, feckless cunt pleading hardship and “yeah I’d love to work, but I’ve got this toe nail” bollocks.

    And these cunts are backed up my some poverty-action group suggesting that taxpayers should contribute far more than they do in order to help those poor folk who are unable to work during their entire working lives!

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