Puking Scenes in Films

My daughter recently loaned us her dvd of the film ‘Knives Out’, and last night I opened a bottle of wine and the wife and I sat down to watch it.

All was going along quite swimmingly until we arrived at what seems to be that all too common moment in film; namely, when one of the characters barfs all over the place.

Now admittedly the hurl in ‘Knives Out’ wasn’t too graphic, but it was an illustration of just how much of a film-making trope this has become over the years. Say you’re making a crass comedy; a gross out vomit scene seems to be de rigeur. Equally if you’re making a tense drama or thriller, say where the protaganist finds a corpse, then it’s likely that he or she will then stumble outside and proceed to puke against the nearest wall. Graphically.

I loathe clichés in films, and heaven knows there are enough of them, but this one above all really gets my goat. It’s all about intended shock value, but it’s been overused to such an extent that it’s lost all its capacity for real effect, and is now just another example of lazy film-making in action.

Here’s ‘Team America’ lampooning the on-screen barf brilliantly;

Honestly I wish that producers and directors would just take the hint. Seeing actors fake throwing up in a film just ain’t my idea of fun. Enough’s enough.


Nominated by Ron Knee.

98 thoughts on “Puking Scenes in Films

  1. Blame the Exorcist!
    Next it will be shitting in the streets, dumping used tampons in restaurants and wanking in the parks in films (not movies0
    Hollywood is running out of ideas to shock us, although I suppose Diane Flabbott becoming a lap dancer in a film called “Ape Me!” and throwing her sodden g-string into the audience might just turn a few stomachs!

    • I remember going to see ‘The Exorcist’ when it first came out, and being told that people were fainting and walking out etc.

      Queued around the block at the old ABC in Brum New St, expecting who knew what, only to find that the groaning and puking in the film was so over the top that people in the audience burst out laughing.

      Afternoon all.

      • Ah yes, the good old ABC New Street, with the Odeon just down the road, the Queensway, the Gaumont and the Futurist.

        All great cinemas in central Brum back in the day. Probably all gone now

      • The Gaumont was my favourite cinema ever; a truly glittering picture palace, with a staircase to the royal circle like something from Buckingham Palace.

        It had one of those huge screens which required three projectors to show the film.

        Going there wasn’t just a visit to the flicks, it was an experience.

        Sadly it was flattened long ago.

      • I saw Star Wars: A New Hope, at the Gaumont in full 70mm Dolby Stereo back in 78 I think. Had to queue for 30 mins, but that opening scene of the Star Destroyer hovering into view from the top of the screen was fucking awesome!

      • The Gaumont was a fantastic Cinema.
        You used to queue outside up a slope, to get inside and pay a person cash, sitting in the box office, to get a cardboard ticket which would then be clipped by an usher before entering the seating area.
        Huge glass box full of popcorn at the snack bar that would be scooped into a bag – if that was your thing. Demolished many years ago and the Weslyyan building replaced it.

        Futurist was good too – always playing Jean Michele Jarre before the film started, and usherettes with a box of goodies lit by a torch. Calypso orange squash in a plastic tub, with a straw so small it took you ages to drink it.

        ABC Electric exists and is a listed cinema in B’ham now.
        Red velour tradditional seats or you can book an actual sofa, with Art Deco lighting. Not the largest screen but worth treating yourself for the experience and nostalgia.

      • @LOTR
        You have such a vivid memory regarding the Gaumont and Futurist – two of my fave cinemas back in the 70s – 90s

        The Futurist was particularly good because the person in the box office always let us in to see X films (we were in our mid teens desperately trying to memorise our adult dates of birth in case she asked).
        My first X film there was The Godfather, then Emmanuel 2, Zombies: Dawn of the Dead and Confessions of a Pop Star, with that ugly, vomit-inducing cunt, Robin Askwith.

      • I remember being taken to The Gaumont to see ‘The Sound of Music’, and wanking off later over memories of Julie Andrews in ‘Mary Poppins’. As a randy 14 yo, I wanted to get into her pants bad.

        I think ‘SoM’ ran for over three years there. Can’t imagine any film running anywhere for that length of time nowadays. And no puking.

    • @Technocunt –
      Went to the Futurist with an old school mate back in ’89 for a Star Trek marathon event – Star Trek 2, 3, 4 & 5.
      Loads of people dressed for the part with a few Klingons too.
      Sort of a UK version of these nig Cosplay conventions.

  2. No Shock value anymore.
    And why does the vomit look like tea? It should have tomato skins and chopped up bits in it. Totally unrealistic

  3. I can’t think of a single film bar the Exorcist with puking in it?

    Pukes of Hazzard
    Wallace and Vomit
    Spewart Little
    Once upon a time in Bulimia

  4. To be fair the gorgeous Ana de armas was on set with that woke prick Daniel ” well that’s bond ruined” Craig.

    That’s enough to turn the strongest stomach..

    • I’m not bothered by No Time to Die. Looks shit. Sounds Shit.
      Brought back Bond in Casino Royale only to fuck him up (as well as Blofeld) in Spectre and NTTD.

      Bring back the pigeons. All is forgiven.

      • It was.Utter woke.Not bothered in Bond now.A shit fest.All ruined.Dig up Roger Moore for Bond.

      • A gay Q – Check
        A black woman 007 – Check (To get you used too when Idris fucking on everything Twat Elba gets the fucking gig).
        Woke lines and drivel in the script – check.

  5. Netflix is full of graphic films about druglords and criminals, shouting, swearing, stabbing , blaming white men, shooting and raping.

    It is a cultural sewer.

  6. I’m certainly no prude, but I have the same problem with sex scenes, particularly on telly, because of their cringe inducing pointlessness.
    Also, they leave me confused.
    Nearly all tv dramas nowadays are made for wimminz by wimminz, yet we are told that wimminz have no interest in visual interpretations of sex (I.e porn).
    So why insist on scenes of people copping off?
    And besides, if I want to see people shagging, I can use the internet and see it done properly. Or so my mate tells me.

    • Absolutely agree Field Marshal.

      Sex scenes in mainstream films are almost always pointless in my view.

      More often than not, they’re there for a bit of titillation value and rarely add anything to the value of the story.

      Classic Hollywood did it much better with a mere hint or suggestion for the audience.

    • Further agreed, Field Marshall. It’s the same in books too. Many a time I’m reading a decent thriller only to find, every so often, a number of pages describing the leading characters shagging. What the fuck’s that has to do with a good plot I just do not know. I skim read past those pages but it’s still bloody annoying having to do so. If the wife’s going to read it after me I draw a pencil line through the shite so that she doesn’t have to go to the same trouble and also so that she won’t discover for how long and to what extent I’ve been underperforming. Trying to pretend that she’s still the same slim young thing that I married’s becoming impossible these days.

  7. Good cunting. The wankers who make these films think that they’re being clever and cutting edge by introducing something ‘new’. Like blokes kissing (that makes me want to heave). They’re not clever though, they’re just short on the skill and intelligence that’s needed to make a good picture. Going back to when films were properly scripted, acted and directed: Clint Eastwood didn’t win an Oscar for Unforgiven by kissing Gene or even Jean Hackman. Katherine Hepburn won four best actress Oscars and, to my knowledge, didn’t puke once – not even when she went down the rapids with Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen.

  8. Ron, I couldn’t agree with you more, this fucking cliché drives me nuts. As I wrote in one of my Amazon reviews, just once in a while I’d like to see a film that doesn’t show someone throwing up in a toilet. Directors have become obsessed with puking scenes, and not only that, foot scenes as well. Most seem devoid of originality and slavishly copy each other. When I’m watching a film and one of these scenes appears, I lose all interest and switch off.

  9. Does anyone remember that sketch where someone threw up on a teacup dog, and then uttered the immortal line

    “Fuckin’ Hell, I don’t remember eating that!”

    Anyway, vomiting, like having a piss or a dump, should be done in private, and as quietly as possible.

      • Indeed. Classic films did birth sequences with a bit of decorum, even if it lapsed into cliché with a fretting father pacing up and down outside while women racing in and out with hot water and towels. Then the smack, and the sound of a baby crying…

        Now we get grim realism, with blood and guts everywhere.

      • Wouldn’t be so bad if they stuffed a sock in the mother’s gob.
        Plus a bag over her head for good measure.

  10. Some things are best not seen .

    A mate of mine did a fun run, he was young, fairly fit, took it for granted and had a few drinks the night before.

    On the day he set off ok,
    But half way round got a ominous rumbling in his stomach.

    The rumbling turned to cramps,
    And he had no choice but to dash into the nearby treeline and managed to yank down his shorts to avoid a hot,angry, acidic jet of shite splashing all over the leaves.

    He said the relieve was short-lived as he looked up his gaze met that of a family of horrified open mouthed onlookers,
    Just as the second wave took hold and he shot more liquid shite from his rear end.

    He said the shame nearly made him cry!

    Hehehe 😄

  11. Great nom, Ron.

    Back when Peter Jackson was making good films, you may recall he made the all time great, Br,aindead. In it there us a scene where an old woman’s ear falls off and drops into her custard, which she then scarfs down, ear and all. No vomiting, but it always makes Mrs Twenty feel sick.

    My personal favourite puke scene is in Ken Russell’s best film, The Devils. Two apothecaries are examining a bowl of Vanessa Redgrave’s upchuck. Most of their findings are deemed evidence of diabolical possession, but the apothecary played by Brain Murphy holds up a morsel which identifies it as a piece of carrot.

  12. Now this does make me puke.

    Rubiales given a restraining order over Womens World Cup kiss.

    Why don’t they just cut his balls off, hang him and have done with it?
    Misandrist Nazism in action.

    • I think I have seen more about this non-story than any reporting on real scandals like the peaceful child grooming gangs.

      Regardless of whether you think wimmiz football is shit (it is) it has completely overshadowed Spain winning the tournament. Hermoso’s teamates must be massively pissed off, despite what they say in public.

      • ‘Hermoso’s teamates must be massively pissed off, despite what they say in public.’

        Not sure about that LL.

        I think they love the ‘seriousness’ of it.

        They are being taken seriously for once.

        I mean they are not taken seriously (by most people)) on the field of play but they are taken seriously because of this.

        And they’ll take it to the enth degree.

        I bet he goes to jail.

        I am surprised he is still allowed to have contact with his daughters.

      • Surely his great enthusiasm for women’s football is testament enough to his good character?

      • Well yes @mjb.

        I mean if I had been there and the camera panned to me I would have been found slumped in my seat mouth open snoring away.

        Maybe he will have to go on a ‘Dampening Down Latin Excitability’ course for his ‘crime’.

        Really I am astonished that such a man would be that interested in Women’s football.

      • The reaction to this has been insane to the membrane

        Should he have done it?
        Was he wrong to do it?

        But the baying mob won’t be happy until he’s wearing sackcloth, beating himself with an olive branch, banished from society and lost everything.
        Btw these are also the people who talk about tolerance and acceptance, etc.
        What a load of old cock.

        They won’t be happy until he ends up taking his own life.

        But they’ll cheer and clap at this at this


    • There’s a fucking SHIT TONNE of “distraction news” right now. The Maui massacre is getting fuck all coverage, Oprah Winfrey and everyone else involved in that genocide needs to be fed to alligators.

      Biden over in that America, Holy fucking shit, get that cunt removed.

      Society is boiling over, crumbling, but the media still pumps out meaningless articles of shit to keep everyone looking in the wrong direction.

  13. ‘The Devils’ is my favourite Russell film.

    I love the ‘blood of Christ’ scene where the King fools the ecstatic nuns. Brilliant.

  14. I hope the whole of ISAC will join me In wishing Harry half-wit a happy birthday.

    May it be his last, the gormless ginger twat.

  15. They are only ever sick to the extent of what can be held in the mouth at one time.

    Isn’t it about time we saw diarrhea from the other end for a change. That would be quite a feat ?

  16. One Christmas time when I was abaaaat 9 years old some of the teachers at school thought it would be a good idea for us to go and do a bit of carol singing at the local old folks home.

    All was going fine with our performance until we spotted in the front row one of the old dears had turned green in colouring. One of the care home assistants managed to get there in time so were weren’t covered in puke, but the sight of an old biddy retching and puking in a bucket started to set one or two of the kids off.
    I found it both funny and horrific at the same time but along with some of the other lads started trying to prevent myself laughing…..which didn’t really work.

    Oh how we laughed but from that day I’ve never even been able to look at a bowl of spaghetti hoops

  17. Point of Information;

    does anybody know what they make the fake puke from that actors have to drink then hurl?

    Whatever it is, the mere thought turns my stomach.

    • The Indian attack at the start was bloody well done mind.

      The wife said she felt really queasy when that bloke got an arrow though the head then fell on the fire.

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