Konstantine Anthony

One of the great joys in life is pulling up IsaC every morning and reading the day’s nominations. As one illustrious cunter recently opined:

“One of the great things about ISAC (sic) is it never fails in highlighting yet another complete and utter fuckwit worse than the last one when you thought surely this is as low as it can go’.”*

And to be sure the eloquence of the cunters and quality of their prose is unmatched on the internet.

To that end, this august body has rules and standards. Too few lines…less than 5 = the bin. Too many lines…more than 50 also = the bin. And as we all know some words are not allowed.

But what happens when a nominee shows a degree of fuckwittery so extreme that mere words alone cannot capture the magnitude of cuntishness?

Meet Konstantine Anthony, Mayor of Burbank California (a Los Angeles suburb), who was publicly spanked by a drag queen…(allegedly in front of children)…ON CAMERA!…and then posted to the world wide web for all to see, at a “Drag Queen Bingo” fundraiser.

Fox News Link.

Words fail me.

Oh…do I have to tell you he’s a Democrat?

*Cunty McCuntface, IsaC, “Maria Hadden”, Sept 8, 2023, 4:04PM.

Nominated by : General Cuntster

35 thoughts on “Konstantine Anthony

  1. A man so dumb he even put his names the wrong way round..

    And wasn’t he in a boy band once?
    Blue I think?

    Hopefully some angry parent will see that and turn him black and blue..

  2. What a splendid idea. Can I suggest the much admired Mayor of Lonstabistan be subjected to similar treatment with an electric cattle prod every time the little P*ki cunt opens its mouth?

  3. Mayor’s.
    A byword for fuckup.

    Saddick khan
    Boris the slug
    Andy Burn,em
    Mayor mcCheese
    Diamond Joe Quimby
    Dick Whittington

    Hard to find a good one
    Normally either sexual deviants or corrupt.
    Or both.

    I doubt this is the first time he’s had a tranny pound his arse.
    ( Ass, for yank ISAC s)

  4. Drag queen bingo sounds marvellous, I wonder what the calls are..

    22 two little duckies
    88 to fat blokes
    71 bang on the bum
    25 fuck and drive..

  5. Well, I suppose when you’ve been elected you can do what the fuck you like. Unless your name is Truss and the Establishment desperately want their man in. Then you are fucked.

  6. Great early morning nom, General. It highlights the fact that the US Democrats easily outshine our own Lib Dems when it comes to being utter cunts. The cunt you have brought to our attention seems to have effortlessly mixed his personal deviance with pro trans virtue signalling.

    I imagine it is the same for all most of our fellow cunters, but I am heartily sick of being served by LGBTQ/BLM freaks who now inhabit every corner of retail. Fucking rainbow hair, rainbow lanyards, rainbow t-shits. Coffee shops, trains, supermarkets, tin rattlers, they are fucking everywhere. All of this twattery comes from the top. People like to ape their supposed better.

    I look forward to seeing the Mayor of Burbank’s antics reproduced at children’s birthday parties, in schools, on trains, in supermarkets – all to raise money for little African kiddies. They might call it ‘Red Arse Day’. That twat Walliams and Suzy Izzard will no doubt be willing take the lead.

    Good morning, Everyone.

  7. General, I always thought there didn’t seem to be much difference between the Democrats and Republicans back in the day. But the Democrats seem to have lurched to the weird side. What on earth is going on?

    • He So Long yada yada yada,

      When I was a boy (way back in the middle of the last century) my dad used to say about the 2 parties; “There ain’t a dime’s* worth of difference between them.”

      To some degree or another that’s still true as many of us now refer to the Washington Establishment as the Uniparty.

      However, both parties have found a way to differentiate themselves by marketing to certain groups. The Demonrats to the Liberal/Alphabet Soup/Neo Marxist/Green Raw Deal/Race Baiting/Brave New One Worlders.

      The Republicrats to the Conservative/Religious/Free Market/Traditional Values/America First/Isolationist crowd.

      However, the sad truth is neither party believes in the values they espouse.

      As just one example, Lefty Dem’s fly around in private jets making a mockery of the Climate Change Dogma while announcing the end of the world,

      Meanwhile on the Republican right, after filing for divorce earlier this year, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert fondles her date in a public theatre and is asked to leave by the management, while Governor Kristi Noem openly flaunts her affair with Corey Lewandowski at Republican gatherings…hardly the actions of a God fearing, Married woman.

      But back to your original point…the fucking Dems do indeed embrace sicko’s like Konstatine Anthony or Sam Britton or Rachel Levine etc and welcome them into the mainstream.

      • Oops…forgot something…

        That should read:

        The Dems do indeed embrace sickos like Konstantine Anthony or Sam Brinton or Rachel Levine and welcome them into the mainstream while Reps must apologize for their failings before being welcomed back into the fold.

        Typos…leaving out whole parts…sorry.

      • Thanks for being our North American Correspondent, General.

        It must be as equally despairing/disheartening what is happening to your great country as it is for us over here in the UK.

        I suppose being the old cutnts that we are it doesn’t much matters about the future. But Gawd help future generations when they realise what a shitfest of a world they find themselves in

  8. CC: Unkle Terry, fire up the oven for this cunt and all drag queens. It’s mental illness, and not the sort that can be solved with the correct treatment and exercise.

    Can you imagine the meltdown this lot will have in 2024 if Trump wins? Perhaps we’ll not hear from them again if he does.

  9. In the top right corner of the pic is a speccy twat wearing a Hawaiian shirt behind a sign saying ‘ wine ‘.

    Everything I hate in one room.

    Bet he sits down to piss.😁

  10. Whenever some self-professed, straight ‘ally’ of the alphabet folk starts crapping on about the latest thing we’ve all got to either do or stop doing to accomodate their degeneracy, I somehow picture them in much the same position as dear Mr Konstantine Anthony.

  11. Just a couple of quick updates:

    Mayor Anthony in running for higher office. He wants to be Los Angeles County Supervisor for the 5th District.

    True to form he is playing the victim. He says any opposition to him is a matter of anti-trans/LGBRQetcetra hate and the citizens of Burbank will always stand with those in the aforementioned marginalized communities.

    He also claims to have the overwhelming support of the citizens of Burbank who relate to his “down to earth” attitude. It’s worth noting that some press accounts say that given Burbank’s Primary voting system, he won with about 20% of the vote.

    One City Council Member said she received over 150 complaints the day after the video was made public. Some press reports suggest other Council Members from other Districts received approximately the same number with one council member complaining that the employees at City were unable to do any work as they spent the entire day answering calls and fielding complaints. (I’m sure there’s a government worker joke here somewhere.)

    There is some talk about recalling the Mayor. And also some talk that as the City Charter says the Mayor “serves at the pleasure of the City Council” he can therefore be removed with a simple majority vote of said Council.

    The Burbank Leader (a local city paper) claims that Bomb scares have been called into City Hall and that the Mayor has been subject to death threats. One press report I saw said neither of these has been confirmed. Another suggested they had been confirmed but admitted no evidence of either was found. (I’m not sure how they were confirmed without evidence.)

  12. Well spank my arse and call me a bitch, what an absolute cockwomble.
    I hope he get’s recalled and kicked out.
    He thinks it’s progressive no doubt.
    Degenerate supporting twat, size 10 hobnail up the crack.

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