Emma Thompson [11]

I invite you all to participate in a little competition. Complete the undernoted sentence in no more than two words (three if you’re tempted to include the word ‘fucking’);

Emma Thompson is…. **

Yes, everybody’s favourite champers socialist and eco-warrior is back, making herself look like a right arsehole again.

Remember when she fled our ‘tiny, cake-filled, misery-laden island’ for a pad in Venice because of the Brexit vote, only to fly back pronto to her reclusive bolt-hole in the Highlands when Covid struck? Remember when she flew from LA to London (first class, no doubt) to pontificate at a climate change demo in London?

Yes well, she’s now been spotted swanning around on a superyacht in the Med; one of those luxury barges with a carbon footprint bigger than a Saturn rocket.

‘Hypocritical luvvy, moi?’.

It’s okay though. I think we can all agree that sacrifices on the way to net zero are strictly for the likes of us little people to make, and not for Very Important People like Dame Emma to consider.

She’s a national treasure, after all.

Tik Tok Bollocks.

NY Times Link.

** Competition answer:
‘Emma Thompson is a (fucking) cunt’.

Nominated by : Ron Knee

72 thoughts on “Emma Thompson [11]

  1. What gets me about Thompson and her luvvy ilk (Stewart, Fry, Cumberbatch etc) is having established a public profile as an ackh-torr dahling, they feel enabled to bore the rest of us with their unwanted opinions on fashionable chattering class causes.

    While living a life of conspicuous consumerism thermselves, naturally.

    Sacrifices are so for the little people, not VIPs like themselves.

    Morning all.

  2. My wife and I recently discussed why it is that most in the acting profession are liberal, even leftist. We determined that it’s because they don’t have a connection to reality. Their very profession is to act and their level of wealth shields them from dealing with the realities of liberalism that we hoi polloi have to endure. Artists seem disconnected from reality as well no matter their level of success. Why? They seem to have a predisposition toward the ethereal and mystical giving them the inspiration to produce music and art that the rest of us can get lost in.
    Your thoughts?

    • I also expect that practically, they think it’s valuable career-wise to be seen as a worthy follower of fashionable causes.

      You can virtue-signal and not be afraid that you’ll be cancelled by the chatterati.

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