Cunts On Journeys

A lot of people seem to be on some type of a journey these days. Not the kind where you are sleeping on the floor of an airport terminal or finding out that the train you were hoping to catch has been cancelled because some selfish wankers are on strike. No, these are what I suppose used to be described as journeys of self-discovery but with the rise of social media can mean the most everyday and mundane of things is now ‘a journey’.

Its a narcissists wet dream and the list is literally endless. How about a fat positivity journey? Health fads, diet and bodybuilding journeys? Eating disorders, gay, trans non-binary, mental health, pregnancy or even beard journeys?

Some cunts on their respective and pointless journeys.


Nominated by Liberal Liquidator.

81 thoughts on “Cunts On Journeys

  1. Well you need to go the extra mile nowadays to be noticed in this crazy fucked up world..

    It’s all about tickys and likes..

    I propose a experiment. Shut down social media for 2 months and i guarantee all the freaks and nutters would of killed theirselves..

  2. Another barmpot.

    Make it two XL Bully’s.

    They can have a game of tug o’ war.

    In other news. David Mc.Callum has died at 90.

    I liked him.

    The Man From U.N.C.L.E. brilliant.

    Open Channel D.

    Good morning 👍

  3. I liked that book about a journey from struggling artist to purveyor of sexy fetish outfits by that Austrian chap, “Mein Kampf”. Good read.
    Spoke alot of sense, that guy.

      • Canadian parliament just had a standing ovation for a 98yr old veteran.

        Till it was pointed out he actually fought with a Ukrainian waffen SS division 😁

        Justin is VERY embarrassed. hehe

      • Have you seen the destruction and lolz that Poilievre hands to Trudeau on a weekly basis . It’s utterly embarrassing

      • Didn’t Hugo Boss design and manufacture the SS uniforms?

        Cunts, but cunts with a real swagger, and a bit of the butch thrown in.

      • Hugo Boss i believe whereas the Tommy’s made do with Burtons crappy stuff.Those Kriegsmarine peacoats were a sartorial highpoint though.

    • That reminds me of the time during Covid I went on a jpurney. It was spiritual and physical. It made me question the whole concept of travelling. It was inspiring; it was rewarding.

      The quest for bog paper.

  4. It’s funny you mention bodybuilders right next to eating disorders.

    Whatever they say , they all fucking have one , whilst blathering on about living a healthy life .

    Yeah because analysing every single macronutrient that goes in your mouth every single day is not mentally ill in any single way you dumb fucks

  5. I never wanted to be a cartoon dog or cat at school.

    I’m a bit of a prude like that.

    A Scooby Don’t.

    Nowadays kids would laugh and tease me

    Your not mentally ill!

    You’ve got a mum an dad!

    Your not on the spectrum!

    Cruel like that , kids.

    I wonder if it still hurts if you’re headbutted while in a dog mask?

    Best to work the body.

  6. Now doug mcClure knew how to take a journey, the centre of the earth or even atlantis. He should of had a travel show..

    Knocks Judith chalmers into a cocked hat.

  7. All these soppy newspeak cunts can reach out and go on a journey on the end of my boot and when they get there they can live their best life. Stupid, brainwashed gobbledy gook speaking fucking arseholes.

    • Anyone using the term ‘living their best life’ is lying. Their best life is the one where they ended up as a foetus in a toilet.

  8. We live in an age where facile cunts are venerated by the meeja and young people. The shallower the level of understanding the better these silly cunts like it. It enables them to apparently hold their own as they slide inexorably to a doom facilitated by their own ignorance. They are on a journey alright. A journey to Mongsville Arizona.

  9. This once great country is nearing the end of a journey.

    From a place of enlightenment, full of knowledge and justice. Who dragged many countries out of their savage ways.

    Now to be dragged back down..
    Thanks cunts..

  10. Did anyone watch the whole video in the link? I couldn’t.
    Maybe they should open an asylum for the few sane people left.

  11. Im on one of those pointless journeys, it is day 63,725, mine is to be less tolerant of cunts who piss me off, there are lots of these cunts every day, to say my never ending journey is a challenge is putting it mildly, i find myself besieged by cunts from the second i walk out of the house to the second i get back, in fact i am looking forward to winter because with all the doors and windows closed i dont have to listen to my cunt neigbours who have taken it upon themselves to extend my journey some what.
    I have come to the realisation that Amendsons journey to the south pole is a mere chapter when it comes to the difficulties/cunts i have to deal with every day, i fear my continued struggle to find the source and meaning of life will continue,.
    With the new 20mph limit in Wales it appears the upper stratosphere of cuntitude is approaching faster than the eco freaks predicted and it looks like actual viol;ence my become the norm in my city.
    If you find my memoirs/ journal in my cold dead fingers , please pry it loose and inform my friends on ISAC i never completed the journey and if any of my fellow cunters are willing to take up the batton and continue my never ending struggle it was appreciated….Fuglyucker, somewhere on Newport fucking road…..

      • Good maths..
        You are carol vorderman and I claim my free pen from your overpriced shit life insurance policy.

      • Thats just how old i feel these days, im now classing it as dog years because its impossible to measure my annoyance at aforementioned cunts, in my lifetime there wont be enough time for them all and thats without even mentioning my ex wife…..

  12. If I get the urge to go on a spiritual quest. I make a mug of tea have a bacon roll. Then watch Sink the Bismarck or Zulu. Normality and the universe soon realigns itself.

    • ‘Sink The Bismarck’.

      Absolute classic. Watch it at least a couple of times a year, and still sweat with tension even tho I obviously know the bloody outcome.

      And Dana Wynter in that RN uniform…

      • Now that I’m older and a bit wiser. I find it incredibly sad. That so many good young men perished on H.M.S. Hood & Bismarck. Like Jack Hawkins said in The Cruel Sea “it’s the war, the whole bloody war!”.

  13. I have a friend who works for a global FMCG brand and they have weekly yoga and mindfulness, team sessions, online ‘hugs’ and online coffee mornings – what a load of wank – I’d organise a group watching porn and drinking beer session.

    Some hippie cunt laughing all the way to the bank selling these pointless courses. Mind you, whose more a mug – wish I’d come up with that idea!

    • I had to go on a few of these in my working days, and I can say that without exemption, they were the biggest load of bullshitting wank I’ve ever heard.

      • Having never worked for a large corporation i’ve never suffered the indignity of this wank.
        The biggest company/employer ive worked for is Budgens when I was 18-20

  14. For years BBC and C4 have sent presenters on journeys in documentaries.

    ‘I’m on a journey, to discover…’

    Yes, yes, more drone cam footage of coasts and rivers, escarpments and close ups of some TV personality looking gormless yet smug, as they introduce a beginners guide to something else, with spectacular CG nonsense and less factual information than you’d find in a Ladybird book.

    • Especially if they happen to be black or Asian. The journey to discover their roots will inevitably involve the British Empire, racism, slavery and Windrush.

      • There seem to be a huge number of documentaries about 4% of the UK population, and a lot about another 1-2% (the quares).

  15. If that cunt, Drakeford had his way, there would be no journeys at all. Or if there were they’d all be at 20mph.

    Anyway, I’ve managed to dig out some old 70s and 80s sitcoms; therefore I’ll be journeying up the arseholes of Sally James, Tessa Wyatt, Sally Thomsett, Paula Wilcox and Francois Pascal.

    Good afternoon!

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