Sam Smith

Pork-ster extraordinaire. Just has to go a step too far, doesn’t he/she/they/fat pig.

Really, Sam? You really thought it would be tasteful, exciting, relevant to appear on stage in a costume with Satanic overtones, given the average age of your audience is 14/15?

Where the hell (see what I did there) is your sense of propriety?
Also, eat fewer pies, you fat cunt. You couldn’t pull a barge through a tunnel, much less a fit lad.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Jeezum Priest

Some more Bollocks from the Main Stream Media and the way the fawn over the cunt from MiddleEngland below.

The way MSM pander to the cunt that is Sam Smith. I was confused to upon reading that “they” had cancelled “their” Manchester show.

I though what do they mean?

Then I realised that the “they” they were referring to was actually Sam “they/them” Smith.

What a pandering bunch of cunts the media are. They / them should know better and stop fucking around with soying up to these weak minded mentalists.

Link below. There are many more.

Sky news

81 thoughts on “Sam Smith

  1. Bollocks from the Main Stream Media?
    I’m thinking of changing my name to that. Bollocks from the Main Stream Media…..yeah, I like the sound of that. I’ll give it some thought.
    Meanwhile, this Smith cunt is a fucked up ageing poof.

  2. Vocal cord injury you say, let’s hope it’s from auto-erotic asphyxia.

    Next time fatty use something stouter then a wardrobe rail.

  3. I refuse to kowtow to this preferred pronoun bollocks so will work around the problem by referring to all of them as cunts…

    • I think we sorted this some time back by simply refering to them as Shit (She / He / It).

      Cunts works too though.

    • My preferred pronouns when dealing with this scum are “gas” and “chamber”.

      • I have noticed that any woman at my work who wants to be known by pro-nouns invariably looks like Arthur Mullard.

  4. This fucker is like a condom pumped up with KY jelly, only nowadays are cunts like this fuck pig tolerated, the bit that makes me truly sick is that the repulsive, sweaty, spunk trumpet is so fucking public.
    Send the wanker to Russia I say, the still have the right ideas about 1 or 2 things, they would sort the warbling arse monkey out in a heart beat…

  5. Vocal chord injury? Caused by swallowing all that jizz no doubt. Dirty bastard. The most shocking thing is that refunds are available. So you’re telling me that fuckers actually pay to listen to this fat bastard?
    It can’t be true.

    • I did see he had previously cancelled a gig because Piers Morgan and Douglas Murray had said mean things, including he was ‘blubbery’.

      Send it to a fucking day care centre.

  6. Drop him off in Kabul, the tallymen will sort his pronouns out.
    He was.
    They were.

  7. Six bellied warbler.

    It’s only a matter of time before the stories about his under aged companions will come to light.

    At least that will knock Schofield off the front pages.

  8. A satanist chutney ferret…. Oh my, how fucking shocking.

    He/She/It/They is following the Madogga blueprint. Do and say anything – no matter how crass and pathetic – just to appear controversial.

    Smith is a fucking joke anyway. When Take That hit the Arena in Manchester, there were swag sellers all over the place and they made a fortune. For Smith there was one lone seller, with a small stall flogging poofter pimp hats and fake feather boas.🤣

  9. Mrs Cunter, who knows about these things says that when he won a singing contest on the television he was quite normal.
    He spoke normally and he acted normally.

    Once he declared himself as being ‘non binary’ (whatever the fuck that means), it was all lispy, girly voice, jazz hands and innuendos.

    He takes his inspiration from every stereotype bender that you have ever seen on the telly.
    Larry Grayson, Julián Clary, Alan fucking Carr…. Etc.
    And then he overdoes things for even more effect.

    Not content with being gay, he is determined to be the gayest.

    • There’s two gay lads who live near us, and they hate him. I asked them why, and they said ‘Smith is everything that people think we are’.

      Like Megain and Lewis Hamilton with their race cads, Smith uses the poof caricature card to the hilt. And of course that filthy crabs ridden old whore Madogga is right up Smith’s fat crevice. Black or gay, that old leech will suck off either. First it was Sasha ‘Cabbage’ Johnson, now it’s Sam Smith. The old slag’s demise can’t come soon enough.

      • Good call CP.

        Madonna never looked better at any other time than she happened to look in that video.

        I’ve never liked her or found her attractive but will admit that she looked well do-able in Cherish.

      • He thinks he is the first and only gay in the world. Nothing would chastise him more than a public humiliation by a waspish old queen, somebody he looks up to.
        To his repugnant fat face fall would be what this broken society of gayblack worshippers needs.

  10. Who is this odd looking fecker never heard of him, thought Sam Smith was a brewer.

    • I can’t imagine the old fashioned Yorkshire brewer getting Fat Boy Weird to front any of their ads!

  11. All that Satanist thrash metal/ Alice Cooper bullshit is as old as the hills. Just fuck off you bent little wanker.

    • That Marilyn Manson freak was bad enough. Always made me laugh when kids thought they were hard and edgy for being into that ugly poof. Cartoon totally staged manufactured shite, like Green Day, Lana Del Cunt, The Shite Stripes and most other modern American ‘rock’.

      • and his crap cover of Personal Jesus.
        Not sure if anybody saw his pathetic video for Tainted Love’ back in the noughties. it made me cringe so hard i swear i chipped a tooth. Overproduced MTV wank. I thought it was ironic, the message and attitude being wafted by him and his photogenic stage-lit goths but was all filmed like any costentatious hip hop, Linkin Dork or Pussycat Dolls video of the time.

        Stupid fucking kids fell for it.

  12. I hope this fat fuck keels over onstage and never gets up. Or an OD with a self pitying note will do, Anything, as long as we are rid of the fat sack of shit.

    Mind you, He/She/They/It/Those does epitomise the shallow shitshow Britain has become. Our top pop stars are a soulless bug eyed beige ginger turd who makes Val Doonican look like Ozzy Osbourne, and a repulsive fat cunt witjh mantits who is about as talented and appealing as a bad egg.

    • Sheeran’s worst offence so far is that twee mopey ‘tear-jerker for automatons’ The Joker and the Queen.

      I laughed at it when i heard it plsyed on the radio, then turned it off in disgust while the wet DJ cunts lied about prople texting in to say how they’ve just had to pull over to cry.


      • Not only was it shit – it was a blatant rip off of an old song.

        Daniel Johnston’s – Story of an artist.

        Sheeran’s record producers must spend more time in court than all the grooming gangs from every Yorkshire and Lancashire town combined. The plagiarising cunts.

  13. He’s behind in the game,
    Satanic imagery has been used by loads of people to flog records.

    Their satanic majesties the Rolling stones had sympathy for the devil.

    Iron maiden had 666: the number of the beast.

    Black Sabbath, did it too.

    They just did it better
    And were slimmer.

    I don’t think I’ve heard one of Stan Smith’s records?
    Not knowingly anyway.
    And doubt I’m missing anything.

    Just a little bumboy owned by the music companies.

    • Ps
      He’s not even the first sword swallower to do this.
      Rob Halford from Judas Priest got loads of flak from the Bible loonies in the US.
      Court case about playing records backwards.

      Think Ozzy Osbourne had similar.

      I was in a band I’d definitely record subliminal messages and
      Tell gullible cunts to commit self harm.

      Hail Satan!!🤘

  14. Speaking of self pitying benders, I see pip had to take his mum to a public place to tell her he had been sacked.

    And you wouldn’t credit it, a photographer only got a shot of him comforting his mum..

    • That’ll be the closest he’s been to a woman for years, BZ.

  15. THESE circus freaks should make THEMselves useful go the Kent coast and scare away dinghy folk.

  16. I thought the Japs had harpooned this giant cunt.

    It seems not.



  17. With regards to the msm, the people write this shit aren’t what we would imagine a journalist should be.
    No shabby suits and raincoats here, these are twenty something, blue haired fuckwits who see their jobs as an extension of their university careers.
    Those writing entertainment news are usually at the bottom of the pile and have strict instructions not to upset any ‘stars’ for fear of being boycotted.
    It’s a pity they don’t all upset this tosser though. If he refused to cooperate with the media it would only benefit society.

    • No cunt in his game can refuse to co operate with the media……..until they find out about his no*cing activity obviously. Only a matter of time with this wanker I reckon.

      • I reckon you’re right Freddie. Wanton arse banditry usually ends with a jail or death sentence.

      • Too right Field Marshal . Look at Freddie Mercury. He was a dirty debauched bastard. Now.he’s seen as some kind of saint and lovable rogue combined. Fact is, he put it where it isn’t supposed to go too many times and it killed him.☠🙄

    • When Sky Arts do a music documentary, there is always this daft blue haired slag on them. Classic not even born at the time student hipster type, who babbles endless crap and sees her personal opinion as gospel and makes out she knows what long dead people were thinking. Sort of like a Lucy Worsley of rock.

      • Bang on N ole Freddie was a right dirty bastard in his time, called his moustache “ a cock duster “. Good showman with a good voice and a fatal fixation with bumfoolery RIP..
        As for the presenters of these biopic type program. Woke to fuck wins every time. Sign of our fucked up times.

  18. Just watched the ‘Arena’ documentary on Brian Jones. Those cunts Mick and Keef (who refused to take part) can make out he never existed and did fuck all as much as they like. Jones made them different to any other band and his musicianship is still there for all to hear. His guitar on ‘Mona’ was Johnny Marr’s blueprint for ‘How Soon Is Now’ When they fired him, they became ‘The Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll (Corporate) Brand In The World’.

      • Not in the same class as Ronnie Wood. Read Keefs autobiography for the number of times the ego got the better of Jones and he couldn’t even be bothered to turn up at gigs…

      • Brian was a talented lad, but the primadonna in him came out far too often and he could be a right nasty bastard. I love some of the stuff he played on, but I suppose wanting to just play exotic instruments when the Stones were a two guitars live band must have pissed off the others.

  19. Don’t know anything about this cunt but smell annoyance. Then anagram the fucker and the best I could come up with is This M Mas. Then send him to the Hobnail Boot Testing Facilities.

  20. He has an audience, never heard of the bugger myself.
    The world keeps spinning until the next turd washed up…💩

  21. IT is a cunt, it’s voice is like scaping a knife on a plate….

  22. Ridiculous stage appearance at best, sinister at worst.

    That James Bond song sounded like he was being castrated as he was recording it.

    Who is buying his awful songs? Or does George Soros secretly fund him to get out The Message.

    • An appropriate choice for the 2nd worst Bond film.

      Blofeld is not Bonds step brother. The Brocollis lost me on that one. Nevrr bothered with No Time to Diversity, Inclusion Equality

  23. The devil makes work for idle hands… and idle minds, which explains the obsessions of the woke; mainly rich white spoiled brats, educated beyond their natural intelligence and promoted beyond their abilities, never told no, they get bored of living the nine to three, three-day week NGO job or yet another shite degree to flaunt and worry about pronouns and Greta, and if their vegan lunch theyve ordered via an app is fully fair trade and free of mouse turds.
    They think Sam Smith is some cultural giant and ‘stunning and brave’, when the only thing giant about him is his waistline and caoacity for self-delusion.
    The worship of figures like Smith by a sick media class is as psychotic as the belief a Swedish pippy longstockings/chucky hybrid has great insights into climate change adults may have missed or Biden is a capable functioning human, let alone president.

    It’s all Emperor’s New Bullshit.

  24. Was he the only lorry driver they pulled up to try out on the gormless public ?

  25. Is there some sort of minimum weight, beyond which you have to be referred to as ‘they/them’?

    “Sorry guv, you’re morbidly obese, so we’re going to change your pronouns to a plural.”

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