Sam Smith

Pork-ster extraordinaire. Just has to go a step too far, doesn’t he/she/they/fat pig.

Really, Sam? You really thought it would be tasteful, exciting, relevant to appear on stage in a costume with Satanic overtones, given the average age of your audience is 14/15?

Where the hell (see what I did there) is your sense of propriety?
Also, eat fewer pies, you fat cunt. You couldn’t pull a barge through a tunnel, much less a fit lad.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Jeezum Priest

Some more Bollocks from the Main Stream Media and the way the fawn over the cunt from MiddleEngland below.

The way MSM pander to the cunt that is Sam Smith. I was confused to upon reading that “they” had cancelled “their” Manchester show.

I though what do they mean?

Then I realised that the “they” they were referring to was actually Sam “they/them” Smith.

What a pandering bunch of cunts the media are. They / them should know better and stop fucking around with soying up to these weak minded mentalists.

Link below. There are many more.

Sky news

81 thoughts on “Sam Smith

  1. In the words of Battery Sgt Maj Williams “Never before have I seen such a blatant display of poofery in all my life”. Enough said, apart from Sam Smith is a fat cunt!

  2. Just another fat evil conniviong fat cunt poof.Should be shot in the face just for his acting ability.

  3. This disgusting lump of Lard turns my stomach, the thought of him having his sweaty ringpiece rimmed is a thing of nightmare’s, he should be clubbed to death on Britain’s got talent.!

  4. Seeing him all trussed up and writhing around in what looked like a lost fishing net with all his wobbly bits squeezing through the gaps has put me off eating rolled pork shoulder indefinitely.

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