A nomination for Ireland’s Criminal Justice bill

A nomination for Ireland’s Criminal Justice bill being passed through Parliament and the wider war on freedom of expression snd conscience in our fucked-up society.

The very possession of offensive material, such as videos or memes on your phone, a gollywog doll or any anachronicist pictures, labels or artefact’s in your house judged ‘not PC in current year’ could be enough evidence to show intent to incite hatred and get you 2 years in jail.
Literal thought-crime.

As the link says, the Irish media and various civil liberties groups aren’t batting an eye over this massive invasion of private lives, homes and thoughts by the State.

When you add this to England and Wales’ piling up of our own thou…’hate-speech’ statutes -accelerated under Tory rule ‘cos tertorism’ – as well as those Scots accused of rape facing trial without a jury, it paints a bleak picture of democracy and freedom for the British Isles, and it’s been building up to this for a good 20 years when Blair had an obsession with biometric identity cards and throwing pensioners out of conferences (that was Jack Straw but that gang were all authoritarian freaks).

Some of this curtailing of freedoms we’ve had since COVID and protecting our communities, reducing online harm etc is revenge by the political-media class for Brexit, and some is most likely preparing to crush dissenting voices for the new project of Net Zero. Get climate change skeptics into the dangerous/terrorist camp with a bit of nudging by the Beeb and Behavourial Science teams.

They did it for Covid so why not?

They’ve already got protesting out in public and making noise criminalised.

So, enjoy this blog while it lasts gents and gals.


Nominated by Cuntamus Prime.

65 thoughts on “A nomination for Ireland’s Criminal Justice bill

  1. Well while it’s still legal for me to say so, Varadkar is a mincing bum bandit and his ‘wife’ looks like one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters.
    If Orwell were alive today he’d have too much material to work with and wouldn’t know where to start.

  2. 2030 can’t come soon enough…when modern society crumbles and we revert to how life was hundreds of years ago…excitement, self-sufficience, no more boring working (apart from farming), cannibalism*, no money worries, wimmin become slightly less cunty, it’s a win-win situation.

    * I might not resort to cannibalism (although I probably will)

      • Finally Dick Fiddler can get a street urchin to come and clean his chimney stacks with the added hilarity of blackface.

      • Schofield’s already had his tongue in there, as it was as dark and thickly hairy as his boyfriend’s too-young buttcrack.

  3. Does having Dire Straits Brothers in Arms album count? Has the word “phagghut” in one of the songs.

    • You’d probably get the full two years for that – if that’s on a old fashioned LP you might be able to scratch out the offensive word, might get you a deferred sentence then 😁

      Seriously what a crock of sh1te!

    • Those lyrics are often misunderstood. Mark Knopfler is actually saying –

      “Look at that Flabbot
      What’s that all about
      She’s banging on those bongos like a chimpanzee”.

      • Oh, I don’t know. Dire Straits sound good compared to the musical excrement that is Ed Sheercunt. I despise the useless ginger turd…

    • Diarrhoea and Mark Nobler we’re fucking shite. Music for the masses

    • Listening to John Lennon’s “Woman is the N*gger of the World” would probably get you a life sentence.

  4. They can ban what they like,but a cunt will still be a cunt.

    I’m quite certain,from watching the odd bit of video footage here and there,that there are certain sections of traditional Irish society that will be more than delighted to knock complete fuck out of anyone trying to dick about with them.

    It’s as though World War II never happened and Hitler’s racial laws are here anyway,disguised as protection for an illusory set of minorities.

    The hateful secret police of every regime past and present lie in wait again,grinning at our weakness.

    Fuck Off.

  5. I have made some disparaging remarks about the Irish in the past. This has prompted one forum member (apologies for not remembering who) to say, (words to the effect) most people don’t have a problem with Ireland.

    To that I say; The problem with Ireland is that it’s populated with the Irish.

    Someone should write a book. From Fenian to Fascist; How the Irish Won and Lost Their Freedom in Ireland.

    Well cunted by Mr.Prime

    • Was it Churchill that said the Irish are the Ni..ers of europe because there so tribal

      • Hey fenton,

        Not sure about the Churchill remark, although it does sound like something he would say.

        But I can tell you this…Growing up in the American Midwest a lot of WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants)…especially those with New England Yankee heritage, always referred to the Irish as White N*ggers.

        Perhaps even worse than that is that they referred to Black Americans as Smoked Irish.

        On the other hand, my hillbilly relatives (on my mother’s side)…who hailed from parts of Appalachia…referred only to the Catholic Irish as White N*ggers, making a clear distinction from those of Scotch/Irish Protestant descent.

    • The point about Thought Crimes is dead bang, spot on.

      In the States, when the Progressives/Fascists take to the streets to protest they chant; “This is what Democracy looks like.”

      What they really mean is; “This is what Dystopia looks like.”

    • From the link:
      “By 2040 there will be roughly an extra one million people living in our country”.
      Hah! in your dreams Paddy, where do you think the assorted shit from Africa and the Middle east are going when there’s no money left in the UK?
      Try ten million you short sighted, left wing twat.

    • “By 2040 there will be roughly an extra one million people living in our country”.
      How do they know this? Because they’re inviting them in.
      All this carnage across the western world is managed.
      And then you’ll be put inside for objecting.
      And the masses are distracted by what some TV ‘star’ is doing.

      • There was half a million last year alone. Then they get the right to import their family, no matter how distant. Then they are breeding like rabbits or raping white girls, or even worse, white girls are going native and enjoying a bit of black mamba, popping out nuggets on state support for life after Rufus moves on to his next sex slave. Try 15 million over the next 20 years, more like it. We are well and truly fucked.

  6. This doesn’t really fit with most people’s idea of Ireland. The country of the fighting Irish, the drinking Irish, the self-deprecating humorous Irish, has turned into killjoy parody of liberal authoritarianism.

    In larger societies there’s more diversity of outlook. In Ireland, a small country, there’s marked cultural conformity. But it was ever thus – the old cultural conformity was Catholicism. Now its woke.

    Ireland has been going down the woke tubes for years. They were the first country in the world to ban smoking in public places 20 years ago. Eamon De Valera (cunt) has been replaced with an openly gay cunt living with a male mong who compared the crown of England to the sorting hat in Harry Potter, actually texting this in the coronation ceremony, much to the embarrassment of the Irish government.

    And Ireland is EU home to the most woke tech companies in the world, Apple, Facebook/Meta etc which provide nearly 40% of the Irish governments tax revenues.

    No wonder they are woke.

    But somethings never change in Ireland. They still are Anglophobic — they seem to live in continual fear of being re-absorbed into the UK. A recent Irish professor actually penned an opinion piece for a newspaper in Ireland saying there was a real risk the UK would invade Ireland post-Brexit to reabsorb the country back in the UK and get rid of the backstop. Madness.

    They are so desperate to get away from the UK that they haven’t noticed they’ve become a backwater sump province of the EU.

    It’s a shame. I like Ireland and Irish people. But it’s going to become unvisitable at this rate. Who wants to go on holiday there only to be arrested for having images of Uncle Remus on their mobile phone history.

    • Eire – like the UK – is now teeming with migrant parasites. Hotels filled with human filth, and its city streets crammed with dooshkas. Dublin was once a nice city to visit. Now it’s like any British town. Romania or Albania in all but name….

      • It’s because the Irish have a thorn in their side, just like the UK has with them and they can’t just pull it out and let the wound heal. They fester and destroy their own beautiful country. They let any wanker come in and then send them on their way to to UK. That’s the truth. It’s cunts like Tony Blair who fucked everything up with their EU loving globalist bullshit. People move forward together as a unit unless you’re excluded.

  7. This will exclude any anti English sentiment I’m guessing? The only way to fight this kind of government overreach is to completely ignore it. Every house needs to stick something non PC to their front door.

    Democratic Government is to rule on behalf of the people not to rule over the people on behalf of corporations and political extremists, that’s fascism that is!

    Of course government on behalf of the people is now called populist and that’s bad thing.

    I honestly don’t know how bad it’s got to get before people realise we are on the precipice of global fascism.

    How long does it take before the frog realises it’s being boiled?

    • Sadly it seems there are quite a few people who go along the woke shite until they suddenly disagree with a new position held by the woke, such as the trans issue. JK Rowling and Graham Linehan were both fully ensconsed until that came about, with Rowling trying to gaslight people on Hermione’s ethnicity, saying she never described her skin colour (she does, in the Half-blood Prince). This was due to questions over a black actress being cast as an adult Hermione in a play.
      Unfortunately there seem to be a couple of posters on here who think the watter is just fine.

  8. They will need more courts, more jails and more lawyers

    Adult Human Female, is a woman to be sure, to be sure


  9. Astonishing.
    I was listening to The Red Telephone from the album Forever Changes whilst checking the link website.
    The final verse is:

    They’re locking them up today
    They’re throwing away the key
    I wonder who it’ll be tomorrow, you or me?

    • We’re all normal, and we want our freedom
      All of God’s chillun gotta have their freedom.

  10. Your never take me alive copper..

    I’m gonna be self-deprecating myself to death.

    Feel free to use me as a bad example. That way, I won’t be totally useless.

  11. I’m not panicking.

    I’m not Irish,
    I don’t collect g#lly w#9s,
    All my offensive porn is in paper format ,
    And I agree with noise being criminalised.

    I’m also all for protesters being dealt with harshly.

    Fuck em

    • I recent went to Africa and they actually sell gollywogs. No kidding I bought one. They don’t give a fuck about this woke shit. It’s liberal cunts trying to make it or fake it.

  12. The Paddies ain’t very bright are they?
    (Oops….that’s probably a “hate” stereotype I imagine)
    I mean they spend centuries fighting against the hated Brits and then invite the trash of the 3rd World to come waltzing in and help themselves! Yes they’ve got the same thing as we have ……immos lording it up in hotels and changing the character of small towns and villages. Local people who object get the familiar “racist” and “far right” labels.
    That bender Teashop cunt recently admitted that cunts who actually fail the asylum process are being allowed to stay “on humanitarian grounds”. Yes, of course they are.
    On the other hand perhaps they’re not that thick. Once this vermin have got their Irish passports you know where they will be heading don’t you? Oh yes….The Land of Milk and Honey.
    Dark days ahead my friends. Our knowledge of history should tell us what’s coming. See you all in Dachau!

  13. Fuck me silly, the stuff my mate and I send each other on Whatsapp would get us locked up and the key lost. Mind you it’s done in the best possible taste. Sexist racist and homophobic are a daily occurance.

    • What a cunt that Jenrick clown is.

      It’s wonderful news there’s loads of dead cunts who died trying to get here to rape and loot.

      For every thousand that drown we should get a bank holiday.

      Fuck them all.

    • I thoroughly deserve everything the thought police do to me.

      My mind’s like a sewer.
      A hot festering sexy sewer.

      Last one on the cattle trucks a puff 🖕

  14. Hope the official thought police never get a chance to spin over my humble abode. The way this bollocks is going I should have been banged up 5 years ago. If I identify as a women would that help if I was involved in a protest about immigration or something trannies are sacred now aren’t they?

  15. [Preamble]
    ‘In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred,
    We, the people of Éire,
    Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial,
    Gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation,
    And seeking to promote the common good, with due observance of Prudence, Justice and Charity, so that the dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured, true social order attained, the unity of our country restored, and concord established with other nations,
    Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution.’

  16. The last sentence in CP’s nomination is what stands out to me. Genuinely, I wonder now how much longer is-a-cunt.com is going to be here. If we’re lucky one morning we will simply find it’s vanished, but if we’re unlucky some of us may find the police knocking our doors at 6am. It’s impossible to believe the spooks are not monitoring the site.

    • Good luck finding me I have taken the numbers off my door.

      Though I do need to have a word with my postman I haven’t had any post for weeks.
      Must be on strike again.

    • Knocking Arfur?
      They’ll come through the door mob handed and the front door will look like my original garden gate, matchwood.

      Then it’s down the station,
      Hate crime= terrorism.

      Fingers will be pointed
      Excuses made,
      Squeal squeal,
      Wasn’t me guv,
      They’ll offer 30 pieces of silver to the jittery types,

      Who holds on and who lets go?

      I of course have already signed a full confession and named names.

      My community service will be in a donkey sanctuary.
      The rest of you are fucked I’m afraid.

      And it’ll be those abroad extradited, and grabbing the headlines!

      • Is that why you have upgraded the country cream gates mis? not sure it will stop the riot police.

      • No Baz, I wilingly let them in.
        I phoned them.
        Reported myself.

        I felt it’d look better at the trial😁

        I’ll raise a trembling hand as I sob into my handkerchief and whisper

        “Him, it was him.
        He’s a monster!”

        Your looking at 15-20 easily .
        I’m a fine actor.

      • You are Philip schofield and you will have a long lasting career.. oh never mind scratch that.

      • Hehe😄

        The jackboots are on the march Baz.

        Plotters whisper in the shadows,the scaffolds being hastily erected in the market Square,
        There’s no hiding place for the likes of us!

        Have you seen this man?
        The new Gestapo will ask.

        The baying mob hungry for blood

        ” He believes in biology!’

        ” He’s not from a mixed race family!”

        ” He uses outdated terms that stigmatise homosexuals ”

        And as the noose tightens around our necks,
        Our eyes look up to see the final indignation on the Gibbet a sign

        Made in China

      • Made in China you say.. I’m feeling a little better about my chance of survival now.

        It’s a little known fact the ACME corporation that wile E coyote used was based in Beijing.

  17. Paddy and Mick are watching the football on the telly. When it’s over Paddy heads for home but it’s absolutely pissing it down, fucking stair rods.
    Mick says “oh Paddy you can’t go home in this I’ll make up a bed for you in the spare room.” So he goes upstairs and when he comes back Paddy is standing there soaked through, water dripping all over the floor.
    Mick says , “fucking hell, what happened to you?”
    Paddy says “I went home to get my pyjamas.”

  18. I’m mystified by the whole thing. There are supposed Oirish men and women claiming the need for such legislation because “we are all disgusted by homophobic, racism, discriminatory language”.

    You fucking what? No Oirish I know ever claimed that

    As Brendan Gleeson’s titular character put it in the film ‘The Guard’;

    “I’m Irish, sure, racism is part of me culture”


    Like most cultural diseases, this woke shithousery originates from that cesspit that is the USA. Ironic really, as they are completely lacking in culture themselves that they project this ability to destroy other cultures.

    Some say it is all by design, who knows, you can’t ask a Yank as they’re all too fucking thick or boorish to answer.

    This shite might fly in a Dublin gaybar but good luck policing the thoughts of a Limerick knacker. Pure insanity.

  19. I wonder if this law is going to apply in Rathkeale, County Limerick, otherwise known as “Gyppotown.”
    The old pikies are not known for their tolerance of homosexuals, foreigners and other “dossers.” They’d be better off keeping the immos away from there.
    Kathleen’s bike!

  20. The Lord Protector knew how to deal with Paddies, Parliamentary po*ces, Royalty, foreigners and other assorted cunts.

    “God’s righteous judgment of these barbarous wretches.”

    Bring that cunt back I say!

  21. Dublin is now very much like Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham and so on.
    Go there and all you will hear is ‘Booshka, Kooshka. Gooshka. Dooshka’.

    It appears now that the Eastern Bloc is now the west….

  22. The devil makes work for idle hands… and idle minds, which explains the obsessions of the woke; mainly rich white spoiled brats, educated beyond their natural intelligence and promoted beyond their abilities, never told no, they get bored of living the nine to three, three-day week NGO job or yet another shite degree to flaunt and worry about pronouns and Greta, and if their vegan lunch theyve ordered via an app is fully fair trade and free of mouse turds.
    They think Sam Smith is some cultural giant and ‘stunning and brave’, when the only thing giant about him is his waistline and caoacity for self-delusion.
    The worship of figures like Smith by a sick media class is as psychotic as the belief a Swedish pippy longstockings/chucky hybrid has great insights into climate change adults may have missed or Biden is a capable functioning human, let alone president.

    It’s all Emperor’s New Bullshit.

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