Chreap Chinese Goods


My phone made that spelling mistake in the title and I decided to keep it because it is a lovely conjunction of crap and cheap.

Can someone please tell me why there is a proliferation of Chinese made goods that are crap yet we keep buying them?

I can’t even answer my own question. I bought a garden furniture set a couple of weeks ago from, oh the shame, B & Q. Spent a grand on sale. Didn’t want to spunk 3k+ on a Rawlinson set. Table top, allegedly tempered glass, was broken on arrival and the ‘rattan’ on the table sags. Looked nothing like the naffing picture either. I won’t bore you with the long sorry story of getting a replacement: B & Q suck but that’s another story.

I don’t understand the new furniture market. Veneered crap sold at Dovetail prices. All clever pictures, influencers and marketing to seduce you, punters paying a premium. So many sellers without an actual shop where you can see before you buy. Thank you returns laws, flipping hassle though.

Here is a link to a Forbes article that is over 10 years old but gives some insights with regards to the sellers.

p.s Amazon should be renamed Chinazon or something properly apt, yet plenty of people buy their purveyed crap.


Nominated by Cuntologist.

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  1. There was a time when you knew something was shit because it was stamped ‘Made in Hong Kong’. You’d buy it knowing it was cheap and nasty, or spend more on something better but more expensive. At least you had a choice and you knew what you were getting.
    Today the amount of stuff one can buy is mind boggling, but it’s all shit. Now it’s a case of more stuff but less choice.
    Telly’s the same – scores of channels and complete and utter garbage on every single one.

    That’s got my gander up. Thank fuck the pub’s open in half an hour.

  2. I think that it would be a fucking nightmare to start a manufacturing company in the UK.

    Entitled cunts wanting 4 weeks paid holiday every year as well as maternity and paternity leave.
    Unlimited sick pay and days off for birthdays.

    If you have to pay the sweeper upper and the bog cleaners the minimum wage by law of £10 per hour then you will need to pay the actual workers a lot more, regardless of how trivial their work is.

    Tell one of your workers what to do or criticise their work in any way and you will get accused of bullying.

    Fuck all that.

    The Chinese just get on and do things.

      • The laws in China protecting workers are far in excess of those in the UK.


        Look it up.

        I deal with China on a daily basis.

    • Why you no rike China ploduct, Edud Warrace? We work 14 hour a day, sreep for runchtime, then back to tiny plison apartment for noodle and watching the TV channel. You only Rive Once.

      • We also lemake famous Engrish comedy shows for home market. ‘Erro Erro’ velly velly popurar.

      • ‘Erro ‘Erro is a COMEDY?
        I think TV dllama about decent, honest Germans and coward Frenchies dlessed as café plostitutes?
        You make mistake, Riberal Riquidator.

  3. In China a factory worker will earn the equivalent of about 80 to £100 per week.

    Their cost of living is so much lower for utilities and rent that they are quite happy with their wages.

    It just makes sense that most stuff is manufactured there.

    Not all of their stuff is crap.
    Factories do have quality control.
    However, anything that is rejected is not chucked away.
    Large companies buy all of the rejects and put the goods on the marketplace.

    • I am sorry I disagree Artful, it just doesn’t make sense that everything is made there. Commercially perhaps but not politically.

      I believe that it has happened as a result of the 1992 GATT Agreement, how short sighted was it of our western politicians to agree to it. Anyone who has read the brilliant James Clavell novels will know that China has always played the long game. They now have the world in their pocket, unafraid to rip off western technologies, ignoring international patents and habitually hacking computers to gain commercial and political advantage. One example being how they cornered the market in solar panels by destroying the German company that invented them. Meanwhile our education system is enthralled by their money so has no problem with thousands of Chinese students coming over here and being given all the advantages of a western university education. I think we are stark, staring, bonkers.

    • Ii’s a strange one.I would love to own a USA made Fender Telecaster or Strat but find the price too excessive. (circa 2k) but the chinks i believe are now producing them and will be as good as anything from the Pennsylvania factory but i just couldn’t handle ‘Made in China’ on anything from Fender regardless.Snobbery? or reverence of a product with such rich cultural musical lineages ?

      Made in Japan i could handle printed on the headstock, (connotations to a Deep Purple masterpiece album)….to say nothing of the cheaper price ?.Mexico..hmm…Pakistan ?..i distinctly think not.Such is the power of symbolism ?

  4. A big plate of kung pao chicken and a early Bruce Lee kung-fu movie.

    Other than that the bat bothers can get fucked.

  5. I like to buy British where possible, but I don’t think you can get away from Chinese products. Even equipment like my Marantz UK edition probably has components made in China.
    My new motorbike discs are Chinese made. I could get the set for less than one Triumph disc which is probably made in China anyway.
    Could be the last Chinese thing I ever buy, but there again, I wanted to go, not stop.
    Caveat emptor, they are wallet friendly.

    • Had the same with a regulator for my Triumph Sprint (motorbike). Triumph regulator – over £300. Got one of AliExpress for £29 delivered. Probably the same thing. I hate buying Chinese, but the western world has outsourced all its manufacturing there, so what choice do we have. I don’t think most people realise how truly fucked we are.

    • Afternoon my Duke.
      I ordered a part for my marantz amp . It was half the price if i ordered it from China . No brainer really.

      • I can confirm having made copious deliveries to Bowers & Wilkins of Worthing that even Rotel,Cambridge Audio,Lynn,Arcam and even B&W stuff has MIC on the boxes from the shipping containers they receive daily.

        Not too sure about NAIM though ?

  6. Thank fuck if Chynah invade Taiwan and the inevitable virtue signalling Western sanctions follow we won’t run out of…almost everything at once.

    Well done Globalist Cunts.

    • Any country daft enough to put sanctions on China will see their economy collapse within weeks.

      It’s not only Chinese goods that are everywhere but also Chinese components that go into goods that are produced throughout the world.

      If that supply chain breaks down then there would not be many companies in any part of the world that wouldn’t be totally fucked.

      And China knows that.

  7. The best quality consumer products are made in Germany and Japan. It seems to me that the common factor is both countries were bombed and burned back into the Stone Age eighty years ago. Clearly this is what we need to do with the Chinese.

    • You a Sir Arthur Harris and I claim my five area bombing sortees.

    • Their governments haven’t pissed away vast sums on a standing army or got involved in a never ending arms race for the last 70 years, spending the money on internal investment instead.

  8. Decent stuff is all out there and not made in China….but it’s dearer and the majority of punters won’t spend the extra money to buy it.

    The phrase ‘knows the price of everything and the value of nothing’ has never rung so true as it does today.

    I sell stuff not from China……machinery, and it is by far better quality, will last a lifetime if looked after and can be repaired and you can get parts. I have customers bring machines in for service after 30 years use…and they keep going.

    I also have the B&Q lot bringing their landfill machines in for repair and service…which not only do I refuse to do as I cannot get spares, but they are notoriously unreliable anyway and it’s my reputation should I even attempt to repair it. But what I charge for a service can be 80% of what these cheap machines cost…….my labour rate doesn’t vary depending on how much the machine cost new, but customers seem to think so. When I tell them this they all say ‘isn’t it a shame nowadays we have a throwaway society’ YES…’s because you have bought cheap crap it is YOUR fault. For example….you aren’t going to buy a new element for a £9.99 kettle from china………but if you buy a decent kettle for say £100+, if it costs you £20 for an element you will probably fit one.

    It’s the customer that demands low prices…because that’s the mentality nowadays and it’s the same customers who moan there’s no one around to repair stuff and complain of landfill.

  9. Made in China – a byword for shoddy crap the World over.

    The reason we can’t stop buying them is everything is made there now. Because its cheap.

    Never mind the quality, feel the price.

  10. All about net zero. Makes perfect sense to outsource manufacturing to coal fired China so we can achieve virtue.

  11. Old Yorkshire proverb.

    The pain of poor quality far outlasts the pleasure of a cheap price…!

  12. Cheaper to have your gear made in Asia and ship the completed goods all over the World. A company with shareholders only real duty is to make money for the shareholders. When it is discovered that the denizens of hell can knock up some half decent electronics and white goods for a real good price, Chinese economy will crash faster than a teenager in a Lamborghini ( a la the peaceful enclaves in Northern England, popular hires for weddings). Money is and always has been the answer for the question of overseas production for Western companies

  13. The chef in my local Chinese restaurant is in deep shit after getting involved with the Triads and stealing some cash.
    He’s a dead man woking….

  14. You only have to go on Amazon and ebay to see the huge amount of Chinese electrical goods being sold.
    I got this chinky hair trimmer off Amazon and it’s lasted years but some of it is downright dangerous, had some bike lights that exploded and caught fire when being charged.

    • I have no issue with the sale of very dangerous chinese sourced hookey phone/e cig chargers or electric scooters……as they normally explode and burn the house down they are charging in, which is normally some neer’ do well council house scum tip, so does us all a favour

  15. The Chinese manufacture at different quality levels just like any other manufacturer. If you’re willing to pay the money you will generally get better stuff. Generally, not always. Some stuff that costs a fortune can be the most appalling crap.

    • That is very true. In fact the only Chinese element of certain machinery I can sell if I wanted to is the pair of hands assembling it, and the fact it happens to be in China. All the other really important elements such as design, materials, quality control etc are put in place by the european head offices of these manufacturers. Even Honda have a factory in China…….the dearest part of production tends to be the labour element- if you can get cheaper labour then you make money, the product can be sold cheaper and the quality is the same as if it were assembled in Europe. This is the reason there are some many different quality products coming from China…..the real low end stuff is where a Chinese company is set up to product cheaper versions of European products, using Chinese design, Chinese materials, Chinese tolerances, and Chinese quality control………this is the kind of shit B&Q and Argos buy. They simply go to a Chinese manufacturer and say we want to sell a chainsaw for £59.99inc vat and make 50% profit on it….can you make one? YES BOSS!!

  16. would people really miss 90% of the “Must have” products available nowadays if China got the hump and we sanctioned them for some infringement military or otherwise.
    I sure as hell didn’t have most of the shit about now growing up but I lived outside in the real tactile world and not the world of digital make believe.

  17. I have a serious question for the person who first posted this nomination.

    ….. what the fuck is “chleap”?

    • Wha you all tokkin bout?
      You all Lacist.
      Chi? You won chi?
      Sore finger?

      • Oh aporogies! I sirry man from China!

        I risten but I no understand Engrish!

  18. I was amazed when wife and I moved to Switzerland about 18 years ago, that the fondue pot we bought at the local MIGROS supermarket (le geant orange, and even the same shade of orange as Sainsbury’s), had Made in China stamped on its arse. However, it is lasting very well, and it was cheap. In a country where their domestic car industry folded before 1920 because French and Italian imports were cheaper, that’s a consideration. Chinqui stuff is imported because it’s cheap…

  19. I distinctly recall everything from my 80s/90s childhood being made in China but thought nothing of it as that was how things were back then and it was basically a joke/meme (the mark of mass-produced, low quality trash).

    Ironically, back in 2014 I worked in a recycling plant and saw lots of things ranging from crockery and appliances to toys and video cassettes pass along the conveyor belt and it was mostly made in China and much of it was from the 80s and 90s.

    It’s been going on a long time but it’s only become common knowledge since Big Donald starting talking about economic war with “CHI-na”

    • As a kid in the early 70s lots of things said ‘made in Hong Kong ‘.

      It became a byword for cheap tat.

      My dad would moan like fuck if I was going to spend any pocket money on anything from Hong Kong.

      “What you buying that for?!!
      It’s rubbish from Hong Kong!”

      He’s chip in extra for me to buy something more expensive made in England.

      He was right.

      I try not to give these slitty eyed commie cunts my money.

      Its shite.
      Steel like marzipan.
      Faulty electrics,
      Just junk.

      • I had a mate who refused to own anything Japanese because his grandad was a POW of the Japs during the war which is why he never knew the joy of owning a Nintendo console as a kid……although he still owned a Nissan at the time.

  20. My dad never worked with any Chinese steel on his many projects. It was fucking shite. Come on Sheffield and Wales get your shite together. We got the best coking coal going.

  21. Fuck it …I’ve just sold an item on ebay and it’s a fucking Peaceful that’s bought it. Every time one of these cunts buy something you have to expect the worse , either they say they never received it ( even though theirs a signature) or they say it’s not as described.
    Sorry to go off subject

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