Ruth Hogg

I would like to nominate Ruth Hogg. A convicted criminal who thinks it is OK to go equipped to cause criminal damage and then cause very serious damage to others property.

Why? Palestine. Acting on incorrect information, our brave warrior princess in now on remand for sentencing.

She ,mistakenly,thought that the factory produced electronic items for the Israel Defence Force.So fucking what if it did?

Would she have done the same if the factory produced electronic items used by Hamas to launch rockets into Israel from hospital roofs in Gaza.
Of course not.

Does she demonstrate about the murder of the LGBTQQIA+ population in Gaza? No. The subjugation of women in Gaza? No. The total lack of religious freedom in Gaza? No.

This silly little tart believes what the Guardian tells her and thinks she is a martyr.

OK, princess. When you get out of prison, I will see you at the next Gaza gay pride: not.

I will stake my various pensions she has never been to the middle East but gets all her info from fellow brave warriors on marches demonstrations, left wing websites Owen Jones arsehole and the Guardian.

Why do the left hate Israel? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative of the helpless nomadic Jew. Sure the government of Israel is not perfect. Certainly, there are issues but people like her need to understand this: after the holocaust the message is simple: leave the Jews alone or they will fuck you over.


Israel may only be the size of Wales but it will not allow thier citizens to be fucked over.

Nakba? No. Occupation? No.

From the river to the sea: Palestine will never be.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Supreme Commander Servalan.

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  1. Her head doesn’t look big enough. Her brain must be about the size of a walnut, which might explain why she’s still a student at the age of 40.
    Wouldn’t touch with yours either.

  2. Given the history of the Holocaust, is it in poor taste if I suggest she be sentenced to the oven?

      • Rather like Eichman, in fact. The Israeli’s captured him, tried him and then executed him by gassing with a tube of Zyclon-B left over from the Holocaust. Only the Israelis, being humane, gassed him quickly.


  3. Aged 40 and an “artist and student”?

    More like she is allergic to working for a living. About time she put that Masters Degree in Fine Art to good use; instructing customers at the local McDonalds to drive forward to the “next window please”.

    Cunts like these give me the inferno arsehole.

    • There’s a very fine art to boiling leeks and romancing sheep, takes years to master, hence the need for Welch yooniversties, isn’t it, boyo, there’s lovely for you.

  4. Anti-Israel seems to be the felling amongst many, especially the young generation. I support them – a bulwark against Islam. Reminds me, I must get my IDF t-shirt – another to add to collection of Glock and Swith + Wesson to piss off the wokesters.

      • That is a bit over the line mate, especially with a man u fan wearing it, especially when they had Munich as well

        His life is going to be hell when he gets doxxed

      • In today’s climate, with every cunt carrying an hd camera with unlimited film in their pockets (phones), then I’d say he’s a daft cunt really.

        Might as well walk into a cop shop and nut some rozzers.

        Once doxxed, he can kiss his job goodbye and any chance of getting another one. Fair? No, of course not. But fuck me, surely he knows the score nowadays?

        Should he be allowed to wear it? I’d say yes, but don’t be surprised if you get grief, gozzed on or battered.

        Mind you, I’ve seen bin dippers mocking Munich. Including one of their players,posing in front of a banner (Sammy Lee. Oh and Heysel. They can fuck off and all with their whining.

      • Arresting a man over a T Shirt while people are getting stabbed andmugged.

        Good one, plod.

        As for the FA they don’t care about fans which is why they sllow so many rich cunts to destroy football clubs.No wonder the government are stepping in to regulate football.

    • Morning LC. You can get them here:

      Top quality and gets the leftards and tablecloth heads foaming at the mouth.

      Comedy moments in Odin history include walking the Rottweiler straight through a protest full of the above mentioned cunts on Kensington high Street while wearing the IDF paratroop division t shirt.

      The leftards can’t read Hebrew, so didn’t understand what it says and the tablecloth heads kept a safe distance and just glared at us.

      • Any with ‘Gammons for the IDF’
        with a half Union Jack and half Israeli flag?

      • Yes very good ptarmigan, back to your padded cell now , it’ll be teatime soon, nice plate of mashed banana for you and all the other conspiracy theory nutjobs in there with you.
        We’ll try and get a few back copies of Der Sturmer delivered for your pleasure.

      • The last time I saw a website that looked like that, All Saints were in the charts.

    • “… a bulwark against Islam…”

      No it isn’t, Judaism was a precursor to both christianity (judaism for the gentiles basically) and islam. What is more, the wars waged and chaos engendered by the US’s fanatical unquestioning support for Israel has been responsible more than any other factor for the wholesale displacement of muslims into Western Europe. Additionaly, zionist jews have put themselves front and centre in the numberless QUANGO’s, advocacy bodies and human ‘rights’ organisations knowingly and zealously promoting and accelerating this democide.

      Fuck Israel with a ten foot cast iron cactus!

  5. If only we had the courage and conviction of Israel to protect our population from extremism and violence.

    I have yet to meet an anti-Zionist who is not, deep down, an anti-semite.

    The evidence – the extremism of their obsession, its illogicality, it violent manifestation and the fact that they fail to judge the countries surrounding Israel, who are far, far worse, by the same standards they use to judge Israel.


    • I’ve been somehow shielded from all this my entire life. I’ve never met anyone who is anti-Zion, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, or anti-Jew.
      What pisses me off is the cunts, like the stupid bitch in the nom, who choose the UK as their battle ground. Remember Yvonne Fletcher?

      The exact opposite applies to Muslims. I’ve never met anyone who likes them, and the UK is a battle ground.

  6. I care about Palestine about as much as the average mouth-breathing, Guardian-reading they/them cares about Abkhazia, Transnistria or the Sahwari Republic.

    What MMCM said above re: ‘anti-Zionism’ is 100% on the money.

  7. A forty year old “student”. That’s all I need to know. Does she get paid in Dinars or Riyals I wonder?

  8. Funny looking cunt isn’t she?

    A pin head
    A pinhead for Palestine

    Why do these lefties like Palestine so much?

    Dry ,arid, like a builders yard but filled with arabs!

    I couldn’t give a fuck about it.

    • ‘Al khafa khafa el habib eebi eebi Jafar!’
      ‘What did he say?’
      ‘No more blue circle cement ’til next monday, fella’.

  9. Actually, I’ve just thought…..the A-rabs probably pay her with a Harrods bag stuffed to the brim with Yankee dollars……just like our own dear wokie King.

    All for charidee of course.

  10. If it wasnt Palestine it would be Save the Prawn or something.

    Israel is a cunt but it’s my kinda cunt.

    • Save the prawn? 😄

      She’s just a prawn in the Israeli/Palestinian struggle..

      • And don’t forget the struggle for the rights of gay prawns, Captain. Something you won’t find in Israel, as prawns are not kosher.

    • Maybe this was just a act of clumsiness?

      She’s accident prawn!

  11. I reckon she spent her gap year in the amazon and the head shrinkers got a hold of her..

    But realised that head was to ugly to display..

  12. Always easier to involve oneself in others problems, better still fuck off to the West Bank or Gaza and join in the protests, at least the PLO had a smidgen of class, unlike the mongbots in charge today. Bottom line if you fuck with Israel you will be thrice fucked back and I for one agree.

  13. I don’t pity the fourbees. Right in the middle of all the mad mullahs.

    Like being the only honky in Dewsbury.

  14. Ship the bitch to A Rab land, turn it into one of Boris’s post boxes without any rights.

  15. At some point in the future the sun will turn into a red giant. The core of the star will shrink, while the outer layers will expand outwards, engulfing Mercury, Venus and the Earth.
    Scientists believe this will happen in around five billion years time, about the same time the Israel/Palestine issue will be resolved….

    • “Scientists” lol. From the Latin “scientia”… to know, be aware of, understand.

      They know fuck all. It’s fairly easy to make a prediction no-one will live long enough to confirm or refute.

    • The anti semites will blame Israel for the red giant in five billion years time, all part of that great Zionist conspiracy, didn’t you know…

  16. Amusing that the arse kissing of the muzzies by the Labour Parry translates into support for a “free” Palestine and in turn anti semitism..

    This “free” Palestine would be a muzzie caliphate that if it could summon the manpower and weapons would commit the most barbarous genocidal atrocities it could manage against Israel,all enabled by virtuous “progressive” cunts like the heap of shit nominated here.

  17. Oh dear I got moderated.

    In essence,Labour Party support for Palestinians is a cunts trick.

    The world certainly does not need another shithole country run by mad mullahs.

    More power to the Mossad.

    • IDF + Krav Maga = Dead ragheads.

      Great entertainment, but keep it over there lads, not too keen to see a re,-enactment of the six day war In Manchester or London, thank you very much.

      • I think Manchester or London would be ideal places to re-enact the Six Day War.

  18. Sounds like the same mentality as the twats at the Elbit drone factory in Leicester that makes drones for the UK.
    They’ll be trying to destroy companies that make resistors next as they ‘might be used by Israel’.
    Due to the cost of the damage, I suggest she is employed cleaning up neighbourhoods until she’s paid it off. Should see her through to a ripe old age. And if she refuses, bread and water in a cell until she dies.

  19. Ruth Hogg
    Had no Job
    Eternal Student of the Arts
    She’s a layabout ponce
    With a tiny bonce
    and enjoys the smell
    of falafel farts.

  20. “…Does she demonstrate about the murder of the LGBTQQIA+ population in Gaza?…”

    Do you?

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